year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-894856-00-3Eileen ComstockIn Grandma's Kitchen: Stories written and read by Eileen Comstock Unabridged
2002978-1-894856-03-4Fifth House BooksTurn at the Windmill
2005978-1-894856-04-1Pierre BertonThe Golden Trail: The Story of the Klondike Rush
2002978-1-894856-05-8David Laurence JonesTales of the CPR
  ''978-1-894856-06-5Eileen ComstockNo Spring Chicken: Thoughts on a Life Well Lived
2003978-1-894856-07-2William WheelerFlying under Fire, Volume Two: More Aviation Tales from the Second World War
2005978-1-894856-13-3June FlanaganNative Plants for Prairie Gardens
2003978-1-894856-16-4Bill WaiserLooking Back: True Tales from Saskatchewan's Past
  ''978-1-894856-17-1Lisa ChristensenThe Lake O'Hara Art of J.E.H. MacDonald and Hiker's Guide
  ''978-1-894856-19-5A. L. KarrasNorth to Cree Lake: The Rugged Lives of the Trappers Who Leave Civilization Behind
  ''978-1-894856-20-1James H. GrayThe Winter Years
2003978-1-894856-27-0M. Wilkens CampbellSavage River
  ''978-1-894856-31-7Bryan/Staal/BuzikPrairie Gardeners Bk Bugs 6 Copy Dis
2004978-1-894856-34-8David Laurence JonesSee This World Before the Next: Cruising with CPR Steamships in the Twenties and Thirties
  ''978-1-894856-36-2   ''See This World Before the Next: Cruising with CPR Steamships in the Twenties and Thirties
2003978-1-894856-41-62004 Weather Trivia
2004978-1-894856-42-3Victor Carl FriesenForever Home: Good Old Days on the Farm
2005978-1-894856-43-0Bill WaiserSaskatchewan: A New History
2004978-1-894856-48-5Thomas H McLeodTommy Douglas: The Road to Jerusalem
2018978-1-894856-49-2Bill WaiserSaskatchewan: A New History
2006978-1-894856-51-5David Laurence JonesFamous Name Trains: Travelling in Style with the CPR
  ''978-1-894856-52-2   ''Famous Name Trains: Travelling in Style with the CPR
2004978-1-894856-57-7Agnes GrantFinding My Talk: How Fourteen Canadian Native Women Reclaimed their Lives after Residential School
2005978-1-894856-60-7George WebberA World Within: An Intimate Portrait of the Little Bow Hutterite Colony
  ''978-1-894856-63-8A. L. KarrasFace the North Wind
2004978-1-894856-64-5KEATING BRIANAmazing Animal Adventures at the Poles
2005978-1-894856-65-2Keith HeidornAnd Now...The Weather
2005978-1-894856-74-4Pierre BertonCanada Moves West: Pierre Berton's History for Young Canadians
2006978-1-894856-77-5Jonathan Hanna · Robert Kennel · Carol LacourtePortraits of Canada: Photographic Treasures of the CPR
2005978-1-894856-78-2Gary BottingChief Smallboy: The Pursuit of Freedom
  ''978-1-894856-79-9Chief John SnowThese Mountains are Our Sacred Places: The Story of the Stoney People
2007978-1-894856-80-5Hugh Skinner · Sara WilliamsBest Groundcovers and Vines for the Prairies
2006978-1-894856-83-6Gordon CopeA Paris Moment
2005978-1-894856-85-0Mike SrokaSnowbirds
2006978-1-894856-86-7   ''Snowbirds: Behind the Scenes with Canada's Air Demonstration Team
  ''978-1-894856-93-5Pierre BertonExploring the Frozen North: Pierre Berton's History for Young Canadians
  ''978-1-894856-94-2David PhilipsThe Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar
  ''978-1-894856-99-7Gordon CopeSo We Sold Our House and Ran Away to the South Pacific

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