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2000978-1-894413-00-8Eric Tyson · Andrew BellInvesting for Canadians for Dummies: Profitable Investment Tips and Strategies
  ''978-1-894413-01-5Andrew BellMutual Funds for Canadians for Dummies
1999978-1-894413-02-2Andrew DagysThe Internet for Canadians for dummies starter kit
  ''978-1-894413-03-9Liz · MacCaskey, Mike · Marken, Bill · MacCaskey, Michael · Editors of the National Gardening Association PrimeauGardening for Canadians for Dummies
2004978-1-894413-04-6Margaret Kerr · JoAnn KurtzCanadian Small Business Kit for Dummies
1999978-1-894413-05-3Fiorella Grossi · Marguerite Pigeon · Joseph LoweryShopping Online For Canadians For Dummies
2000978-1-894413-06-0Tony Ioannou · Moira Bayne · Wendy YanoBuying and Selling a Home for Canadians for Dummies
1999978-1-894413-07-7John L. Reynolds · Charm Darby · John Lawrence ReynoldsRRSPs & RRIFs FOR DUMMIES
2000978-1-894413-09-1Sarah Curtis · Ro SilaCliffsNotes Creating a Budget for Canadians
  ''978-1-894413-10-7Mercedes BaileyCliffsNotes Managing Your Money for Canadians
  ''978-1-894413-11-4Marguerite Pigeon · Tracey LongoCliffsNotes Investing for the First Time for Canadians
2000978-1-894413-12-1Marguerite Pigeon · C. Edward GilpatricCliffsNotes Investing in the Stock Market for Canadians
  ''978-1-894413-13-8John Craig · Juliette FairleyCliffsNotes Investing in Mutual Funds for Canadians
  ''978-1-894413-14-5Sarah Curtis · Cynthia ClampittCliffsNotes Getting out of Debt for Canadians
2008978-1-894413-15-2Douglas GreenRoses for Canadians for Dummies®
978-1-894413-16-9Investing Online For Canadians For Dummies
2000978-1-894413-17-6Margaret Kerr · JoAnn KurtzWills and Estates for Canadians for Dummies
  ''978-1-894413-18-3Tony Aspler · Barbara LeslieCanadian Wine for Dummies
  ''978-1-894413-19-0Will FergusonCanadian History for Dummies
2000978-1-894413-20-6Tim Cestnick · AssociatesTaxes for Canadians for dummies
  ''978-1-894413-21-3John Craig · Michael Perry · Howard L. SorkinCliffsNotes Planning Your Retirement for Canadians
  ''978-1-894413-22-0John Craig · Dianne K. MylenbuschCliffsNotes Getting a Loan for Canadians
  ''978-1-894413-23-7Janice Behn · Donald AndriesCliffsNotes Investing in Your RRSP
  ''978-1-894413-24-4Joe Chidley · Bart AstorCliffsNotes Buying Your First Home for Canadians
2000978-1-894413-25-1Marguerite Pigeon · David A. Crowder · Rhonda CrowderCliffsNotes Safe Shopping for Canadians
  ''978-1-894413-26-8Andrew Dagys · Jill Gilbert WelytokCliffsNotes First Time Investing Online for Canadians
2001978-1-894413-27-5Andrew Dagys · John R. Levine · Carol Baroudi · Margaret Levine YoungThe Internet for Canadians for Dummies Starter Kit
  ''978-1-894413-28-2Marguerite Pigeon · John KaufeldAOL Canada for dummies
2003978-1-894413-29-9Bell · Eric TysonPersonal Finance for Canadians for Dummies
2001978-1-894413-30-5Bob WeeksCurling for Dummies
  ''978-1-894413-31-2Caryn Mladen · David Rosen · Pat OrdovenskyUniversity Planning for Canadians for Dummies
  ''978-1-894413-32-9Jennifer CrumpFrommer's Toronto with Kids
2001978-1-894413-33-6Louise DeardenFrommer's Ottawa with Kids
  ''978-1-894413-34-3Eve LazarusFrommer's Vancouver with Kids
  ''978-1-894413-35-0Andrew Dagys · Kathleen SindellInvesting Online for Canadians for Dummies
  ''978-1-894413-36-7John L. ReynoldsRRSPs & RRIFs for Dummies
2003978-1-894413-37-4Liz Primeau · Mike MacCaskey · Bill MarkenGardening For Canadians For Dummies
2002978-1-894413-38-1Christie HendersonTaxes For Canadians For Dummies 2003 Edition
2001978-1-894413-39-8Christie Henderson · Brian Quinlan · Chris SaundersTaxes for Canadians for dummies
2002978-1-894413-40-4Jeff WarrenFrommer's Algonquin Provincial Park
  ''978-1-894413-41-1Christie PashbyFrommer's Banff and Jasper National Parks
2002978-1-894413-42-8Louise DeardenFrommer's Ottawa
  ''978-1-894413-43-5Constance BrissendenFrommer's Portable Whistler
  ''978-1-894413-44-2Chris McBeathFrommer's Portable Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands
  ''978-1-894413-48-0Dawn McCoyLanding a Job For Canadians For Dummies
2003978-1-894413-49-7Jim Hinkson · Editors of I Inside Lacrosse/ILacrosse For Dummies
978-1-894413-51-0Indoor Grilling Tips for Dummies (For Dummies (Cooking))

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