Atlas Games

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-887801-00-3Once Upon A Time
1992978-1-887801-01-0Jonathan TweetOver the Edge: Psychosurreal Roleplaying
  ''978-1-887801-02-7Jonathan TweetThe Players' Survival Guide: The Complete Rulebook for Players of over the Edge (Over the Edge Series)
  ''978-1-887801-03-4   ''New Faces (Over the Edge Series)
1993978-1-887801-04-1Rembert N. ParkerAirwaves (Over the Edge Series)
  ''978-1-887801-05-8Dustin BrowderHouse Call (Over the Edge Series)
  ''978-1-887801-06-5Robin D. LawsUnauthorized Broadcast (Over the Edge Series)
1994978-1-887801-07-2Robert "Doc" CrossIt Waits...... (Over the Edge Series)
1995978-1-887801-08-9Robin Laws · Jonathan Tweet · Greg StolzeThe Myth of Self (Over the Edge Series)
1993978-1-887801-09-6Stephan Michael SechiWelcome to Sylvan Pines: An Excursion over the Edge (Over the Edge Series)
1994978-1-887801-10-2Alison BrooksWith a Long Spoon: An over the Edge Adventure (Over the Edge Series)
1993978-1-887801-11-9Robin Laws · Greg Stolze · John TynesWildest Dreams (Over the Edge Series)
1994978-1-887801-12-6Robin D. LawsWeather the Cuckoo Likes (Over the Edge Series)
1994978-1-887801-13-3Jonathan TweetFriend or Foe? (Over the Edge Series)
1995978-1-887801-22-5Peter Hentges · Robin Laws · Rob Heinsoo · Richard Bark · Paul NurnbergerSurviving on the Edge (On the Edge Series)
1997978-1-887801-51-5John NephewForgotten Lives (Over the Edge)
  ''978-1-887801-52-2Jonathan TweetOver the Edge: The Role Playing Game of Surreal Danger
1996978-1-887801-54-6Robin D. LawsPierced Heart (Over the Edge)
1997978-1-887801-59-1James P. BuchananFallen Angel (Ars Magica Roleplaying)
1998978-1-887801-61-4Jonathan TweetCloaks (Over the Edge)
2001978-1-887801-64-5John NephewAt Your Service
1999978-1-887801-77-5Greg Stolze · Jeff TidballSeed of the New Flesh (Feng Shui)
  ''978-1-887801-78-2Greg Stolze · John TynesLawyers, Guns & Money: The New Inquisition Sourcebook (Unknown Armies)
2000978-1-887801-81-2John Tynes · Richard PacePostmodern Magick (Unknown Armies)
  ''978-1-887801-83-6Tim Dedopulos · Greg Stolze · David EberElevator to the Netherworld (Feng Shui)
  ''978-1-887801-84-3John TynesStatosphere: The Invisible Clergy Sourcebook (Unknown Armies)
2000978-1-887801-93-5John TynesHush Hush (Unknown Armies)
2001978-1-887801-99-7Michelle A. B. Nephew · Scott Reaves · Justin Bacon · Keith Baker · Alex Knapik · James Maliszewski · Mike Mearls · John SeaveyTouched by the Gods (Penumbra / D20)