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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-894884-16-7Eckhart TolleTouching the Eternal - India Retreat (DVD)
2015978-1-894884-36-5Eckhart TolleThe Doorway Into Now: Transcending Our Obsession with Time
978-1-894884-37-2Doorway into Now
2015978-1-894884-38-9Eckhart TolleAwakening in the Now: Accessing the Transformational Power of "Space Consciousness"
  ''978-1-894884-42-6   ''Know That "I Am": Portals to Presence and the Realization of Our True Nature
978-1-894884-45-7Practicing Presence
2015978-1-894884-46-4Eckhart TolleBringing Stillness into Everyday Life
  ''978-1-894884-47-1   ''Bringing Stillness Into Everyday Life: Teachings to Free Yourself from a Thought-Based Identity
  ''978-1-894884-48-8   ''Practicing Presence: A Guide for the Spiritual Teacher and Health Practitioner
978-1-894884-51-8Art of Presence Retreat, The (DVD)
2015978-1-894884-52-5Eckhart TolleFinding Your Life's Purpose
978-1-894884-56-3Illusion of Time
2016978-1-894884-59-4Eckhart TolleThe Secret of Happiness: Discovering the Source of Contentment, Peace, and Joy
2015978-1-894884-81-5   ''The Secret of Self-Realization: Teachings to Access the Arising New Consciousness
2015978-1-894884-82-2Eckhart TolleWhat is Meditation?: Realizing the Life That You Are
978-1-894884-83-9The Deepest Truth of Human Existence
978-1-894884-90-7The Secret of Happiness
978-1-894884-92-1What is Meditation?
2003978-1-894884-95-2Eckhart TolleThe Journey into Yourself