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1998978-1-890946-00-5David M. ArseneaultBasketball: The Running Game
1997978-1-890946-01-2Alan GoldbergPlaying Out of Your Mind
  ''978-1-890946-03-6Henny Kormelink · Tjeu SeeverensThe Coaching Philosophies of Louis Van Gaal and the Ajax Coaches
  ''978-1-890946-04-3Bert van LingenCoaching Soccer: The Official Coaching Book of the Dutch Soccer Association
1998978-1-890946-05-0Raymond VerheijenThe Complete Handbook of Conditioning for Soccer
  ''978-1-890946-06-7Thadeu GoncalvesThe Principles of Brazilian Soccer
1997978-1-890946-07-4Allen WadePositional Play: Goalkeeping
  ''978-1-890946-08-1   ''Strikers: Positional Play (Soccer)
1997978-1-890946-09-8Allen WadePositional Play: Midfield
  ''978-1-890946-10-4   ''Positional Play: Back Defenders
  ''978-1-890946-11-1   ''Principles of Teaching Soccer
  ''978-1-890946-12-8   ''Principles of Effective Coaching
1999978-1-890946-13-5Emerson MathurinLinesmanship
1998978-1-890946-15-9Eugenio Fascetti · Romedio ScaiaSoccer Attacking Schemes and Training Exercises
1997978-1-890946-17-3Enrico ArcelliNutrition for Soccer Players
1998978-1-890946-18-0Angelo Pereni · Michele Di CesareZone Play
1999978-1-890946-19-7Henny Kormelink · Tjeu SeeverensMatch Analysis and Game Preparation
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1999978-1-890946-22-7Malcolm Cook101 Youth Soccer Drills: Age 7 to 11
1999978-1-890946-23-4Malcolm Cook101 Youth Soccer Drills: Age 12 to 16
  ''978-1-890946-24-1Studio 80Coaching the 5-3-2 with a Sweeper
  ''978-1-890946-26-5MICLSoccer Scouting Guide
  ''978-1-890946-27-2Alessandro del Freo248 Drills for Attacking Soccer
  ''978-1-890946-28-9Peter SchreinerThe Creative Dribbler
1999978-1-890946-29-6Nicola Pica120 Competitive Games and Exercises for Soccer
  ''978-1-890946-30-2Richard BateThe Sweeper
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1999978-1-890946-33-3Richard BateCoaching Advanced Soccer Players
2000978-1-890946-34-0Mike SaifPractices & Training Sessions of the World's Top Teams & Coaches
  ''978-1-890946-35-7Henny KormelinkDutch Soccer Drills: 180 Practice Drills for Developing Creative, Attacking Soccer, Volume 3
  ''978-1-890946-36-4Roger Wilkinson · Mick Critchell300 Innovative Soccer Drills for Total Player Development
  ''978-1-890946-38-8Emilio CecchiniCoaching Team Shape
2000978-1-890946-40-1Gerd Thissen · Klaus RollgenGoalkeeping Drills
  ''978-1-890946-41-8Gerd Thissen · Klaus RollgenSoccer Goalkeeping Drills, Volume 2
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2002978-1-890946-43-2Massimo LucchesiCoaching the 3-4-3
2000978-1-890946-44-9Massimo LucchesiSoccer Tactics: An Analysis of Attack and Defense
  ''978-1-890946-45-6Tony DiciccoGoalkeeper Soccer Training Manual
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2000978-1-890946-54-8Santiago Va'zquez FolgueiraDefensive Drills & Tactics: 350 Exercises for Individual & Team Play
2002978-1-890946-55-5Christian PuxelSoccer Goalkeeper: Complete Practical Guide for Goalkeepers & Coaches
2000978-1-890946-56-2Kenneth Sherry · Ken SherrySoccer Practice Plans for Effective Training
1999978-1-890946-57-9Tad PolumbusThe Polumbus Library of Youth Soccer Coaching Books: Practice Drills - Skills, Tactics, and Games (Book II)
  ''978-1-890946-58-6   ''Small-Sided Soccer
  ''978-1-890946-59-3   ''Soccer Coaching Manual
2001978-1-890946-66-1Sven-Goran Eriksson · Willi Railo · Hakan MatsonSven-Goran Eriksson on Soccer
  ''978-1-890946-67-8Martin BidzinskiThe Soccer Coaching Handbook
2000978-1-890946-68-5Klaas De BoerIndoor Soccer
2001978-1-890946-69-2Jose Segura RiusTeaching the Skills of Soccer: 900 Exercises & Games
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