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2004978-1-893905-00-9John MorrowCollected Jack Kirby Collector Volume 1
  ''978-1-893905-01-6John MorrowCollected Jack Kirby Collector Volume 2 (Collected Jack Kirby SC)
  ''978-1-893905-02-3   ''Collected Jack Kirby Collector Volume 3
2000978-1-893905-03-0Jon B. CookeComic Book Artist Collection Volume 1
  ''978-1-893905-04-7John Morrow · Jon B. CookeStreetwise
2004978-1-893905-05-4Roy ThomasAll-Star Companion Volume 1 (v. 1)
2001978-1-893905-06-1Roy ThomasAlter Ego: The Comic Book Artist Collection
  ''978-1-893905-08-5Jon B. Cooke · David RoachThe Warren Companion
2001978-1-893905-09-2Jon B. Cooke · David A. RoachThe Warren Companion (Hardcover)
  ''978-1-893905-10-8P.C. Hamerlinck · Marc SwayzeFawcett Companion: The Best of FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America)
  ''978-1-893905-11-5George Khoury · Alan MooreKimota! The Miracleman Companion
  ''978-1-893905-12-2Bill SchellySense of Wonder: A Life in Comic Fandom
2002978-1-893905-13-9Jon B. CookeComic Book Artist Collection Volume 2
2007978-1-893905-14-6Durwin TalonPanel Discussions: Design In Sequential Art Storytelling
2003978-1-893905-15-3Mark EvanierComic Books And Other Necessities Of Life
2002978-1-893905-16-0Blake BellI Have To Live With This Guy
2003978-1-893905-17-7Michael EuryCaptain Action: The Original Super-Hero Action Figure
  ''978-1-893905-18-4Jason Hofius · George KhouryG-Force Animated
2007978-1-893905-19-1Eric Nolen-Weathington · Alan DavisModern Masters Volume 1: Alan Davis
2003978-1-893905-21-4R.C. HarveyThe Life And Art Of Murphy Anderson
2003978-1-893905-22-1Glen CadiganThe Legion Companion
  ''978-1-893905-23-8Bhob StewartAgainst The Grain: Mad Artist Wallace Wood
  ''978-1-893905-24-5George Khoury · Alan Moore · Neil GaimanThe Extraordinary Works Of Alan Moore
2007978-1-893905-25-2Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 2: George Perez
2003978-1-893905-26-9Mark EvanierWertham Was Right!: Another Collection Of POV Columns
  ''978-1-893905-27-6Michael EuryDick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day At A Time
  ''978-1-893905-28-3Wallace WoodAgainst The Grain: MAD Artist Wallace Wood
2004978-1-893905-29-0Mark VogerHero Gets Girl!: The Life & Art Of Kurt Schaffenberger
2012978-1-893905-30-6Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 3: Bruce Timm
2004978-1-893905-31-3Durwin TalonComics Above Ground: How Sequential Art Affects Mainstream Media
2004978-1-893905-32-0John MorrowCollected Jack Kirby Collector Volume 4
  ''978-1-893905-33-7George Khoury · David Roach · Jon B. Cooke · Eric Nolen WeathingonTrue Brit: Celebrating The Comic Book Artists Of England
  ''978-1-893905-35-1Mark EvanierSuperheroes In My Pants!
