Lost Classics

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-890623-01-2G. A. HentyThe Young Carthaginian
1999978-1-890623-06-7G. A. HentyA Knight of the White Cross
2005978-1-890623-13-5Oliver OpticA Victorious Union (The Blue & Gray Series)
  ''978-1-890623-14-2William ElsonThe Elson Readers: Primer
  ''978-1-890623-15-9   ''The Elson Readers: Book One
  ''978-1-890623-16-6   ''The Elson Readers: Book Two
  ''978-1-890623-17-3William H. Elson · Lura E. Runkel · Christine M. KeckThe Elson Readers, Book 3
2005978-1-890623-18-0William H. ElsonThe Elson Readers, Book Four
  ''978-1-890623-19-7William Elson · Christine M. KeckThe Elson Readers: Book Five
  ''978-1-890623-23-4William H. ElsonThe Elson Readers, Book Eight
  ''978-1-890623-24-1Cynthia Keel LandenThe Elson Readers: Primer, A Teacher's Guide
  ''978-1-890623-25-8   ''The Elson Readers: Book One, A Teacher's Guide
2005978-1-890623-26-5Cynthia Keel LandenThe Elson Readers: Book Two, A Teacher's Guide
  ''978-1-890623-27-2   ''The Elson Readers, Book 3: A Teacher's Guide
  ''978-1-890623-28-9Catherine AndrewsThe Elson Readers: Book Four, A Teacher's Guide (The Elson Readers Teacher's Guide, 4)
  ''978-1-890623-29-6Catherine AndrewsThe Elson Readers: Book Five, A Teacher's Guide (The Elson Readers Teacher's Guide, 5)
2008978-1-890623-33-3Catherine Andrews · Mary Jane NewcomerPrimary Language Lessons, Teacher's Guide
2008978-1-890623-34-0Catherine Andrews · Mary Jane NewcomerIntermediate Language Lessons, Teacher's Guide
2013978-1-890623-40-1Kirk SwanickA Tale of Two Dusters and Other Stories
2017978-1-890623-42-5Frank E. Spaulding · Catherine T. Bryce · Huber Gray BeuhlerAdvanced Language Lessons: Aldine Third Language Book