The Gangaji Foundation

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-887984-00-3GangajiYou Are That! Satsang With Gangaji, Volume 2
1999978-1-887984-01-0GangajiFreedom & Resolve: The Living Edge of Surrender
2000978-1-887984-06-5   ''A Love Secret Spoken: An Explanation of Rumi's Poetry (Audio CD)
2001978-1-887984-08-9   ''The Heart Broken Open (Audio CD)
2003978-1-887984-17-1   ''Revealing Strategies of Ego (Audio CD)
2002978-1-887984-20-1   ''The Invitation (CD)
2003978-1-887984-23-2GangajiOpen, Unprotected and Free (Audio CD)
  ''978-1-887984-29-4   ''The Moment of Choice (Audio CD)
  ''978-1-887984-38-6   ''Beyond Practice (CD)
2004978-1-887984-56-0   ''Innocence, Trust and Self-Betrayal (Audio CD)
  ''978-1-887984-60-7   ''Freedom & Desire (Audio CD)
2004978-1-887984-68-3GangajiLove & Gratitude (Audio CD)