Neuro-Semantic Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-890001-04-9L. Michael HallSpeak Indirect - Speak Around: Skills for Mastering Resistance
978-1-890001-05-6Metamorphosis - The Psychology of Transformation
2000978-1-890001-08-7L. Michael HallMeta-States: Mastering the Higher States of Your Mind
  ''978-1-890001-09-4   ''Dragon Slaying: Dragons Into Princes
978-1-890001-12-4Languaging: The Linguistics of Psychotherapy
2002978-1-890001-15-5L. Michael Hall · Bobby G. BodenhamerMind-lines: Lines For Changing Minds
1997978-1-890001-16-2L. Michael HallNlp: Going Meta: NLP Advanced Modeling Using Meta-Levels
1999978-1-890001-17-9Bobby G. Bodenhamer L. Michael HallStructure of Excellence: Unmasking the Meta-Levels of "Submodalities"
2001978-1-890001-19-3L. Michael HallFrame Games: Persuasion Excellence
  ''978-1-890001-20-9   ''Games Slim & Fit People Play: Winning the Fit and Slim Game
  ''978-1-890001-21-6   ''Games for Mastering Fear: How to Play the Game of Life with a Calm Confidence
2002978-1-890001-22-3   ''Matrix Model: The 7 Matrices of Neuro-Semantics
2003978-1-890001-23-0L. Michael HallMovie Mind: Directing Your Mental Cinemas
2004978-1-890001-24-7   ''Games Great Lovers Play: Mastering the Game of Love
  ''978-1-890001-25-4Meta Detective
2005978-1-890001-26-1Michael HallMeta-Coaching volume II Coaching Conversations for transformational change
  ''978-1-890001-27-8Michael Hall · Michelle DuvalMeta-Coaching: V. 1: For Higher Levels of Success and Transformation
2006978-1-890001-29-2Michael HallSub-modalities Going Meta: Cinematic Frames for Semantic Magic
2007978-1-890001-31-5Michael Hall · Ph.D.Winning the Inner Game: Mastering the Inner Game for Peak Performance
  ''978-1-890001-32-2L. Michael HallUnleashed: A Guide to Your Ultimate Self-Actualization (Meta-Coaching)
2009978-1-890001-34-6   ''Meta-States: Mastering the High Levels of Your Mind, 3rd Ed