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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-889334-02-8Jesus UrteagaSaints in the World
1986978-1-889334-03-5Salvatore CanalsJesus as Friend
1998978-1-889334-04-2Mary GottschalkThe Family Revolution: Rebuilding Traditional Family Life in the Third Millennium
2018978-1-889334-05-9Francis Fernandez-Carvajal · Peter BetetaChildren of God: The Life of Spiritual Childhood Preached by Blessed Josemaria Escriva
1998978-1-889334-07-3John J. HugoSt. Augustine on Nature, Sex & Marriage
  ''978-1-889334-08-0Edward LeenThe Holy Spirit
2007978-1-889334-11-0Francisca Javiera Del ValleAbout the Holy Spirit
1997978-1-889334-12-7Gerard B. WegemerThomas More: A Portrait of Courage
1998978-1-889334-13-4Saint Thomas MoreA Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation
  ''978-1-889334-14-1Thomas MooreDialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation
1999978-1-889334-15-8Cormac BurkeCovenanted Happiness: Love and Commitment in Marriage
  ''978-1-889334-16-5Benedict BaurFrequent Confession: Its Place in the Spiritual Life
978-1-889334-18-9Salvador BernalAlvaro del Portillo
978-1-889334-19-6In Conversation with God (Vols 1-5)
978-1-889334-20-2The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition
1999978-1-889334-21-9University of NavarreThe Navarre Bible: Pentateuch (The Navarre Bible: Old Testament)
  ''978-1-889334-22-6Joan LewisJubilee 2000 in Rome: Guide to the Major Basilicas & Catacombs
2002978-1-889334-23-3Russell ShawWhy We Need Confession
2000978-1-889334-24-0Russell ShawDoes Suffering Make Sense?
2001978-1-889334-25-7Andres Vazquez De PradaThe Founder of Opus Dei: The Life of Josemaria Escriva: The Early Years
2001978-1-889334-26-4Andres Vazquez De PradaThe Founder of Opus Dei: The Life of Josemaria Escriva: The Early Years
  ''978-1-889334-27-1Faculty of Theology of the University of NavarreThe Gospels and Acts of the Apostles [The Navarre Bible: Reader's Edition]
2018978-1-889334-28-8Edward LeenWhy the Cross?
2000978-1-889334-29-5Leo J. TreseThe Faith Explained
2001978-1-889334-31-8Louis BouyerThe Spirit and Forms of Protestantism
2002978-1-889334-32-5Peter StravinskasLauds and Vespers: Latin-English Per Annum
  ''978-1-889334-33-2Edward G. MaristanyCall Him Father: How to Experience the Fatherhood of God
  ''978-1-889334-34-9James W. AlbrechtTreasury of Prayers
2001978-1-889334-35-6James B. StensonPreparing for Adolescence: A Planning Guide for Parents
2018978-1-889334-36-3James B. StensonPreparing for Peer Pressure: A Guide for Parents of Young Children
2001978-1-889334-37-0   ''Successful Fathers: The Subtle but Powerful Ways Fathers Mold Their Children's Characters
2002978-1-889334-38-7CatholicHoly Bible, Revised Standard Version
  ''978-1-889334-39-4Bonaventure Perquin · Bonavernture PerquinAbba Father: Developing our Relationship with God the Father
2001978-1-889334-40-0Robert Hugh BensonFriendship of Christ: Exploring the Humanity of Jesus Christ
2002978-1-889334-41-7Jose Maria Escriva De BalaguerThe Way
2003978-1-889334-42-4Josemaria EscrivaThe Way: Centennial Edition (Paperback)
2002978-1-889334-43-1Josemaria EscrivaHoly Rosary
2003978-1-889334-44-8   ''Holy Rosary
2002978-1-889334-45-5   ''Christ Is Passing by
