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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-892065-00-1Steve Miller · Sharon LeePlan B
2000978-1-892065-01-8Sharon Lee · Steve MillerPartners in Necessity
2004978-1-892065-02-5   ''Pilots Choice Liaden Universe Adventures
2007978-1-892065-03-2   ''I Dare (Liaden Universe Novel Series)
1999978-1-892065-04-9Tanya HuffWhat Ho, Magic!
  ''978-1-892065-05-6Keith HartmanThe Gumshoe, The Witch, And The Virtual Corpse
  ''978-1-892065-06-3Selina RosenQueen Of Denial
2000978-1-892065-07-0S. P. SomtowThe Ultimate Mallworld
1999978-1-892065-08-7Kevin Murphy · Adam NiswanderThe Repository
  ''978-1-892065-09-4Sharon Lee · Steve MillerPlan B (Liaden Universe)
2000978-1-892065-10-0   ''Partners in Necessity
2001978-1-892065-11-7Sharon Lee · Steve Miller · Michael HerringPilots Choice
2002978-1-892065-12-4Sharon Lee · Steve MillerI Dare (Liaden Universe Novel Series)
2000978-1-892065-14-8Sylvia EngdahlChildren Of The Star
  ''978-1-892065-15-5Sylvia EngdahlCHILDREN OF THE STAR - This Star Shall Abide, Beyond theTomorrow Mountains, The Doors of the Universe
2000978-1-892065-16-2Jim GrimsleyKirith Kirin
2004978-1-892065-17-9Michael ScottThe Culai Heritage
2000978-1-892065-18-6Beth HilgartnerA Business Of Ferrets
  ''978-1-892065-19-3James A. MooreUnder The Overtree
  ''978-1-892065-20-9Jody Lynn NyeApplied Mythology
  ''978-1-892065-21-6Jody Lynn NyeApplied Mythology
  ''978-1-892065-22-3Jack McDevittHello Out There
2000978-1-892065-23-0Jack McDevittHello Out There
2001978-1-892065-24-7Keith HartmanGumshoe Gorilla
2000978-1-892065-25-4P. C. HodgellDark of the Gods
  ''978-1-892065-26-1P. C. HodgellDark Of The Gods
  ''978-1-892065-27-8Gene Wolfe · Elizabeth Anne Scarborough · Jane Yolen · Jody Lynn Nye · Sharon Lee · Steve Miller · Doug Beekman · Lee MartindaleSuch A Pretty Face
  ''978-1-892065-28-5Barbara Krasnoff · Gene Wolfe · Elizabeth Anne Scarborough · Jane Yolen · Jody Lynn Nye · Sharon Lee · Steve Miller · Marian CraneSuch A Pretty Face
2002978-1-892065-29-2George R. R. Martin · Jeffrey JonesA Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1)
2000978-1-892065-30-8George R. R. MartinA Game of Thrones Display Copy
2004978-1-892065-31-5   ''A Clash of Kings
2002978-1-892065-32-2George R. R. Martin · John HoweA Clash of Kings
2001978-1-892065-33-9P. C. Hodgell · Kevin MurphySeeker's Mask
2004978-1-892065-34-6P. C. HodgellSeeker's Mask
  ''978-1-892065-35-3Robert AsprinMyth Adventures One
2004978-1-892065-36-0Robert AsprinMyth Adventures One
2005978-1-892065-37-7E. Van BelkomTeeth
2002978-1-892065-38-4Caitlin R. KiernanTales Of Pain And Wonder
2001978-1-892065-39-1Mark W. TiedemannCompass Reach
2005978-1-892065-40-7James A. MooreFireworks
2004978-1-892065-41-4Lee KilloughBlood Games
2001978-1-892065-42-1Selina RosenChains Of Freedom
2003978-1-892065-43-8Robert AsprinMyth Adventures Two: 2
2004978-1-892065-44-5Beth HilgartnerCats In Cyperspace
2002978-1-892065-45-2Storm ConstantineBurying The Shadow
1999978-1-892065-46-9Jody Lynn NyeAdvanced Mythology
2004978-1-892065-47-6Jody Lynn NyeAdvanced Mythology
