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1998978-1-892746-00-9Judith Guss Teicholz · Daniel Kriegman · Susan FairfieldTrauma, Repetition, and Affect Regulation: The work of Paul Russell
1999978-1-892746-01-6Catherine MathelinLacanian Psychotherapy with Children: The Broken Piano (The Lacanian Clinical Field)
1998978-1-892746-02-3Juan-David NasioHysteria from Freud to Lacan (Lacanian Clinical Field)
  ''978-1-892746-03-0Judith Feher GurewichLacan and the New Wave in American Psychoanalysis (Lacanian Clinical Field)
  ''978-1-892746-04-7Joel DorIntroduction to the Reading of Lacan: The Unconscious Structured Like a Language (Lacanian Clinical Field)
  ''978-1-892746-05-4Joel DorClinical Lacan (Lacanian Clinical Field)
  ''978-1-892746-06-1Marie LangerMotherhood and Sexuality
1998978-1-892746-07-8Nina ColtartSlouching Towards Bethlehem
  ''978-1-892746-08-5Donald B. RinsleyFairbairn and the Origins of Object Relations
  ''978-1-892746-09-2Gerard BleandonuWilfred Bion: His Life and Works 1897-1979
  ''978-1-892746-10-8Enid BalintBefore I Was I: Psychoanalysis and the Imagination
  ''978-1-892746-11-5Estela WelldonMother, Madonna, Whore: The Idealization and Denigration of Motherhood
1998978-1-892746-12-2Estela V. WelldonMother, Madonna, Whore: The Idealization and Denigration of Motherhood
  ''978-1-892746-13-9Arnold Wilson · John E. GedoHierarchical Concepts in Psychoanalysis
  ''978-1-892746-14-6Dany NobusKey Concepts of Lacanian Psychoanalysis
1999978-1-892746-15-3Paul VerhaegheDoes the Woman Exist?: From Freud's Hysteric to Lacan's Feminine
  ''978-1-892746-16-0Bernard BurgoyneKlein Lacan Dialogues
  ''978-1-892746-17-7Rob WeatherhillThe Sovereignty of Death
1999978-1-892746-18-4Martin StantonOut of Order: Clinical Work and Unconscious Process
  ''978-1-892746-19-1Filip GeerardynFreud's Project: The Roots of Psychoanalysis
  ''978-1-892746-20-7Maud MannoniSeparation and Creativity: Refinding the Lost Language of Childhood (The Lacanian Clinical Field)
1998978-1-892746-21-4Nick TottonThe Water in the Glass: Mind and Body in Psychoanalysis
2000978-1-892746-22-1Martin S. BergmannThe Hartmann Era
1999978-1-892746-23-8Muriel DimenStorms in Her Head
  ''978-1-892746-24-5Robert LindnerThe Fifty-Minute Hour
  ''978-1-892746-25-2Dorothy DinnersteinThe Mermaid and the Minotaur
1999978-1-892746-26-9Robert M. PrinceThe Legacy of the Holocaust (Research in Clinical Psychology)
  ''978-1-892746-27-6John GedoThe Evolution of Psychoanalysis
  ''978-1-892746-28-3Serge AndreWhat Does a Woman Want? (Lacanian Clinical Field)
2000978-1-892746-30-6Michael CivinMale Female Email
1999978-1-892746-31-3Paul VerhaegheLove in a Time of Loneliness
2001978-1-892746-32-0Gerhard FichtnerThe Freud-Binswanger Correspondence
2002978-1-892746-33-7Christopher Fortune · Jeannieor Cohen · Elisabeth Petersdorff · Norbert RuebsaatThe Sandor Ferenczi-Georg Groddeck Correspondence 1921-1933
2000978-1-892746-34-4Peter Fonagy · Gyorgy Gergely · Elliot L. Jurist · Mary TargetAffect Regulation, Mentalization
2001978-1-892746-36-8Roberto HarariLacan's Seminar on "Anxiety": An Introduction (Lacanian Clinical Field)
  ''978-1-892746-37-5Joel DorStructure and Perversions
1999978-1-892746-39-9Russell Grigg · Dominique Hecq · Craig SmithFemale Sexuality: The Early Psychoanalytic Controversies
2001978-1-892746-41-2Chris OakleyWhat Is a Group: A New Look at Theory in Practice
1999978-1-892746-42-9Jean Laplanche · Serge LeclaireThe Ego and the Id
2001978-1-892746-43-6Rob WeatherillThe Death Drive: New Life for a Dead Subject (Encyclopedia of Psychoanalysis, 3)
2020978-1-892746-44-3Sasha Marianna SalzmannBeside Myself: A Novel
2000978-1-892746-45-0Michael GorkinThree Mothers, Three Daughters: Palestinian Women's Stories (Cultural Studies)
  ''978-1-892746-46-7Marie-Christine HamonWhy Do Women Love Men and Not Their Mothers?