2003978-1-889334-46-2Jose Maria Escriva De BalaguerChrist Is Passing by: Homilies
2002978-1-889334-47-9Josemaria EscrivaFriends of God
2003978-1-889334-48-6   ''Friends of God: Homilies
2002978-1-889334-49-3Jose Maria Escriva De BalaguerFurrow
2002978-1-889334-50-9Josemaria Escriva de BalaguerFurrow
  ''978-1-889334-51-6Josemaria EscrivaThe Forge
  ''978-1-889334-52-3Jose Maria Escriva De BalaguerThe Forge
  ''978-1-889334-53-0Josemaria EscrivaThe Way of the Cross
2003978-1-889334-54-7Jose Maria Escriva De BalaguerWay of the Cross, Centennial Edition
2002978-1-889334-55-4Josemaria EscrivaIn Love With the Church
2003978-1-889334-56-1Jose Maria Escriva De BalaguerIn Love With the Church
2003978-1-889334-57-8Jose Maria Escriva De BalaguerConversations with Josemaria Escriva
  ''978-1-889334-58-5Josemaria EscrivaConversations With Josemaria Escriva
2001978-1-889334-59-2University of NavarreThe Navarre Bible: New Testament (Compact Edition)
  ''978-1-889334-60-8   ''The Navarre Bible: Joshua to Kings (The Navarre Bible: Old Testament)
2005978-1-889334-61-5Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition
2002978-1-889334-63-9Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version: Indexed (Blue Leatherette)
  ''978-1-889334-64-6GieslerJunia: The Fictional Life and Death of an Early Christian
  ''978-1-889334-65-3Saint Thomas MoreFour Last Things / The Supplication of Souls / A Dialogue on Conscience
2002978-1-889334-66-0Josemaria EscrivaComplete Published Works of Saint Josemaria Escriva
  ''978-1-889334-67-7   ''Centennial Edition: The Complete Published Works of Saint Josemaria Escriva
2001978-1-889334-68-4Scott McDermottCharles Carroll of Carrollton Faithful Revolutionary
2002978-1-889334-69-1Olga MarlinTo Africa With A Dream
  ''978-1-889334-71-4Flavio CapucciCures: Through the Intercession of Josemaría Escrivá
2001978-1-889334-72-1Josemaria EscrivaThe Way, Furrow, The Forge (Single Volume Edition)
2002978-1-889334-74-5John F. CoverdaleUncommon Faith: The Early Years of Opus Dei, 1928-1943
  ''978-1-889334-80-6Michele DolzSaint Josemaria Escriva (Canonization Book)
2003978-1-889334-81-3Meeting Josemaria Escriva - Venezuela (video) [VHS]
  ''978-1-889334-82-0James B. StensonAnchor: God's Promises of Hope to Parents
2003978-1-889334-83-7John Henry NewmanThe Rule of Our Warfare: John Henry Newman and the True Christian Life
  ''978-1-889334-84-4University of NavarreThe Navarre Bible: Chronicles to Maccabees (The Navarre Bible: Old Testament)
  ''978-1-889334-85-1Andres Vazquez de PradaThe Founder of Opus Dei, Volume II: God and Daring
  ''978-1-889334-86-8   ''The Founder of Opus Dei, Volume II: God and Daring
  ''978-1-889334-87-5Jose Luis IllanesThe Sanctification of Work
2003978-1-889334-88-2Federico SuarezMary of Nazareth
  ''978-1-889334-89-9James SociasDaily Roman Missal
  ''978-1-889334-91-2James SociasDaily Roman Missal
  ''978-1-889334-92-9Josemaria EscrivaHoly Rosary (With Luminous Mysteries)
  ''978-1-889334-93-6Pedro Rodriguez · Fernando Ocariz · Jose Luis IllanesOpus Dei in the Church: An Ecclesiological Study of the Life and Apostolate of Opus Dei
2003978-1-889334-95-0University of NavarreThe Navarre Bible: The Psalms and The Song of Solomon (The Navarre Bible: Old Testament)