  ''978-1-892065-48-3Freda WarringtonA Taste Of Blood Wine
  ''978-1-892065-49-0John ConnThe Society
2005978-1-892065-50-6Diane DuaneTale Of The Five: The Sword And The Dragon
2004978-1-892065-51-3Diane DuaneTale Of The Five: The Sword And The Dragon
2002978-1-892065-52-0Andre NortonMark of the Cat: Year of the Rat
2004978-1-892065-53-7Andre NortonMark Of The Cat: Year Of The Rat
2005978-1-892065-54-4Robert AsprinMyth-Ion Improbable
2004978-1-892065-55-1   ''Myth-Ion Improbable
2003978-1-892065-56-8   ''Myth Adventures Two: 2
2002978-1-892065-57-5Janet Berliner · George GuthridgeThe Madagascar Manifesto
2005978-1-892065-58-2Janet BerlinerThe Madagascar Manifesto
2002978-1-892065-59-9William Mark SimmonsThe Dreamland Chronicles
2004978-1-892065-60-5Wm. Mark SimmonsThe Dreamland Chronicles
2002978-1-892065-61-2Pamela SargentThe Mountain Cage and Other Stories
2004978-1-892065-62-9Pamela SargentThe Mountain Cage And Other Stories
  ''978-1-892065-63-6Beth HilgartnerA Parliament Of Owls
2005978-1-892065-64-3Mark McLaughlin · Rain Graves · David Niall WilsonThe Gossamer Eye
2002978-1-892065-65-0Mark W. TiedemannMetal Of Night
2004978-1-892065-66-7James A. MooreSerenity Falls
2005978-1-892065-67-4Robin Wayne BaileyNight's Angel
2004978-1-892065-68-1Robin Wayne BaileyNight's Angel
2005978-1-892065-69-8Selina RosenChains Of Destruction
  ''978-1-892065-70-4Lee KilloughWilding Nights
2004978-1-892065-71-1   ''Wilding Nights
2004978-1-892065-72-8P. C. HodgellBlood And Ivory: A Tapestry
  ''978-1-892065-73-5   ''Blood And Ivory: A Tapestry
2002978-1-892065-74-2Robert AsprinMyth Adventures Three
2003978-1-892065-75-9Robert AsprinMyth Adventures Three
2005978-1-892065-76-6John MorressyThe Kedrigern Chronicles Volume 1: The Domesticated Wizard
2004978-1-892065-77-3John MorressyThe Kedrigern Chronicles Volume 1: The Domesticated Wizard
2007978-1-892065-78-0Beth HilgartnerPrey-Part Politics
2004978-1-892065-79-7Freda WarringtonDance In Blood Velvet
2005978-1-892065-84-1George R. R. MartinA Storm Of Swords (Song Of Ice And Fire, 3)
  ''978-1-892065-85-8   ''A Storm of Swords (Song of Ice and Fire, 3)
2003978-1-892065-86-5Sharon Lee · Steve MillerThe Tomorrow Log
  ''978-1-892065-87-2   ''The Tomorrow Log
2004978-1-892065-88-9Robert AsprinSomething M.Y.T.H. Inc.
  ''978-1-892065-89-6   ''Something M.Y.T.H. Inc.
2005978-1-892065-90-2John MorressyThe Kedrigern Chronicles Volume 2: Dudgeon And Dragons (The Kedrigern Chronicles, Cvolume 2) (v. 2)
2004978-1-892065-91-9   ''The Kedrigern Chronicles Volume 2: Dudgeon And Dragons
2005978-1-892065-92-6Freda WarringtonThe Dark Blood of Poppies
2003978-1-892065-93-3Selina RosenRecycled
2005978-1-892065-94-0Phyllis EisensteinThe Book Of Elementals: Volume 1 & 2 (v. 1 & 2)
2003978-1-892065-95-7Phyllis EisensteinThe Book of Elementals, Vol. 1 and 2
  ''978-1-892065-96-4Mark W. TiedemannPeace And Memory (The Secantis Sequence, 3)
2005978-1-892065-97-1Robin Wayne BaileyArchitects of Dreams: The SFWA Author Emeritus Anthology
2004978-1-892065-98-8Robin Wayne BaileyArchitects of Dreams: The SFWA Author Emeritus Anthology
2003978-1-892065-99-5Devil's Angel