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1998978-1-890766-00-9Beth M. LeyMSM: On Our Way Back to Health with Sulfur
2001978-1-890766-15-3Beth M. LeyMedicinal Mushrooms for Immune Enhancement: Agaricus Blazei Murill, Discover the Beta Glucan Secret (Health Learning Handbook)
  ''978-1-890766-16-0   ''Bilberry & Lutein: The Vision Enhancers! Protect Against Cataracts, MacUlar Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinopathy & Other Health Problems (Health lear (Health Learning Handbook)
  ''978-1-890766-18-4   ''Discover the Beta Glucan Secret: For Immune Enhancement, Cancer Prevention & Treatment, Cholesterol Reduction, Glucose Regulation, and Much More!: a (Health Learning Handbook)
  ''978-1-890766-19-1   ''God Wants You Well!
2002978-1-890766-23-8   ''Diabetes to Wholeness: A Natural and Spiritual Approach to Disease Prevention & Healing
2003978-1-890766-24-5Beth M. LeyFlax! Fabulous Flax: Nature's Best Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Lignan Fiber! (Health Learning Handbook)
  ''978-1-890766-27-6   ''Castor Oil! It's Healing Properties
  ''978-1-890766-28-3   ''Chlorella, The Ultimate Green Food: Nature's Richest Source of Chlorophyll, DNA and RNA
2005978-1-890766-29-0Ph.D. Beth M. LeyRecipes For Life
2007978-1-890766-40-5Richard Weathington · Beth M. Ley · Ph.D.Secrets Banks and Lenders Don't Want You to Know/ Mortgage Free for Life!
2010978-1-890766-45-0Beth M. Ley · Ph.D.pH: Optimal Health Through Alkaline Foods