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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-894431-01-9Elizabeth SawatskyPrairie Pride: A Book of Poetry
2003978-1-894431-02-6Frank VanyoScenes from a Life: The Stories of Frank Vanyo
2004978-1-894431-03-3Neil SawatzkyThe Lake in the Middle of Town
2005978-1-894431-05-7Mary SawatzkyGod Bless: A Goodnight Prayer & Memory Book
2006978-1-894431-09-5Lori SaigeonInviting Writing into the Science Classroom: How Teachers Open the Door: A Handbook
  ''978-1-894431-10-1Marny Duncan-CaryLinger
2004978-1-894431-11-8Les LangagerWild Justice: A Novel
2007978-1-894431-14-9Aston C. [Editor] · Chipanshi, Mary C. [Contributor] · Simasiku, Chimuk ChipanshiThe Leper Who Became a Prince & Other Stories
  ''978-1-894431-17-0Rocky NeufeldScripture-Based Dramas: Finding God in Our Daily Lives
2008978-1-894431-26-2Warren S. JamesReturn of the Fearsome Creatures
2009978-1-894431-34-7Isobelle McFadyenOur Legacy: The Govan-Walter Story
  ''978-1-894431-35-4Alison LohansDon't Think Twice
2009978-1-894431-36-1Tracy A. [Editor] HoukThe Day I Gave Birth: Real Stories, Real Women
  ''978-1-894431-37-8Murray A. LoganGod is Remerseth
  ''978-1-894431-39-2Jean FreemanWhere Does Your Cat Nap?
  ''978-1-894431-40-8Sherry KnightUnstoppable: 7 Steps to Living Your Personal Best
2011978-1-894431-47-7The TurkA Fraidy Pants Liar
2010978-1-894431-48-4Heather GatzkeGiant's Mixed-Up Menu
  ''978-1-894431-49-1Alison MontgomeryFinding Christopher: A Journal of Grief, Love & Faith
2010978-1-894431-51-4Holly PrestonThe Always Team
  ''978-1-894431-53-8Marion MutalaBaba's Babushka
  ''978-1-894431-54-5Audrhea LandeAnnie's Bright Idea: A Christmas Adventure
  ''978-1-894431-55-2Peggy DueckThrough the Window of Fear Into Love
  ''978-1-894431-58-3Majid DamircheliPiebald
2010978-1-894431-59-0Majid DamircheliLonely Luna
2011978-1-894431-63-7Judith SilverthorneGhosts of Government House
  ''978-1-894431-66-8Kerry SatherBee Yourself
2012978-1-894431-68-2Jack DriedgerEnn Bloomenheim Oppjewossen
  ''978-1-894431-70-5Marion MutalaBaba's Babushka: A Magical Ukrainian Easter
  ''978-1-894431-71-2Warren JamesCyclone! The Regina Tornado of 1912
  ''978-1-894431-72-9Pete SarsfieldGlacial Erratics
2012978-1-894431-73-6Muriel · Vandergoot, Mary E. JarvisThin Pink Lines: My Life as a Nurse & Beyond
  ''978-1-894431-74-3Todd DevonshireRink Burgers
  ''978-1-894431-76-7Anna Maria Alberts-ZeemanThe Peace Rose: Memoirs of a Dutch Canadian
  ''978-1-894431-77-4Jean FreemanTerror on Turtle Creek
  ''978-1-894431-78-1   ''Wascana Wild Goose Chase
2012978-1-894431-79-8Donna MillerBlack Fury-Help Me, I'm Naked: Book One
  ''978-1-894431-83-5Clyde ManswellIt Takes 2 to Tango, Maybe 3: A Serendipitous Discovery in the Treatment of VLT Gambling Addiction
  ''978-1-894431-85-9Kay ParleyThe Sixth Age
2013978-1-894431-89-7Helen MourreTo Everything a Season
  ''978-1-894431-90-3Joan NewtonFor What It Is
2012978-1-894431-98-9Murray A. LoganImage in Me
2013978-1-894431-99-6Donald A. BowmanMy Battle of the Atlantic