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1998978-1-890318-00-0Roger ScrutonArt and Imagination
  ''978-1-890318-01-7AverroesAverroes' Middle Commentaries on Aristotles Categories and De Interpretatione
  ''978-1-890318-02-4Roger ScrutonAesthetic Understanding (Carthage Reprint)
1999978-1-890318-03-1Averroes · Charles E. ButterworthAverroes' Middle Commentary on Aristotle's Poetics
2001978-1-890318-07-9Josef Pieper · Edward T.S.J. OakesConcept of Sin
  ''978-1-890318-08-6Josef Pieper · Edward T. OakesThe Concept of Sin
2004978-1-890318-09-3Anthony O'HearCambridge Philosophers
2001978-1-890318-11-6Leszek KolakowskiBergson
2000978-1-890318-12-3John LukacsConfessions of an Original Sinner
2009978-1-890318-13-0Anthony KennyDescartes: A Study Of His Philosophy (Key Texts)
2002978-1-890318-14-7Remi BragueEccentric Culture: A Theory of Western Civilization
1996978-1-890318-17-8Lewis White BeckEarly German Philosophy: Kant and His Predecessors
1999978-1-890318-18-5Josef PieperDeath And Immortality
  ''978-1-890318-19-2Robert GreeneDeath and Life of Philosophy
1999978-1-890318-20-8Ralph McInerny · Thomas AquinasDisputed Questions on Virtue
  ''978-1-890318-22-2Karl RahnerEncounters With Silence
2018978-1-890318-23-9Josef PieperEnthusiasm And Divine Madness
1999978-1-890318-28-4Roger BackhouseKeynes Contemporary Responses To General Theory (Key Issues Series)
2001978-1-890318-29-1Leszek KolakowskiHusserl Search For Certitude
1999978-1-890318-30-7Josef PieperHappiness and Contemplation
1998978-1-890318-31-4   ''Happiness and Contemplation
1999978-1-890318-33-8   ''In Tune With The World
  ''978-1-890318-34-5C.S. LewisLatin Letters of C.S. Lewis
1998978-1-890318-35-2Josef PieperLeisure, The Basis Of Culture
1999978-1-890318-36-9Stanley RosenLimits Of Analysis (Carthage Reprint)
  ''978-1-890318-37-6Jones E. MichaelLibido Dominandi
  ''978-1-890318-38-3Robert Hugh BensonLord Of The World (Catholic Writers Series)
2000978-1-890318-39-0Marion MontgomeryMaking The Proper Habit Of Our Being
2002978-1-890318-40-6Roger ScrutonMeaning Of Conservatism
1999978-1-890318-41-3David PearsMotivated Irrationality
2001978-1-890318-42-0Francois de la RochefoucauldMaxims
1999978-1-890318-45-1Stanley RosenNihilism (Carthage Reprint)
2000978-1-890318-47-5Roger ScrutonAn Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Culture
2000978-1-890318-48-2Stanley RosenGWF Hegel: Introduction To Science Of Wisdom (Carthage Reprint)
2001978-1-890318-49-9Timothy L. SmithFaith and Reason
  ''978-1-890318-54-3G. E. M. AnscombeAn Introduction to Wittgenstein's Tractatus (Wittgenstein Studies)
1999978-1-890318-55-0Peter GeachGod and the Soul (Key Texts: Classic Studies in the History of Ideas)
2001978-1-890318-56-7Servais O.P. Pinckaers · Michael O.P. SherwinMorality: Catholic View
1999978-1-890318-58-1Ronna BurgerPhaedo A Platonic Labyrinth
  ''978-1-890318-59-8Roger ScrutonPerictione In Colophon
  ''978-1-890318-62-8Michael DavisPoetry of Philosophy (Carthage Reprint)
  ''978-1-890318-63-5Stanley RosenPlato's Sophist: The Drama of Original and Image (Carthage Reprint)
1999978-1-890318-64-2Stanley RosenPlato's Symposium (Carthage Reprint)
2001978-1-890318-66-6Ralph McInernyDefamation Of Pius XII (Key Texts)
  ''978-1-890318-68-0Jacques MaritainNatural Law: Reflections On Theory & Practice
  ''978-1-890318-69-7Peter GeachMental Acts (Key Texts)
2003978-1-890318-70-3John Of St. Thomas · Ralph McInernyIntroduction to the Summa Theologiae of Thomas Aquinas
2002978-1-890318-76-5Francisco SuarezOn Creation Conservation And Concurrence
2019978-1-890318-77-2Seth BenardeteSacred Transgressions
1999978-1-890318-78-9Josef PieperSilence Of St Thomas
  ''978-1-890318-79-6George A. KellySecond Spring Of Church In America
2001978-1-890318-85-7Gabriel MarcelThe Mystery of Being, Volume I: Reflection and Mystery (Gifford Lectures, 1949-1950)
  ''978-1-890318-86-4Gabriel Marcel · Rene HagueMystery Of Being Vol 2: Faith & Reality (Gifford Lectures, 1949-1950.)
2001978-1-890318-87-1Leszek KolakowskiReligion: If There Is No God--: On God, the Devil, Sin, and Other Worries of the So-Called Philosophy of Religion
  ''978-1-890318-88-8Kenneth D. WhiteheadMarriage and the Common Good: Proceedings from the Twenty-Second Annual Convention of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, September 24-26, 1999, dee
2003978-1-890318-89-5Peter KreeftSocratic Logic: A Logic Text Using Socratic Method, Platonic Questions, and Aristotelian Principles
1998978-1-890318-94-9Roger ScrutonXanthippic Dialogues
  ''978-1-890318-96-3Leo StraussXenophons Socratic Discourse
2002978-1-890318-97-0John DeelyWhat Distinguishes Human Understanding
1998978-1-890318-99-4Francis Campbell GrayBeloved: Poems