Language Dynamics

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-893564-08-4Mark A. Frobose · Language DynamicsHablando Ingles Americano 6 Audiocassette Tapes
  ''978-1-893564-09-1Mark A. Frobose · Language DynamicsIngles Americano Para Hispanohablantes (Spanish Edition)
2002978-1-893564-14-5Mark FroboseSpeaking Pain Free Spanish (Complete 207 Page Illustrated Text With CD)
1999978-1-893564-17-6Mark A. FroboseAbsolute Spanish: From Basic to High Intermediate (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-893564-18-3Mark A. Frobose · Language DynamicsAbsolute French/8 One Hour Audiocassette Tapes/Complete Learning Guide and Tape Script (Language Dynamics: Takes the Foreign Out of Language) (French Edition)
2001978-1-893564-19-0Mark A. FroboseAudio Fluency Spanish
1999978-1-893564-28-2Mark A. Frobose · Language Dynamics5001 French Sentences/8 One Hour Audiocassette Tapes/Complete Learning Guide and Tape Script (French Edition)
  ''978-1-893564-29-9Mark A. FroboseItalian for Dimwits (Italian Edition)
2004978-1-893564-33-6Mark FroboseBehind the Wheel Spanish II / 8 Multi-Track CDs /Complete 250 Page Illustrated Text / English Translations / Answer Keys & Tapescrip
  ''978-1-893564-37-4   ''Conversational Arabic in Nothing Flat (8 One Hour Multi-Track CDs)
2000978-1-893564-38-1Mark A. FroboseAudio Fluency Italian with Book(s)
1999978-1-893564-39-8   ''Audio Fluency German: Complete Learning Guide and Tapescript (German Edition)
2002978-1-893564-42-8Mark FroboseBehind the Wheel Spanish/Complete Illustrated Text/Answer Keys/8 One Hour
2004978-1-893564-44-2   ''Conversational Spanish 2 In Nothing Flat (8 Level 2 Multi-Track CDs)
2004978-1-893564-45-9Mark A. FroboseBehind the Wheel Chinese
2002978-1-893564-47-3   ''Speaking Pain Free Spanish (8 One Hour CDs/200 Page Illustrated Text & Tapescript)
2004978-1-893564-48-0Mark FroboseConversational Portuguese in Nothing Flat (10 Multi-Track CDs)
1999978-1-893564-49-7Mark Frobose/Language DynamicsSpeak 5001 Easy Phrases in Spanish French Italian & German/8 Audiocassette Tapes
2002978-1-893564-56-5Mark FroboseConversational Spanish in Nothing Flat (8 One Hour CDs/200 Page Illustated Text/Answer Keys & Tapescript) (Spanish Edition)
2002978-1-893564-57-2Mark FroboseComplete Spanish for Dimwits (Spanish Edition)
2003978-1-893564-58-9   ''Flash French (French Edition)
2002978-1-893564-59-6   ''Complete Spanish for Dimwits (8 One Hour CDs/Complete 200 Page Illustrated Text & Tapescript)
2006978-1-893564-68-8Mark A. FroboseBehind the Wheel French
1999978-1-893564-69-5   ''Behind The Wheel Italian For Your Car: 6 One Hour Audiocassette Tapes: Complete Learning Guide and Tape Script
2002978-1-893564-76-3Mark FroboseSay It Fast & Easy In Spanish (8 CDs, Text)
2003978-1-893564-78-7   ''Behind the Wheel French (8 CD Course) (French Edition)
2000978-1-893564-79-4Mark A. FroboseBusiness Spanish Speed Cassette Pack/3 One Hour Audiocassette Tapes
2003978-1-893564-87-9Mark FroboseEasy Speedy French (French Edition)
2003978-1-893564-88-6Mark FroboseEasy Speedy German (German Edition)
2002978-1-893564-89-3   ''Spanish Speed Immersion (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-893564-91-6   ''Spanish Speed Immersion - Complete Course (Spanish Edition)
2003978-1-893564-92-3   ''Behind the Wheel Portuguese (Ten 60 minute CDs) (Behind the Wheel) (Portuguese Edition)
2004978-1-893564-97-8   ''Behind the Wheel Arabic (8 One Hour Multi-Track CDs)
2002978-1-893564-98-5Mark FroboseCross the Border Into Spanish Fluency (8 One Hour CDs/Complete 200 Page Text/Answer Keys & Tapescript)