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1999978-1-891944-08-6William H. ReidA Clinician's Guide to Legal Issues in Psychotherapy, Or, Proceed With Caution
  ''978-1-891944-09-3Hal BrickmanThe Thin Book: Hypnotherapy Trance Scripts for Weight Management (Book and Audio CD)
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2000978-1-891944-36-9Terry D. HargraveThe Essential Humility of Marriage: Honoring the Third Identity in Couple Therapy
1999978-1-891944-39-0Haim OmerParental Presence: Reclaiming a Leadership Role in Bringing Up Our Children
2000978-1-891944-42-0Charles H. KramerTherapeutic Mastery: Becoming a More Creative and Effective Psychotherapist
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2012978-1-891944-47-5Bernhard TrenkleThe Ha-Ha Handbook
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2002978-1-891944-57-4Living Love Set
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2002978-1-891944-72-7Bert HellingerHellinger Professional Reference Set
2000978-1-891944-75-8Bert Hellinger · Hunter BeaumontHolding Love: A Teaching Seminar on Love's Hidden Symmetry
2002978-1-891944-84-0Bert HellingerInsights: Lectures and Stories
2003978-1-891944-85-7   ''To the Heart of the Matter: Brief Therapies
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2003978-1-891944-88-8Patricia Love · Sunny ShulkinHow to Ruin A Perfectly Good Relationship
2002978-1-891944-89-5Bert HellingerOn Life & Other Paradoxes: Aphorisms and Little Stories from Bert Hellinger
  ''978-1-891944-90-1Stephen G. GilliganThe Legacy of Milton H. Erickson: Selected Papers of Stephen Gilligan
2003978-1-891944-93-2Jerome A. Price · Judith MargerumThe Right To Be The Grown-Up: Helping Parents Be Parents to Their Difficult Teens -- Facilitator's Guide, 6 copies of Parent Handbook, plus "affirmations" card deck
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  ''978-1-891944-99-4Ernest Lawrence Rossi · Ernest RossiDreams, Consciousness, Spirit