  ''978-1-893905-36-8Glen CadiganBest Of The Legion Outpost
2006978-1-893905-37-5Roy ThomasAll-Star Companion Volume 2
2004978-1-893905-38-2Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 4: Kevin Nowlan
2005978-1-893905-40-5Dewey CassellThe Art of George Tuska
2008978-1-893905-41-2Mike ManleyThe Best Of Draw! Volume 1
2009978-1-893905-42-9Jon B. CookeComic Book Artist Collection Volume 3
2005978-1-893905-43-6   ''The THUNDER Agents Companion
  ''978-1-893905-44-3Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 5: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
2005978-1-893905-45-0Tom FieldSecrets In The Shadows: The Art & Life Of Gene Colan
  ''978-1-893905-46-7Diamond Comic Distributors Inc.Secrets In The Shadows: The Art & Life Of Gene Colan
2006978-1-893905-47-4Jon B. CookeSwampmen: Muck-Monsters of the Comics
2005978-1-893905-48-1Michael EuryThe Justice League Companion
  ''978-1-893905-49-8Scott Beatty · Eric Nolen-WeathingtonThe Brave And Bold Art Of Jim Aparo
  ''978-1-893905-50-4Glen CadiganThe Titans Companion
  ''978-1-893905-52-8William Messner-LoebHeroes and Villains: The William Messner-Loebs Benefit Sketchbook
2006978-1-893905-53-5Mark VogerThe Dark Age: Grim, Great & Gimmicky Post-Modern Comics
2006978-1-893905-54-2George Khoury · Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 6: Arthur Adams
  ''978-1-893905-55-9Jack KirbySilver Star: Graphite Edition
2012978-1-893905-56-6Jon B. Cooke · Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 7: John Byrne
2006978-1-893905-57-3John MorrowCollected Jack Kirby Collector Volume 5
2009978-1-893905-58-0Mike ManleyThe Best Of Draw! Volume 2
2006978-1-893905-59-7Roy ThomasAlter Ego Collection Volume 1 (v. 1)
2010978-1-893905-60-3Danny FingerothHow To Create Comics, From Script To Print
2006978-1-893905-61-0Michael EuryThe Krypton Companion
2007978-1-893905-62-7   ''Comics Gone Ape!
2009978-1-893905-64-1Roger Ash · Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters, Volume 8: Walter Simonson (v. 8)
2006978-1-893905-65-8Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 9: Mike Wieringo (v. 9)
  ''978-1-893905-66-5George Khoury · Eric Nolen-Weathington · Kevin MaguireModern Masters Volume 10: Kevin Maguire
2007978-1-893905-69-6Eric Nolen-Weathington · Christopher IrvingModern Masters Volume 11: Charles Vess
  ''978-1-893905-70-2Christopher IrvingBlue Beetle Companion
  ''978-1-893905-71-9George KhouryImage Comics: The Road to Independence
2007978-1-893905-72-6Tim LasiutaBrush Strokes With Greatness: The Life & Art Of Joe Sinnott
  ''978-1-893905-73-3John LoweWorking Methods: Comic Creators Detail Their Storytelling And Artistic Processes
  ''978-1-893905-74-0Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 12: Michael Golden
  ''978-1-893905-75-7Roy Thomas · Jim AmashJohn Romita, And All That Jazz
2009978-1-893905-78-8Michael Eury · Michael KronenbergThe Batcave Companion
2007978-1-893905-79-5Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 13: Jerry Ordway (Modern Masters)
  ''978-1-893905-80-1Roy ThomasAll-Star Companion Volume 3
2007978-1-893905-81-8Mike W. BarrSilver Age Sci-Fi Companion
  ''978-1-893905-82-5Benjamin HolcombMego 8" Super-Heroes: World's Greatest Toys!
  ''978-1-893905-83-2Christopher IrvingComics Introspective Volume 1: Peter Bagge (v. 1)
2010978-1-893905-84-9Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 14: Frank Cho
2007978-1-893905-85-6   ''Modern Masters Volume 15: Mark Schultz
2008978-1-893905-86-3Eric Nolen-WeathingtonModern Masters Volume 16: Mike Allred
  ''978-1-893905-87-0Glen CadiganTitans Companion 2
  ''978-1-893905-88-7Roy Thomas · Jack Kirby · Steve Ditko · Wally Wood · Bill SchellyAlter Ego: The Best Of The Legendary Comics Fanzine
2015978-1-893905-89-4John MorrowKirby Five-Oh!: Celebrating 50 Years Of The
2008978-1-893905-91-7Mike ManleyBest Of Draw! Volume 3
  ''978-1-893905-93-1Doug Zawisza · Murphy Anderson · Joe Kubert · Rags MoralesHawkman Companion
  ''978-1-893905-94-8Eric Nolen-Weathington · Tom FieldModern Masters Volume 17: Lee Weeks
2008978-1-893905-95-5Eric Nolen-Weathington · George KhouryModern Masters Volume 18: John Romita Jr.
  ''978-1-893905-97-9Joe MenoBrickJournal Compendium Volume 1 (v. 1)
  ''978-1-893905-98-6Keith DallasThe Flash Companion