MVS Training

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-892559-00-5Olivia R. CarmandiOS/390 MVS/JCL Quick Reference Guide (Mainframe Series) (Mainframe Technical Series)
  ''978-1-892559-01-2   ''MVS/TSO OS/390 Quick Reference Guide (Mainframe Technical Series)
  ''978-1-892559-02-9David Shelby KirkCOBOL for OS/390 Power Programming with Complete Year 2000 Section (MVS Training, Inc. Mainframe Series)
1999978-1-892559-03-6Olivia R. CarmandiREXX with OS/2, TSO, & CMS Features Quick Reference Guide (Mainframe Technical Series)
2000978-1-892559-04-3Gary JoehlinDB2 UDB for OS/390 Developer's Quick Reference Guide
  ''978-1-892559-05-0David Shelby KirkMVS for OS/390 Primer (Mainframe Series)
  ''978-1-892559-06-7Olivid R. CarmandOS/390 MVS JCL Quick Reference Guide (Mainframe Series) (Mainframe Series Quick Reference, 1)
2003978-1-892559-07-4David Shelby Kirkz/OS (MVS) Primer
2005978-1-892559-09-8Olivia R. Carmandiz/OS (MVS) JCL Quick Reference Guide (MVS Training, Inc. Mainframe Series)