Scott A. Duff Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-888722-00-0Scott A. DuffThe M1 Garand: Post World War II
1996978-1-888722-01-7Scott A DuffThe M1 Garand, World War II: History of development and production, 1900 through 2 September 1945
1994978-1-888722-03-1Scott A. DuffThe M1 Garand Owner's Guide
1996978-1-888722-07-9Scott A DuffThe M14 owner's guide and match conditioning instructions
  ''978-1-888722-08-6Gary M CunninghamAmerican military bayonets of the 20th century: A guide for collectors, including notes on makers, markings, finishes, variations, scabbards, and production data
1999978-1-888722-09-3Larry L RuthThe M1 carbine owner's guide
2000978-1-888722-10-9Walt Kuleck · Scott DuffThe AR-15 Complete Owner's Guide
2002978-1-888722-12-3Walt KuleckAR-15 Complete Assembly Guide
2004978-1-888722-13-0Walt Kuleck with Clint McKeeThe M1 Garand Complete Assembly Guide
  ''978-1-888722-14-7C.S. FerrisUnited States Rifle Model of 1917
2006978-1-888722-16-1Walt Kuleck · Clint McKeeThe M14 Complete Assembly Guide by Walt Kuleck (2006-05-04)
2011978-1-888722-18-5Walt KuleckThe M1911 Complete Assembly Guide (Vol 2)