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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-892123-00-8Leatrice EisemanColors For Your Every Mood (Capital Lifestyles)
1999978-1-892123-05-3Ms. Darlene MathisWomen of Color: The Multicultural Guide to Fashion and Beauty
2000978-1-892123-06-0Barry R. Schimel100 Ways to Win the Profit Game: Battle-Tested Strategies that Add Value to Your Business Now (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)
2004978-1-892123-07-7Dorothea JohnsonOutclass the Competition: Business Etiquette for Today
1999978-1-892123-08-4Fourteen FriendsThe Fourteen Friends Guide to Eldercaring: Inspiration, Practical Advice, Shared Experiences, Space to Think (Capital Cares)
  ''978-1-892123-09-1Elizabeth Bergmann · Elizabeth O. ColtonConnecting To Creativity: Ten Keys to Unlocking Your Creative Potential (Capital Ideas)
2000978-1-892123-12-1Diana My TranThe Vietnamese Cookbook (Capital Lifestyles)
1999978-1-892123-13-8Patti CoonsGala!: The Special Event Planner for Professionals and Volunteers (Capital Ideas)
2000978-1-892123-14-5Raymond J. KeatingU.S. By the Numbers: What's Left, Right & Wrong with America (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)
1999978-1-892123-16-9Bill BoydBolivar: Liberator of a Continent
2000978-1-892123-17-6Bill BoydFor Love and Glory: A Novel
  ''978-1-892123-18-3   ''The Gentle Infantryman: A Novel
  ''978-1-892123-22-0Pamela R. LessingThe First Week with My New PC: A Very Basic Guide for Mature Adults and Everyone who Wants to Get Connected (Capital First Week)
2002978-1-892123-23-7C. Edward GoodGrammar Book for You And I (Oops Me): All the Grammar You Need to Succeed in Life (Capital Ideas)
2000978-1-892123-24-4Natalie H. RogersThe New Talk Power: The Mind-Body Way to Speak Like a Pro (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)
  ''978-1-892123-25-1Margery FishA Flower for Every Day (Capital Lifestyles)
2000978-1-892123-26-8Margery FishGardening in the Shade (Capital Lifestyles)
2002978-1-892123-28-2Kristen GustafsonGraduate!: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed After College (Capital Ideas)
2000978-1-892123-29-9Marilyn BarrettTen Biggest Legal Mistakes Women Can Avoid: How to Protect Yourself, Your Children and Your Assets (Capital Ideas)
2001978-1-892123-32-9Sarah Valente Kettler · Carole TrimbleThe Amateur Historian's Guide to Medieval & Tudor London (Capital Travels)
2000978-1-892123-33-6Pamela R. LessingFirst Week With My New Imac: A Very Basic Guide for Older Adults & Everyone Who Wants to "Get Connected"
  ''978-1-892123-35-0Dorothea JohnsonTea & Etiquette: Taking Tea for Business and Pleasure (Capital Lifestyles)
  ''978-1-892123-36-7E.A. CrawfordThe Lunar Garden: Planting by the Moon Phases (Capital Lifestyles)
2001978-1-892123-37-4Mindy WeiselDaughters of Absence: Transforming a Legacy of Loss (Capital Discoveries)
2000978-1-892123-38-1Leatrice EisemanColors for Your Every Mood: Discover Your True Decorating Colors (Capital Lifestyles)
  ''978-1-892123-39-8Pat CochranLast Rights: Taking Care of Your Final Journey (Capital Cares)
2002978-1-892123-41-1Cynthia Kuhn Beischel · Kristina Chase StromFrom Eulogy to Joy: A Heartfelt Anthology (Capital Cares)
2001978-1-892123-47-3Vicky MoonMiddleburg Mystique: A Peek Inside the Gates of Middleburg, Virginia (Capital Hometown Guides)
  ''978-1-892123-48-0Barry R. Schimel · Gary KravitzAll About Earnings: 100 Ways to Profit in Any Economy (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)
2001978-1-892123-49-7Deborah Tyler BlaisLetting Your Heart Sing: A Daily Journal for the Soul (Capital Discoveries)
