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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-890947-00-2Nancy FisherPaul's Journeys: Lesson Guide with 12 Fun Lessons (Take Your Students on a Cruise)
1999978-1-890947-01-9Larry BlytheCreation and Evolution: Clear Reasons to Doubt Darwinian Evolution (pamphlet)
  ''978-1-890947-02-6Rose PublishingThe Trinity pamphlet: What is the Trinity and What Do Christians Believe? (Understand the Trinity)
2003978-1-890947-03-3Rose PublishingThe Trinity Pamphlet 5pk (Understand the Trinity)
  ''978-1-890947-04-0   ''Christian History Time Line 5pk (2,000 Years of Christian History at a Glance!)
1993978-1-890947-05-7   ''How We Got the Bible (Increase Your Confidence in the Reliability of the Bible)
1998978-1-890947-06-4   ''20 Bible Map Activities (Make Learning Fun!)
1995978-1-890947-07-1   ''Creation and Evolution pamphlet- pkg of 5 pamphlets (Clear Reasons to Doubt Darwinian Evolution)
1999978-1-890947-10-1Timothy Paul JonesChristian History Made Easy: 13 Weeks to a Better Understanding of Church History
978-1-890947-12-5In the Image of God: Faces and Souls That Reflect Their Creator
2002978-1-890947-13-2Middle East and Central Asia Map
  ''978-1-890947-14-9Middle East and Central Asia Map
978-1-890947-15-6Palm Sunday to Easter Chart (Palm Sunday to Easter Map (Available Nov.-Apr.))
978-1-890947-16-3Palm Sunday to Easter Laminated Chart (Palm Sunday to Easter Map (Available Nov.-Apr.))
978-1-890947-17-0Life of Jesus Chart
978-1-890947-18-7Life of Jesus Laminated Chart
2001978-1-890947-19-4Rose Publishing100 Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus: Messianic Prophecies Made Before the Birth of Christ
2003978-1-890947-20-0Rose Publishing100 Prophecies pamphlet- pkg of 5 pamphlets
978-1-890947-21-7Understand the Trinity Chart
978-1-890947-22-4Understand the Trinity Laminated Chart
2003978-1-890947-23-1Bible Bookcase
2002978-1-890947-24-8Rose PublishingBible Bookcase wall chart- LAMINATED
2003978-1-890947-25-5Jerusalem at Time of Jesus Map
  ''978-1-890947-26-2Jerusalem at Time of Jesus Map-Laminated
  ''978-1-890947-27-9Rose PublishingArk of the Covenant
  ''978-1-890947-28-6   ''Ark of the Covenant - Laminated
  ''978-1-890947-29-3Creation Wall
2003978-1-890947-30-9Creation Wall Chart-Laminated
978-1-890947-31-6Holy Land Satellite Map
2002978-1-890947-32-3Rose PublishingChristianity, Cults & Religions (PowerPoint Presentation)
2003978-1-890947-33-0Denominations Comparison
  ''978-1-890947-34-7Denominations Comparison
  ''978-1-890947-35-4Rose PublishingDenominations Comparison
  ''978-1-890947-36-1   ''Denominations Comparison pamphlet- pkg of 5 pamphlets
2004978-1-890947-37-8Nancy FisherThe Tabernacle Workbook: Lesson Guide with 12 Fun Lessons
2005978-1-890947-38-5100 Things to Know Wall Chart (100 Things to Know about the Person You Are Dating)
2016978-1-890947-39-2Rose Publishing100 Things to Know
2003978-1-890947-40-8   ''100 Things to Know When Dating
2006978-1-890947-41-5   ''100 Things to Know before Dating and Marriage pamphlet -pkg of 5 pamphlets
2003978-1-890947-42-2Names of God Wall Chart
  ''978-1-890947-43-9Rose PublishingNames of God - Laminated
978-1-890947-44-6Feasts and Holidays of the Bible Wall Chart (Feasts and Holidays of the Bible)
2005978-1-890947-45-3Feasts and Holidays of the Bible-Laminated
2003978-1-890947-46-0Rose PublishingHow We Got the Bible: PowerPoint Presentation
2003978-1-890947-47-7Rose PublishingWhy Wait? 24 Reasons for Abstinence (PowerPoint presentation)
