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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-894222-01-3John SymonLobster Kids' Guide To Exploring Ottawa-Hull
2000978-1-894222-03-7Jane BarclayHow Cold Was It?
  ''978-1-894222-07-5Natalie Ann CorneauLobster Kids' Guide To Exploring Toronto
2001978-1-894222-27-3Shelley Arenas · Cheryl Murfin-BondLobster Kids' Guide to Exploring Seattle
  ''978-1-894222-28-0David Cole · Mary Lee Trees-ColdLobster Kids' Guide to Exploring San Francisco
  ''978-1-894222-29-7Heidi Knapp-RinellaLobster Kids' Guide to Exploring Las Vegas
  ''978-1-894222-30-3Jane Pavanel · Grant CunninghamThe The Sex Book: An alphabet of smarter love
2001978-1-894222-40-2Ed AvisLobster Kids' Guide to Exploring Chicago
  ''978-1-894222-41-9Deidre WilsonLobster Kids' Guide to Exploring Boston
  ''978-1-894222-46-4Bonnie Farmer · Anouk Pérusse-BellIsaac's Dreamcatcher
2002978-1-894222-52-5Dina Jo MadrugaLobster Kids' Guide to Exploring San Diego
2003978-1-894222-54-9Valerie Coulman · RogéSink or Swim
2005978-1-894222-56-3Chris JacksonThe The Gaggle Sisters Sing Again
2003978-1-894222-79-2Valerie CoulmanWhen Pigs Fly
2004978-1-894222-81-5Ricardo Francaviglia · Margherita SgarlataMy Great-great-great-great-great-grandfather... Was a Warrior!
  ''978-1-894222-82-2Adelia Cellini Linecker · Sandra LambWhat Color Is Your Piggy Bank?: Entrepreneurial Ideas for Self-Starting Kids
  ''978-1-894222-83-9Sheri Radford · Christine TrippPenelope and the Humongous Burp
2004978-1-894222-89-1Anne Renaud · Ashley SpiresA Bloom of Friendship: The Story of the Canadian Tulip Festival
  ''978-1-894222-91-4Valerie Coulman · Sandra LambI Am a Ballerina
  ''978-1-894222-92-1Heather WaldorfFighting the Current
2005978-1-894222-94-5Sheri Radford · Christine TrippPenelope and the Monsters
  ''978-1-894222-96-9Valerie Coulman · RogéSink or Swim
2004978-1-894222-97-6Penelope and the Humongous Burp
2005978-1-894222-98-3L.M. Montgomery · Rachel BédardThe The Way to Slumbertown