  ''978-1-892123-53-4Patti CoonsGala Planner & Record Keeper: For Professionals, Volunteers, Chair Persons & Committee Members (Capital Ideas)
  ''978-1-892123-54-1James T. ClemonsChildren of Jonah: Personal Stories by Survivors of Suicide Attempts (Capital Cares)
2002978-1-892123-55-8Brian CrosbyThe $100,000 Teacher: A Solution to America's Declining Public School System
  ''978-1-892123-57-2Danna QuinnReDefining: Rethink, Repattern, and Recreate Yourself (Capital Cares)
  ''978-1-892123-58-9Michael WilburRivers of a Wounded Heart: Everyman's Journey (Capital Discovery)
2001978-1-892123-59-6Mark WilliamsThe 10 Lenses: Your Guide to Living and Working in a Multicultural World (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)
2003978-1-892123-65-7Sarah Valente Kettler · Carole TrimbleThe Amateur Historian's Guide to the Heart of England: Volume 3 - Nearly 200 Medieval & Tudor Sites Two Hours or Less from London (Capital Travels)
2002978-1-892123-66-4Diana & Ronald JensenHow to Stay In London For Less: Short-Term Apartments Ideal for All Travelers (Capital Travels)
2002978-1-892123-67-1Mark Steele · Donia SteeleSteeles on Wheels: A Year on the Road in an RV (Capital Travels)
2001978-1-892123-68-8Margery FishAn All Year Round Garden (Capital Lifestyles)
  ''978-1-892123-69-5   ''Cottage Garden Flowers (Capital Lifestyles)
  ''978-1-892123-72-5Jim CollisonNo-How Coaching: Strategies for Winning in Sports and Business from the Coach Who Says "No!" (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)
2002978-1-892123-73-2Sarah Valente Kettler · Carole TrimbleThe Amateur Historians' Guide to Medieval and Tudor England: Day Trips South of London - Dover, Canterbury, Rochester (Capital Travels)
2001978-1-892123-75-6Mark WilliamsThe 10 Lenses: Your Guide to Living and Working in a Multicultural World (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)
2002978-1-892123-78-7Paul WassermanNew York from A to Z: The Traveler's Look-Up Source for the Big Apple (Capital Travels)
  ''978-1-892123-79-4Elisabeth FraterBreaking Away to Virginia and Maryland Wineries (Washington Weekends)
  ''978-1-892123-80-0Idamarie Laquatra Ph.D. R.D. · Diana My TranThe Asian Diet: Get Slim and Stay Slim the Asian Way (Capital Lifestyles)
2002978-1-892123-81-7Vicky MoonBest Dressed Southern Salads: Sumptuous Southern Salads from Key West to Washington, D.C. (Capital Lifestyles)
  ''978-1-892123-83-1Pamela R. LessingThe First Week with My New Digital Organizer: A Very Basic Guide to Palm OS PDAs (Capital First Week)
  ''978-1-892123-86-2Jean Aziz · Peggy Stout · Marie BodeWise Women Speak to the Woman Turning 30 (Capital Lifestyles)
  ''978-1-892123-87-9Denise Rich · Laura MortonPardon Me: The Denise Rich Story
  ''978-1-892123-88-6Julie ShieldsHow to Avoid the Mommy Trap: A Roadmap for Sharing Parenting and Making It Work (Capital Ideas)
2002978-1-892123-89-3Friends of Alexandria ArchaeologyWalk and Bike the Alexandria Heritage Trail: A Guide to Exploring a Virginia Town's Hidden Past (Capital Travels)
  ''978-1-892123-90-9Diane RehmFinding My Voice
  ''978-1-892123-92-3Andrea NierenbergNonstop Networking: How to Improve Your Life, Luck, and Career (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)
  ''978-1-892123-94-7C. Diane Ealy · Kay LeshOur Money Ourselves for Couples: A New Way of Relating to Money and Each Other (Capital Ideas)
2003978-1-892123-97-8Noemi TaylorSabroso!: The Spanish American Family Cookbook (New American Family Cookbooks)
2002978-1-892123-98-5Kenneth KarpinskiWall Street Speak