Gooseberry Patch

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-888052-00-8Gooseberry PatchHomespun Christmas: Treasured family recipes, memories, homemade decorations, heartfelt gifts & holiday traditions
  ''978-1-888052-01-5Gooseberry PatchCelebrate Winter
1997978-1-888052-02-2   ''Celebrate Autumn
1996978-1-888052-03-9   ''Main Dishes (The Country Friends Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-04-6gooseberry-patchChristmas: A Collection of Ideas & Recipes for the Very Happiest of Holidays (The Country Friends Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-06-0Tea Time: An Afternoon Tea Primer (The Country Friends Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-07-7Gooseberry PatchGifts from the Kitchen: Homemade Gifts to Delight Friends & Family (The Country Friends Collection)
1996978-1-888052-08-4UnknownMuffins: A Medley of Mouth-Watering Muffins (The Country Friends Collection)
1999978-1-888052-09-1gooseberry-patchFavorite Recipe Organizer: Apple Recipe
1997978-1-888052-10-7Gooseberry PatchCelebrate Spring
  ''978-1-888052-11-4   ''Celebrate Summer
1996978-1-888052-12-1Herbs: Herbal Secrets, Cooking & Crafts from the Country with Envelope (The Country Friends Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-13-8Gooseberry PatchThe Country Friends Collection (Salads)
1997978-1-888052-17-6'Year' Round Holidays: Fun Ideas, Special How-To's & Easy Recipes for the Best Holidays of the Year (The Country Friends Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-18-3At Home: Warm Ideas & Special Touches for Home & Hearth with Envelope (The Country Friends Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-19-0More Christmas: Chock-Full of Decorating Ideas, Recipes & How-To's for a Very Merry Country Christmas with Envelope (The Country Friends Collection)
1997978-1-888052-20-6Gooseberry PatchComing Home for Christmas Cookbook
  ''978-1-888052-21-3   ''Family Favorites Cookbook (Everyday Cookbook Collection)
1997978-1-888052-25-1Gooseberry PatchBackyard Gatherings
1998978-1-888052-26-8   ''Holidays at Home Cookbook (Seasonal Cookbook Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-27-5   ''Country Friends Good Times: Come Along for a Joyride...Good Times, Good Eats, Good Friends!
  ''978-1-888052-28-2   ''Assorted Gooseberry Patch
2000978-1-888052-29-9Garden Fun: Fresh & Fun Garden Decorating Ideas with Envelope (The Country Friends Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-31-2Gift Baskets: How to Build Baskets Filled with Fun (The Country Friends Collection)
1999978-1-888052-32-9Gooseberry PatchIn the Kitchen With Family & Friends: An Anniversary Collection of Yummy Recipes & Fond Memories for Sharing With Those You Love!
2005978-1-888052-33-6   ''A Pinch of This, A Dash of That Cookbook (Everyday Cookbook Collection)
2003978-1-888052-34-3Linda L. GarnerGooseberry Patch Christmas, Book 5
1998978-1-888052-35-0Gooseberry PatchGooseberry Patch Fall Assortment
1999978-1-888052-36-7Gooseberry PatchCozy Home Cookbook Cookbook (Everyday Cookbook Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-37-4   ''Harvest (The Country Friends Collection) (Goose Berry Patch)
  ''978-1-888052-38-1   ''Cookies (The Country Friends Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-39-8   ''Christmas Crafts (The Country Friends Collection)
978-1-888052-67-1Country Kitchen Greeting Card [With 13]
1999978-1-888052-68-8Gooseberry PatchHarvest Wreath Greeting Cards with Envelope
  ''978-1-888052-69-5   ''Potting Shed Greeting Cards with Envelope
2000978-1-888052-73-2Gooseberry PatchCountry Baking Cookbook (Everyday Cookbook Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-74-9   ''Christmas Pantry Cookbook
2001978-1-888052-77-0Memory Making (The Country Friends Collection)
2000978-1-888052-78-7Gooseberry PatchMerry Mixes: Fun Food Fixin's for Great Gift-Giving (Gooseberry Patch Book #26) (The Country Friends Collection)
2007978-1-888052-79-4   ''Hometown Favorites Cookbook (Everyday Cookbook Collection)
2000978-1-888052-80-0   ''Recipes for Comfort Cookbook (Everyday Cookbook Collection)
2001978-1-888052-81-7   ''Country Quick & Easy Cookbook
2001978-1-888052-82-4Gooseberry PatchMagic of Christmas Cookbook (Seasonal Cookbook Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-85-5Soup's On! Soups, Stews & Chowders to Warm Your Soul (The Country Friends Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-86-2Merry Mixes II: Fun & Delightful Homemade Mixes & Handmade Trimmings! (The Country Friends Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-87-9Gooseberry PatchMade From Scratch Cookbook (Seasonal Cookbook Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-88-6Simple Joys of Christmas
978-1-888052-89-3Christmas Cookie Collection
2002978-1-888052-92-3Chocolate (The Country Friends Collection)
2002978-1-888052-93-0Potatoes (The Country Friends Collection)
2001978-1-888052-94-7Gooseberry PatchBlue Plate Specials Cookbook
2002978-1-888052-96-1   ''Sweet & Simple Cookbook (Everyday Cookbook Collection)
  ''978-1-888052-97-8   ''Jolly Holidays Cookbook (Seasonal Cookbook Collection)
2003978-1-888052-98-5   ''Simple Joys of Friendship
2012978-1-888052-99-2   ''Gift Mixes (Gooseberry Patch Classic Cookbooklets, No. 1)