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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-893907-08-9Introduction to 5-String Banjo [VHS]
1995978-1-893907-09-6Bert CaseyIntroduction to Mandolin [VHS]
2000978-1-893907-13-3Introduction to Acoustic Guitar DVD
  ''978-1-893907-14-0Bert CaseyIntro to Electric Guitar DVD
2001978-1-893907-20-1Watch & LearnLet's Jam!: For Musicians of All Levels, 21 Jam-Along Tracks (Watch & Learn Jam Series)
2003978-1-893907-24-9Intro To Acoustic Guitar DVD Part 2
1998978-1-893907-25-6Bert CaseyAcoustic Guitar Primer for Beginners (Book & CD-ROM)
1992978-1-893907-26-3   ''Electric Guitar Primer (Book & audio CD)
  ''978-1-893907-27-0   ''Bass Guitar Primer for Beginners
1999978-1-893907-28-7Peter VoglRock Guitar Book with audio CD
1997978-1-893907-29-4Peter VoglBlues Guitar Book Deluxe Edition with DVD and CD
1988978-1-893907-32-4Geoff HohwaldBanjo Primer (Book & audio CD) (Watch & Learn)
1992978-1-893907-33-1Bert CaseyMandolin Primer (Book & audio CD)
1994978-1-893907-34-8Jim TollesViolin Primer for Beginners
1999978-1-893907-36-2Peter VoglThe Guitarist's Tablature Book - Blank Guitar Tab Paper
  ''978-1-893907-37-9Bert CaseyBluegrass Fakebook 150 All Time Favorites Includes 50 Gospel Tunes for Guitar Banjo & Mandolin
2000978-1-893907-38-6Lee DavisKeyboard Primer with audio CD
1998978-1-893907-39-3Tim WimerDrum Styles Book with Audio CD
1984978-1-893907-41-6Bert CaseyFlatpicking Guitar Songs Book & audio CD
2001978-1-893907-42-3Peter VoglThe Guitarist's Chord Book - Over 900 Guitar Chords
2003978-1-893907-43-0Bert CaseyAcoustic Guitar Book 2 (Book, DVD, & audio CD)
2002978-1-893907-44-7Peter VoglThe Guitarist's Scale Book
1999978-1-893907-49-2CASEY · BertBluegrass Fakebook: 150 All-Time Favorites, Seventh Edition
2004978-1-893907-59-1Peter VoglThe Guitarist's Lick Book
2007978-1-893907-63-8Andy HohwaldUpright Bass Book for Beginners Deluxe Edition with DVD and CD
2009978-1-893907-66-9Peter VoglLet's Jam! Book with Audio CD and DVD - Learn to Play Guitar Rhythm, Licks, & Solos (Watch & Learn: Let's Jam)
2010978-1-893907-67-6Bert CaseyUkulele Primer Book for Beginners with DVD
2007978-1-893907-78-2Peter VoglThe Guitarist's Music Theory Book - with Audio CD
2011978-1-893907-84-3Watch & Learn let's jam! Jazz Standards Book/CD
2013978-1-893907-93-5Bert CaseyAcoustic Guitar Primer Book for Beginners - Deluxe Edition (DVD/CD)