2000978-1-892746-47-4Julia KristevaCrisis of the European Subject (Cultural Studies)
  ''978-1-892746-48-1Robert Wallerstein42 Lives in Treatment
2001978-1-892746-49-8Serge Andre · Susan FairfieldFlac: A Narrative
2000978-1-892746-50-4Alain Vanier · Susan FairfieldLacan (Lacanian Clinical Field)
2002978-1-892746-51-1Roberto HarariHow James Joyce Made His Name:: A Reading of the Final Lacan (Contemporary Theory)
  ''978-1-892746-52-8Anna ShaneSeminar of Moustafa Safouan
2001978-1-892746-54-2David E. ScharffThe Psychoanalytic Century: Freud's Legacy for the Future
2000978-1-892746-55-9Nina ColtartSlouching Towards Bethlehem
2001978-1-892746-56-6Em FarrellLost for Words
1999978-1-892746-57-3Gerard BleandonuWilfred Bion: His Life and Works
2000978-1-892746-58-0Arnold Wilson · John E. GedoHierarchical Concepts in Psychoanalysis: Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice
  ''978-1-892746-59-7Susan Kavaler-AdlerCompulsion to Create
  ''978-1-892746-60-3James S. GrotsteinFairbairn and the Origins of Object Relations
2002978-1-892746-61-0Enid Balint · Juliet Mitchell · Michael ParsonsBefore I Was I: Psychoanalysis and the Imagination
2001978-1-892746-62-7Estela V. WelldonMother, Madonna, Whore: The Idealization and Denigration of Motherhood
2000978-1-892746-63-4Jean-Michel RabateLacan in America (Lacanian Clinical Field)
2000978-1-892746-64-1Marie LangerMotherhood and Sexuality
2001978-1-892746-65-8Philippe Van HauteAgainst Adaptation: Lacan's Subversion of the Subject (Lacanian Clinical Field)
  ''978-1-892746-66-5Paul RoazenOedipus in Britain: Edward Glover and the Struggle over Klein
2000978-1-892746-68-9Regina PallyThe Mind Brain Relationship (International Journal of Psychoanalysis Key Paper Series)
1999978-1-892746-69-6Lucien GubbaySunlight & Shadow (Cultural Studies)
2001978-1-892746-70-2Peter FonagyAttachment Theory and Psychoanalysis
2000978-1-892746-71-9Allen WheelisThe Illusionless Man: Fantasies and Meditation on Disillusionment
2001978-1-892746-72-6Susie OrbachHunger Strike: Starving Amidst Plenty
2000978-1-892746-73-3Joseph SandlerChanging Ideas in a Changing World: The Revolution in Psychoanalysis: Essays in Honour of Arnold Cooper
978-1-892746-74-0Dany NobusTheodore Reik: the Architect of the Third Ear: The Architect of the Third Ear
2003978-1-892746-75-7Patricia GheroviciThe Puerto Rican Syndrome (Cultural Studies)
2004978-1-892746-76-4Ellie RaglandLacan: Topologically Speaking
2020978-1-892746-79-5Meryem AlaouiStraight from the Horse's Mouth: A Novel
2001978-1-892746-80-1Francois RachlineDon Juan's Wager (Cultural Studies)
2002978-1-892746-81-8Irmgard KeunThe Artificial Silk Girl
2001978-1-892746-82-5Wayne AndersenFreud, Leonardo, and the Vulture's Tail
  ''978-1-892746-83-2Andrew SamuelsPolitics on the Couch
  ''978-1-892746-84-9Muriel DimenGender in Psychoanalytic Space (Contemporary Theory.)
2002978-1-892746-85-6Susan FairfieldBringing the Plague
  ''978-1-892746-86-3Elina M. ReenkolaThe Veiled Female Core
2001978-1-892746-88-7Cordelia Schmidt-HellerauLife Drive & Death Drive, Libido & Lethe
2001978-1-892746-89-4Eric J. MillerThe Systems Psychodynamics of Org
2004978-1-892746-90-0Alexandre LeupinLacan Today: Psychoanalysis, Science, Religion
2002978-1-892746-91-7Shelley AlhanatiPrimitive Mental States, Volume 2: Psychobiological and Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Early Trauma and Personality Development
  ''978-1-892746-92-4Wayne AndersenPicasso's Brothel: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
2001978-1-892746-94-8Lisa Appignanesi · John ForresterFreud's Women
  ''978-1-892746-95-5Alex CorenShort-Term Psychotherapy
  ''978-1-892746-96-2Michael Vannoy AdamsThe Mythological Unconscious
2002978-1-892746-97-9Linda Belau · Petar RamadanovicTopologies of Trauma: Essays on the Limit of Knowledge and Memory
  ''978-1-892746-98-6Lloyd DemauseEmotional Life Of Nations
2002978-1-892746-99-3Richard LaskySymbolization and Desymbolization