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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-892950-03-1Stephen J. SpignesiThe Lost Work of Stephen King: Complete & Uncut Signed
1989978-1-892950-11-6Katherine Flickenger · Katherine Flickenger Stephen R. Bissette · Stephen J. Spignesi · Stephen King · Stephen R. BissetteThe Shape Under the Sheet: The Stephen King Encyclopedia Signed-Limited Edition
2000978-1-892950-13-0Edward LeeThe Bighead: Author's Preferred Version
  ''978-1-892950-14-7Lucy TaylorThe Safety of Unknown Cities
  ''978-1-892950-15-4Peter Straub · Erik Wilson · Michael R. CollingsHauntings: The Official Peter Straub Bibliography (Biblio)
2009978-1-892950-19-2Stephen KingDark Tower Treachery 1st Printing Comic Set 1-6 Slipcased
2004978-1-892950-20-8Jack Ketchum · Douglas E. WinterOff Season The Unexpurgated Edition
2009978-1-892950-24-6Edward Lee · Wrath James WhiteTeratologist
2001978-1-892950-26-0Michael CollingsStoryteller - Orson Scott Card's Official Bibliography and International Readers Guide - Library Casebound Hard Cover
2007978-1-892950-32-1F. Paul WilsonThe Tery: The Definitive Edition
2009978-1-892950-38-3David Morrell · Stephen King ( Quote ) · Cortney SkinnerThe Hundred Year Christmas - Signed - 1 / 1000
  ''978-1-892950-40-6David MorrellThe Hundred-Year Christmas - Signed by Author / Artist and Slipcased
  ''978-1-892950-42-0Jack KetchumBroken on the Wheel of Sex - Trade Paperback
2003978-1-892950-45-1Michael R. CollingsHORROR PLUM'D: INTERNATIONAL STEPHEN KING BIBLIOGRAPHY & GUIDE 1960-2000 (International Stephen King Bibliography and Guide)
2002978-1-892950-47-5Jack KetchumRed
2009978-1-892950-50-5F. Paul WilsonThe Tery: The Definitive Edition Sterling Limited Traycased
2007978-1-892950-52-9   ''The Tery: The Definitive Edition - Signed
2005978-1-892950-55-0Jack KetchumOff Season - Unexpurgated Hard Cover Edition
2003978-1-892950-61-1   ''The Girl Next Door
2003978-1-892950-62-8Edward Lee · John PelanGOON - Ilustrated Revised Edition
2005978-1-892950-63-5Edward Lee · John PelanGOON - Micah Hayes Illustrated Edition
2004978-1-892950-64-2Lucy TaylorThe Silence Between The Screams
2005978-1-892950-67-3Philip NutmanWet Work - The Definitive Edition
2002978-1-892950-68-0Tim Richmond · Harlan EllisonFingerprints on the Sky the Authorized Harlan Ellison Bibliography: The Fully Illustrated Reader's Guide
2006978-1-892950-70-3Jack KetchumOffspring (1 / 1000 Signed Limited Edition)
  ''978-1-892950-73-4Christopher FahyMatinee at the Flame
2011978-1-892950-74-1Michael R. Collings · Stephen KingStephen King Is Richard Bachman
2006978-1-892950-75-8F. Paul WilsonThe Last Rakosh (Repairman Jack Novels)
2005978-1-892950-76-5Stephen King · F. Paul Wilson · Jack Ketchum2005 Overlook Connection Press Catalog and Fiction Sampler
2007978-1-892950-77-2Christopher FahyMatinee at the Flame
2006978-1-892950-78-9Jack KetchumOffspring: The Sequel to Off Season
  ''978-1-892950-80-2F. Paul WilsonThe Last Rakosh: A Repairman Jack Tale (Repairman Jack Novels)
2007978-1-892950-85-7Edward Lee · Wrath James WhiteTeratologist - Interview Edition
2009978-1-892950-88-8David Morrell · Cortney Skinner - Illustrator · Stephen King ( Quote )The Hundred-Year Christmas - Signed Slipcased Illustrated Edition
  ''978-1-892950-90-1based on a book by Stephen KingThe Gunslinger Born Comic Slipcase for Issues 1-7 (Dark Tower Series)
2008978-1-892950-91-8   ''The Gunslinger Born - First Hardcover Slipcased Edition (The Dark Tower Graphic Novel)
  ''978-1-892950-92-5Stephen KingDark Tower The Long Road Home Slipcased 1st Printing Set of 5 Comics
2012978-1-892950-96-3Rocky Wood · Stephen KingStephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished - Revised & Expanded Edition
2009978-1-892950-97-0based on a book by Stephen KingThe Dark Tower The Long Road Home First Hardcover Slipcased Edition