Stryker Post Pubns

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-887985-64-2Wayne C. ThompsonCanada 2005 (World Today Series Canada)
  ''978-1-887985-67-3Malcolm B. RussellThe Middle East and South Asia 2005 (The Middle East and South Asia 2004)
  ''978-1-887985-68-0Wayne C. ThompsonNordic, Central, and Southeastern Europe 2005 (WORLD TODAY SERIES NORDIC, CENTRAL, AND SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE)
  ''978-1-887985-69-7M. Wesley ShoemakerRussia and the Commonwealth of Independent States 2005 (World Today Series Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States)
  ''978-1-887985-71-0Wayne C. ThompsonWestern Europe 2005 (WORLD TODAY SERIES WESTERN EUROPE)
2006978-1-887985-72-7Charles H. CutterAfrica 2006 (WORLD TODAY SERIES AFRICA)
2006978-1-887985-73-4Wayne C. ThompsonCanada 2006 (WORLD TODAY SERIES CANADA)
2007978-1-887985-82-6   ''Canada 2007 (WORLD TODAY SERIES CANADA)
2008978-1-887985-90-1J. Tyler DickovickAfrica 2008 (WORLD TODAY SERIES AFRICA)
  ''978-1-887985-91-8Wayne C. ThompsonCanada 2008 (World Today Series)