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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-894893-00-8Maya Seminars I Optimizing a Production Pipeline: Maya at Meteor Studios
2002978-1-894893-05-3Alias|WavefrontLearning Maya | Dynamics
  ''978-1-894893-06-0   ''Learning Maya | Rendering
  ''978-1-894893-13-8Alias WavefrontThe Art of Maya: An Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics
  ''978-1-894893-17-6Alias|WavefrontLearning Maya | Foundation
978-1-894893-25-1Learning Maya Beginner's Guide
2002978-1-894893-29-9Alias|WavefrontInstant Maya 4.5 with Maya Personal Learning Edition
  ''978-1-894893-30-5   ''Instant Maya 4.5 for Mac OSX with Maya Personal Learning Edition
2003978-1-894893-34-3Alias WavefrontLearning Maya5
2003978-1-894893-41-1Alias WavefrontLearning Maya 5: Character Rigging and Animation
  ''978-1-894893-42-8   ''Learning Maya 5: Dynamics
  ''978-1-894893-43-5   ''Learning Maya5: Rendering
2003978-1-894893-44-2Alias WavefrontLearning Maya5: MEL Fundamentals
978-1-894893-46-6Learning Maya 5 | Beginner's Guide
978-1-894893-49-7Maya 5 Beginner's Guide: ANIMATION (DVD)
978-1-894893-50-3AliasModeling: Maya 5 Beginner's Guide
2004978-1-894893-61-9Alias Learning ToolsLearning Maya6 Foundation
  ''978-1-894893-66-4   ''Learning Maya 6: MayaUnlimited Features
  ''978-1-894893-67-1   ''Learning Maya6: Character Rigging and Animation
  ''978-1-894893-68-8   ''Learning Maya6 Rendering
  ''978-1-894893-69-5   ''Learning Maya 6: Dynamics
2004978-1-894893-71-8Alias Learning ToolsLearning Maya 6: Modelling
2005978-1-894893-74-9Alias Learning ToolsLearning Maya 7: Foundation
978-1-894893-80-0Maya Techniques: Maya Fluid Effects
2005978-1-894893-82-4Alias Learning ToolsThe Art of Maya: An Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics
  ''978-1-894893-87-9   ''Learning Maya 7: The Modeling and Animation Handbook
2007978-1-894893-90-9AliasLearning Maya 6 Games: Practical Techniques for the Intermediate Use