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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-890028-02-2Mark DaughnMystique's Totally Nude Sirens 2009 Wall Calendar
2006978-1-890028-07-7Mystique MagazineMystique Sirens Exposed 2007 Calendar
  ''978-1-890028-10-7Mystique MagazineMystique's Asian Beauties 2007 Calendar
2008978-1-890028-18-3Mark DaughnMystique X-Posed 2009 Wall Calendar
2006978-1-890028-24-4Mystique MagazineSexiest Women in the World 2007 Calendar
2005978-1-890028-32-9   ''Mystique presents Exposed 2006 Calendar
  ''978-1-890028-33-6   ''Sexiest Women in the World 2006 Calendar
  ''978-1-890028-39-8Mark DaughnMystique's Mystical Sirens Photo Book
2006978-1-890028-41-1   ''Mystical Sirens Hardcover Book #6
  ''978-1-890028-42-8   ''Mystical Sirens Hardcover Book #7
2007978-1-890028-43-5Mark DaughnMystique Exposed 2008 Wall Calendar
2009978-1-890028-50-3   ''Mystique X-Posed 2010 Wall Calendar
2010978-1-890028-51-0   ''Mystique X-Posed 2011 Wall Calendar
2011978-1-890028-52-7   ''Mystique X-Posed 2012 Nude Calendar
2014978-1-890028-61-9   ''Mystique X-Posed 2015 Nude Women Sexy Calendar - Mystic Xposed Playboy models - no swimsuit or sports illustrated bikini here
  ''978-1-890028-63-3Holly RandallHolly Randall's Totally Nude Hotties 2015 Sexy Nude Babes Adult Wall Calendar
2015978-1-890028-71-8Mark DaughnMystique X-Posed 2016 Adult Calendar -- Nude Naked Hot Sexy Girls from Mystic Penthouse & Playboy
  ''978-1-890028-72-5Holly RandallHolly Randall's Totally Nude Hotties 2016 Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-890028-73-2Private MediaPrivate Presents Totally Nude Hot Girls 2016 Calendar - Hot Chick & Girl Girl
  ''978-1-890028-74-9Mark DaughnHot Girls Naked & Topless 2016 Adult Wall Calendar
2016978-1-890028-77-0Mark DaughnMystique X-posed 2017 Playboy Style Nude Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-890028-78-7Private MediaPrivate Presents Totally Nude Hot Girls 2017 Wall Calendar featuring Naked European Adult Porn Stars
  ''978-1-890028-79-4Mark DaughnMystique's Hot Naked Babes 2017 Wall Calendar featuring Sexy Nude Women
  ''978-1-890028-80-0   ''XXplicit Babes Nude & Naughty 2017 Wall Calendar featuring Totally Naked Playmates and Adult Stars