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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-894778-00-8Florene Belmore · Eric OstrowidzkiGatherings Volume XII
  ''978-1-894778-01-5Michael Nicoll YaghulaanasA Tale of Two Shamans
2002978-1-894778-03-9Drew Hayden TaylorFurious Observations of a Blue-eyed Ojibway: Funny, You Don't Look Like One III
2006978-1-894778-05-3Roland Chrisjohn · Sherri Young · Michael MaraunThe Circle Game: Shadows and Substance in the Indian Residential School Experience in Canada Revised Edition
2002978-1-894778-06-0Leanne Flett Kruger · Lee MaracleGatherings Volume 13: Reconciliation: The En'owkin Journal of First North American Peoples
  ''978-1-894778-07-7Winona LaDukeThe Winona LaDuke Reader: A Collection of Essential Writings
  ''978-1-894778-08-4Renate Eigenbrod · Jo-Ann EpiskenewCreating Community: A Roundtable on Canadian Aboriginal Literature
2004978-1-894778-14-5Earl EinarsonThe Moccasins
  ''978-1-894778-16-9Drew Hayden TaylorFutile Observations of a Blue-Eyed Ojibway: Funny You Don't Look Like One
2005978-1-894778-17-6Jeannette ArmstrongDancing With the Cranes
2005978-1-894778-21-3Doug CuthandTapwe: Selected Columns of Doug Cuthand
  ''978-1-894778-28-2Larry Loyie · Constance BrissendenGathering Tree
  ''978-1-894778-29-9Denise LecoyLooking After Me
  ''978-1-894778-30-5Leanne Flett KrugerTaking Care of Mother Earth
  ''978-1-894778-31-2Karen OlsonHealthy Choices, Healthy Lives
2005978-1-894778-32-9Karen OlsonEat, Run, and Live Healthy
  ''978-1-894778-33-6   ''Living Safe, Playing Safe
  ''978-1-894778-34-3   ''Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth
2007978-1-894778-39-8Jennifer StormDeadly Loyalties
2006978-1-894778-41-1Jack AgnesBehind Closed Doors: Stories from the Kamloops Indian Residential School
  ''978-1-894778-43-5Catherine JamesonZoe and the Fawn
2007978-1-894778-47-3Marilyn DumontInitiations: A Selection of Young Native Writings
2009978-1-894778-54-1Denise LecoyLooking After Me
  ''978-1-894778-55-8Leanne Flett KrugerTaking Care of Mother Earth
2008978-1-894778-62-6Loyie Larry · Constance BrissendenGoodbye Buffalo Bay
2009978-1-894778-68-8Robert AlexiePorcupines and China Dolls
2009978-1-894778-72-5Robert AlexiePorcupines and China Dolls
  ''978-1-894778-74-9Virginia FootballHow the Fox Got His Crossed Legs
  ''978-1-894778-75-6   ''How the Fox Saved the People
  ''978-1-894778-76-3Deborah DelarondeThe Rabbit's Race
  ''978-1-894778-81-7Jordan WheelerChuck in the City
2010978-1-894778-82-4Jordan WheelerJust a Walk
2009978-1-894778-85-5Margaret ManuelI See Me
2011978-1-894778-87-9Deborah DelarondeChristmas La Pouchinn
2009978-1-894778-92-3Stella CalahasenDream Catcher