978-1-890947-48-4Tabernacle Cutaway Wall Chart (Exclusive! Tabernacle Cutaway Wall Chart)
2005978-1-890947-49-1UnknownTabernacle Cutaway Wall Chart-Laminated (Exclusive! Tabernacle Cutaway Wall Chart)
2003978-1-890947-50-7Rose PublishingNames of God pamphlet: 21 Names of God and Their Meanings
2003978-1-890947-51-4Rose PublishingNames of God pamphlet -pkg of 5 pamphlets
978-1-890947-52-1Solomon's Temple Cutaway Wall Chart (Exclusive! Solomon's Temple)
2005978-1-890947-53-8Hugh ClaycombeSolomon's Temple Cutaway Wall Chart-Laminated (Exclusive! Solomon's Temple)
2004978-1-890947-58-3Rose PublishingFeasts & Holidays of the Bible pamphlet: Jewish Roots of Believers in Yeshua (Jesus)
2006978-1-890947-59-0   ''Feasts of the Bible 5pk
978-1-890947-60-6Tabernade Model Kit
978-1-890947-61-3How to Study the Bible Wall Chart (How to Study the Bible Chart)
2005978-1-890947-62-0How to Study the Bible Wall Chart-Laminated (How to Study the Bible Chart)
2004978-1-890947-63-7Rose PublishingHow to Study the Bible pamphlet: Bible Study Made Easy
2006978-1-890947-64-4   ''How to Study the Bible pamphlet- pkg of 5 pamphlets
2004978-1-890947-67-5   ''Islam and Christianity pamphlet: Compare Bsic Teachings and Beliefs
  ''978-1-890947-68-2   ''Islam and Christianity pamphlet- pkg of 5 pamphlets
2005978-1-890947-69-9Bible Overview Wall Chart (Bible Overview Chart)
  ''978-1-890947-70-5Bible Overview Wall Chart-Laminated (Bible Overview Chart)
2004978-1-890947-71-2Rose PublishingBible Overview pamphlet: Know Themes, Facts, and Key Verses at a Glance
2003978-1-890947-72-9Rose PublishingBible Overview 5pk
2004978-1-890947-73-6   ''Then and Now Bible Maps PowerPoint presentation: Compare Bible Times with Modern Day (PowerPoint Presentations)
  ''978-1-890947-74-3   ''Tabernacle PowerPoint presentation: Symbolism in the Tabernacle
2005978-1-890947-75-0Statue in the Book of Daniel Wall Chart (Statue in the Book of Daniel: King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream)
  ''978-1-890947-76-7Statue in the Book of Daniel Chart-Laminated (Statue in the Book of Daniel: King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream)
2004978-1-890947-77-4Rose PublishingStatue in the Book of Daniel
2006978-1-890947-78-1   ''Statue in the Book of Daniel pamphlet- package of 5 pamphlets
978-1-890947-79-8Fruit of the Spirit Wall Chart (Fruit of the Spirit)
2004978-1-890947-80-4Rose PublishingFruit of the Spirit Wall Chart-Laminated
  ''978-1-890947-81-1   ''Fruit of the Spirit pamphlet: How the Spirit Works In and Through Believers
2003978-1-890947-82-8Rose PublishingFruit of the Spirit pamphlet -pkg of 5 pamphlets
2004978-1-890947-89-7   ''Answers to Evolution Pamphlet
  ''978-1-890947-90-3   ''Answers to Evolution - package of 5 pamphlets
  ''978-1-890947-91-0The Twelve Disciples Wall Chart (Twelve Disciples)
  ''978-1-890947-92-7The Twelve Disciples Wall Chart-Lam
  ''978-1-890947-93-4Rose PublishingTwelve Disciples pamphlet: The Life and Minsitry of Jesus' 12 Disciples
2006978-1-890947-94-1   ''Twelve Disciples: The Life and Ministry of Jesus' 12 Disciples pamphlet -pkg of 5 pamphlets
978-1-890947-95-8Evidence for the Resurrection Wall Chart (Evidence for the Resurrection) [Paperback]
2005978-1-890947-96-5Evidence Wall Chart-Laminated (Evidence for the Resurrection)
2004978-1-890947-97-2Rose PublishingEvidence for the Resurrection pamphlet: Answers to Skeptics' Questions
2003978-1-890947-98-9   ''Evidence for the Resurrection pamphlet- pkg of 5 pamphlets
2005978-1-890947-99-6Rose PublishingTabernacle pamphlet: Symbolism in the Tabernacle