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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-890018-03-0AnademPodiatry Office Manual (Book + Windows Disk)
1999978-1-890018-04-7BaumUrology Office Manual (Book + Windows Disk)
1994978-1-890018-05-4BopeFamily Practice Office Manual
  ''978-1-890018-06-1AnademPsychology Office Manual (Book + Windows Disk)
1995978-1-890018-07-8MossDermatology Office Manual
1999978-1-890018-09-2Chiropractic Office Manual (Book + Windows Disk)
1998978-1-890018-23-8Wesley E. ShanklandTMJ: Its Many Faces
2001978-1-890018-36-8Mark J. Pellegrino · David ShumickInside Fibromyalgia With Mark J. Pellegrino, MD
2002978-1-890018-39-9Jong M. ChoeChoe's Urology Oral Boards Self-Assessment: Diagnosis and Treatment of Clinical Cases
2003978-1-890018-47-4Morris, MD LevinNeurology Clinical Case Studies: Oral Board Exam Review (Case-Based Study Guide Series)
  ''978-1-890018-48-1Michael B. Weinstock · Daniel M. Neides · David SchumickThe Resident's Guide to Ambulatory Care, Fifth Edition
2005978-1-890018-50-4Mark J. PellegrinoFibromyalgia: Up Close & Personal
2007978-1-890018-52-8Peter S. RolandOtolaryngology Clinical Case Studies: Oral Exam Review
2008978-1-890018-57-3HeardOptometry Drug Guide 2007-2008
2006978-1-890018-61-0Michael B. Weinstock · Ryan, M.D. LongstrethBouncebacks! Emergency Department Cases: ED Returns
  ''978-1-890018-62-7Philipp, Ed. DahmChoe's Urology Oral Board Self-Assessment
2008978-1-890018-65-8Jennifer A PalombiTop 100 Drug Interactions & Side Effects For Optometrists
2009978-1-890018-66-5Michael B. Weinstock · Daniel M. Neides · Miriam ChanThe Resident's Guide to Ambulatory Care: Frequently Encountered and Commonly Confused Clinical Conditions
2008978-1-890018-67-2Thomas F. MaugerOptometry Clinical Case Studies: Oral Board Exam Review
2009978-1-890018-69-6HeardOptometry Drug Guide 2009-2010
1997978-1-890018-70-2J. Thomas ThimonsTPA Self-Assessment
2010978-1-890018-72-6Phillipp DahmChoe's Urology Oral Board Self-Assessment
2011978-1-890018-74-0Michael B. Weinstock · Kevin M. Klauer · Gregory L. HenryBouncebacks! Medical and Legal
2015978-1-890018-78-8Michael B. Weinstock · Daniel M. Neides · Miriam ChanResident's Guide to Ambulatory Care, 7th ed.