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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-891153-02-0Conspiracy X RPG
1997978-1-891153-03-7Jack Emmert · Richard Dakan · Fran Hogan · H. J. McKinney · Michael Osadciw · George Vasilakos · Christopher Shy · Cary PolkovitzCryptozoology
2001978-1-891153-05-1Eden Studios StaffWonders out of Time (D&D d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying)
1998978-1-891153-08-2Conspiracy X Psiwars: Body Guards of Lies, Volume 1 (No. 1)
2007978-1-891153-09-9David ChapmanExtraterrestrials Sourcebook (Unisystem)
1998978-1-891153-10-5Various · Richard Dakan · M. Alexander Jurkat · George Vasilakos · Christopher Shy · Scott Neally · Jack EmmertConspiracy X: Atlantis Rising
1999978-1-891153-12-9VariousConspiracy X: Bodyguard Of Lies 3: Synergy
2004978-1-891153-15-0   ''One of the Living: A Player's Handbook for All Flesh Must Be Eaten
2005978-1-891153-16-7   ''Book of Archetypes
  ''978-1-891153-18-1Shane Lacy HensleyArmy of Darkness RPG
2004978-1-891153-21-1C.J. CarellaArmageddon (Armageddon Roleplaying Game)
  ''978-1-891153-22-8VariousBook of Archetypes 2 (Afmbe)
1996978-1-891153-23-5C. Brent Ferguson · Shirley, Pallace, Chris Madewell · Rick Ernst · Jeff Reitz · Robert Taylor · Vasilakos · George · Heather McKinneyConspiracy X
2002978-1-891153-24-2M. Alexander JurkalGURPS Conspiracy X
2004978-1-891153-29-7VariousArchipelagos Trilogy Of Shadows 3: The Shadow's Wake
  ''978-1-891153-30-3   ''Atlas of the Walking Dead: A Global Gathering of Undead for All Flesh Must Be Eaten
  ''978-1-891153-31-0   ''All Flesh Must Be Eaten Rev Core *OP (Afmbe)
2004978-1-891153-32-7Thom MarrionBook of Hod *OP (Witchcraft)
  ''978-1-891153-35-8Jason VeyDungeons and Zombies (Afmbe)
2000978-1-891153-40-2CJ CarellaWitchcraft Corebook
1999978-1-891153-41-9C. J. CarellaMystery Codex (Witchcraft)
2007978-1-891153-42-6VariousAbomination Codex *OP (Witchcraft)
2004978-1-891153-43-3VariousANGEL INVESTIGATORS CASEBOOK *CXD (Angel RPG)
2008978-1-891153-46-4Witchcraft · Eden StudiosWitchcraft Screen
2000978-1-891153-47-1David ChartRosicrucian Covenant Power & Pivilege (Witchcraft)
1997978-1-891153-48-8Jason Felix · C. Brent Ferguson · Richard Dakan · M. Alexander Jurkat · B. C. Trombley · Christopher Shy · Scott Neely · John NadeauAegis Handbook
2006978-1-891153-53-2VariousConspiracy X 2.0 Corebook
2007978-1-891153-54-9   ''Waysides The Book of Taverns PDF ONLY (Eden Odyssey D20)
2003978-1-891153-55-6   ''Fields of Blood: Book of War (Eden Odyssey D20)
2004978-1-891153-56-3   ''Liber Beastarius (Eden Odyssey D20)
  ''978-1-891153-57-0   ''Buffy Character Journal (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Accessories)
2003978-1-891153-58-7VariousAngel Character Journal (Angel Accessories)
2000978-1-891153-66-2   ''Eden Studios Presents Vol 2 *OP (Unisystem)
  ''978-1-891153-67-9   ''Eden Studios Presents: Your Guide to the Unisystem, Vol. 1
2006978-1-891153-76-1Al Bruno III · C.J. Carella · David F. Chapman · Patrick SweenyTerra Primate Corebook *OP
2004978-1-891153-77-8VariousZombie Smackdown *OP (Afmbe)
  ''978-1-891153-78-5James LowderBook of Final Flesh (All Flesh Must Be Eaten)
2005978-1-891153-79-2VariousExodus (Conspiracy X)
  ''978-1-891153-80-8   ''All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Zombie Master Screen
2004978-1-891153-81-5   ''Zombie Masters Screen *OP (Afmbe)
2004978-1-891153-82-2VariousConspiracy X Hand Unseen
2000978-1-891153-83-9   ''Enter the Zombie *op (Afmbe)
2004978-1-891153-84-6   ''Fistful O Zombies (Afmbe)
  ''978-1-891153-85-3Jeff Tidball · James LowderPulp Zombies (Afmbe)
  ''978-1-891153-86-0James LowderBook of More Flesh
  ''978-1-891153-87-7   ''Book of All Flesh
2003978-1-891153-88-4C.J. Carella · Christopher GoldenBuffy the Vampire Slayer Corebook *OP (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Core Rulebooks)
2006978-1-891153-89-1C.J. Carella · Timothy S. BrannanBuffy Slayers Handbook *OP (Buffy RPG)
  ''978-1-891153-90-7Thom MarrionMonster Smackdown (Buffy RPG)
2008978-1-891153-91-4Paul ChapmanBuffy Directors Screen
2002978-1-891153-92-1CJ CarellaBuffy the Vampire Slayer Corebook (Limited Edition) (Buffy RPG)
2000978-1-891153-93-8Cj CarellaSlayer's Handbook (Limited Edition) (Buffy The Vampire Slayer RPG)
2004978-1-891153-94-5VariousMagic Box, The (Buffy RPG)
2010978-1-891153-95-2Thom Marrion · Kyla WardWelcome to Sunnydale *CXD (Buffy Rpg)
2008978-1-891153-96-9VariousShadows of the Mind
2003978-1-891153-97-6   ''Angel Corebook Role Playing Game
2003978-1-891153-98-3VariousAngel Director's Screen Role Playing Game
2003978-1-891153-99-0VariousAngel RPG: Limited Edition