Floating World Editions

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-891640-09-4James SelfJapanese Art Signatures: A Handbook and Practical Guide
  ''978-1-891640-10-0James CahillIndex of Early Chinese Painters & Paintings: T'ang, Sung, Yuan
  ''978-1-891640-11-7James Lord BowesJapanese Marks and Seals in Lit. & the Arts: In Literature and the Arts
  ''978-1-891640-13-1Albert J. Koop · Hogitaro InadaJapanese Names & How to Read Them: A Manual for Art Collectors and Students
  ''978-1-891640-14-8Edward H. SchaferPacing the Void: T'ang Approaches to the Stars
2006978-1-891640-15-5Edward H. SchaferTu Wan's Stone Cat. of Cloudy Forest: A Commentary and Synopsis
2005978-1-891640-16-2Kusan SunimThe Way Of Korean Zen
2006978-1-891640-17-9Kunio KomparuNoh Theater: Principles and Perspectives
2007978-1-891640-18-6P. G. O'NeillJapanese Names: A Comprehensive Index by Characters and Readings
  ''978-1-891640-19-3Laurance P. RobertsDictionary of Japanese Artists: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Prints, Lacquer
2006978-1-891640-21-6von der Stephan Graf Schulenburg · Rainald SimonBirth of Form: Early Chinese Ceramics at the Museum of Applied
  ''978-1-891640-22-3John LustWestern Books On China Published Up To 1850
  ''978-1-891640-23-0William de LangePars Japonica: The First Dutch Expedition to Reach the Shores of Japan . . . Brought by the English Pilot Will Adams, Hero of Shogun
  ''978-1-891640-24-7William de LangeA Dictionary of Japanese Idioms
2006978-1-891640-25-4T. H. BarrettTaoism Under the T'ang: Religion & Empire During the Golden Age of Chinese
  ''978-1-891640-26-1Timothy BarrettJapanese Papermaking: Traditions, Tools, Techniques
  ''978-1-891640-27-8Ming Wilson · John CayleyEurope Studies China: Papers from an International Conference on the
  ''978-1-891640-29-2Vittorio RovedaImages of the Gods: Khmer Mythology in Cambodia, Laos & Thailand
  ''978-1-891640-34-6Kemin HuModern Chinese Scholars' Rocks: A Guide for Collectors
2008978-1-891640-37-7Edward SchaferThe Vermilion Bird: T'ang Images of the South
2006978-1-891640-38-4Samuel J. Lurie · Beatrice L. ChangContemporary Japanese Ceramics: Fired with Passion
2006978-1-891640-39-1Want Yi'eDaoism in China: An Introduction
  ''978-1-891640-43-8William de LangeFamous Japanese Swordsmen: The Warring States Period
  ''978-1-891640-44-5Jonathan ChavesCloud Gate Song: The Verse of Tang Poet Zhang Ji
2007978-1-891640-46-9Shiba RyotaroThe Tatar Whirlwind: A Novel of Seventeenth-Century East Asia
  ''978-1-891640-47-6William De LangeFamous Japanese Swordsmen: The Two Courts Period
2009978-1-891640-48-3Edward H. SchaferThe Divine Woman: Dragon Ladies and Rain Maidens in T'ang Literature
2007978-1-891640-50-6Elizabeth LillehojAcquisition: Art and Ownership in Edo-Period Japan
2013978-1-891640-51-3William De LangeA Dictionary of Japanese Proverbs
2008978-1-891640-54-4William de LangeFamous Japanese Swordsmen: The Period of Unification
2010978-1-891640-56-8   ''The Real Musashi: The Bushudenraiki (Origins of a Legend)
  ''978-1-891640-59-9Thomas S. Dr. EliasChrysanthemum Stones: The Story of Stone Flowers
2011978-1-891640-61-2Kemin HuThe Romance of Scholar's Stones: Adventures in Appreciation
2014978-1-891640-62-9William de LangeMiyamoto Musashi: A Life in Arms: A Biography of Japan's Greatest Swordsman
2020978-1-891640-99-5Geoffrey Bradfield · Roric Tobin · Landry Design GroupA 21st Century Palace Asia