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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-889999-00-5Hamid AlgarSurat Al-Fatiha: Foundation of the Qur'an
2000978-1-889999-01-2Hamid AlgarThe Sunna: Its Obligatory and Exemplacry Aspects
1999978-1-889999-02-9   ''Sufism: Principles & Practice
2001978-1-889999-04-3   ''Sufism: Principles & Practice
2009978-1-889999-07-4Abdal Hakim MuradUnderstanding the Four Madhhabs: The Facts about Ijtihad and Taqlid
1999978-1-889999-09-8Hamid AlgarJesus in the Qur'an: His Reality Expounded in the Qur'an
2000978-1-889999-11-1Sayyid QutbSocial Justice in Islam, Revised Edition
  ''978-1-889999-12-8Hamid Algar · Sayyid QutbSocial Justice in Islam
2002978-1-889999-13-5Hamid AlgarWahhabism: A Critical Essay
2000978-1-889999-15-9   ''Imam Abu Hamid Ghazali: An Exponent of Islam in Its Totality
  ''978-1-889999-25-8   ''Four Lectures on the Islamic Revolution of Iran
2001978-1-889999-26-5Hamid AlgarRoots of the Islamic Revolution in Iran (Four Lectures)
  ''978-1-889999-27-2   ''Roots of the Islamic Revolution in Iran (Four Lectures)
2000978-1-889999-29-6Abdullah Yusuf AliThe Meanings of The Illustrious Qur'an
1987978-1-889999-30-2Justice Aftab HussainStatus of Women in Islam
2002978-1-889999-31-9Hamid AlgarWahhabism: A Critical Essay
  ''978-1-889999-32-6Fazl-ur-Rahman AnsariThe Qur'anic Foundations & Structure of Muslim Society (2 Volumes)
2003978-1-889999-33-3Najm RaziPath of God's Bondsmen: From Origin to Return
2006978-1-889999-34-0Sayyid QutbBasic Principles of Islamic Worldview
2005978-1-889999-36-4Muhammad Baqir al-Sadir · Hamid AlgarPrinciples of Islamic Jurisprudence: According to Shi'i Law
  ''978-1-889999-38-8Ali Shari'atiHAJJ: Reflection on Its Rituals
  ''978-1-889999-39-5Ali Shariati · Fatollah MarjaniMan And Islam
2005978-1-889999-40-1Mohsin S. Khan · Abbas MirakhorTheoretical Studies in Islamic Banking and Finance
  ''978-1-889999-41-8Ali Shari'atiWhat Is To Be Done (The Enlightened Thinkers and an Islamic Renaissance)
  ''978-1-889999-43-2Ayatullah Mahmud Talegani · Ayatullah Murtada Mutahhari · Ali Shari'ati · Mehdi AbediJihad and Shahadat (Struggle and Martyrdom in Islam)
2007978-1-889999-45-6M. Shahid AlamChallenging the New Orientalism: Dissenting Essays on the "War Against Islam"
2008978-1-889999-47-0Khaleel Mohammed & Andrew RippinComing to terms with the Qur'an/A volume in honor of Professor Issa Boullata, McGill University