Granary Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-887123-01-3Johanna DruckerThe Century of Artists' Books
1998978-1-887123-04-4T. McKennaSynesthesia
1996978-1-887123-08-2Jerome RothenbergThe Book, Spiritual Instrument
1998978-1-887123-18-1Artists' Books: A Critical Survey Of The Literature
  ''978-1-887123-20-4Jerome RothenbergA Secret Location On The Lower East Side: Adventures in Writing 1960-1980
1999978-1-887123-21-1Judd D. Hubert · Renee Riese HubertThe Cutting Edge Of Reading: Artists' Books
1998978-1-887123-23-5Johanna DruckerFiguring the Word: Essays on Books, Writing and Visual Poetics
2000978-1-887123-27-3John ZornArcana: Musicians on Music
  ''978-1-887123-28-0Jerome Rothenberg · Steven ClayA Book of the Book: Some Works and Projections about the Book & Writing
  ''978-1-887123-31-0Kimberly LyonsAbracadabra
  ''978-1-887123-34-1Michael Gizzi · Joseph Torra · William CorbettThe Blind See Only This World: Poems for John Wieners
2001978-1-887123-37-2Lyn HejinianBorder Comedy, A
2001978-1-887123-38-9Edmond JabesDesire for a Beginning/Dread of One Single End
2000978-1-887123-39-6Nite Soil
1998978-1-887123-40-2Bernadette MayerTwo Haloed Mourners
2001978-1-887123-48-8Ron PadgettJoe Brainard: I Remember
  ''978-1-887123-49-5Tom Greenwald · Joanne Kyger · Lorenzo Thomas · Hannah Weiner · John Wieners · Lewis Warsh · Robert Creeley · Tom ClarkAngel Hair Sleeps with a Boy in My Head: The Angel Hair Anthology
  ''978-1-887123-53-2Kenneth GoldsmithSoliloquy
2002978-1-887123-56-3Johanna DruckerGirl's Life, A
2001978-1-887123-57-0Piero HeliczerPurchase In The White Botanica: The Collected Poetry Of Piero Heliczer, A
  ''978-1-887123-59-4John AshberyThe Vermont Notebook: text by John Ashberry & Art by Joe Brainard
2004978-1-887123-67-9Jonathan Ames · Susan Canning · Jim Long · Geoffrey O'Brien · Barbara Tannenbaum · Mark ThompsonLenore Malen: The New Society For Universal Harmony
  ''978-1-887123-69-3Johanna DruckerThe Century of Artists' Books
2002978-1-887123-70-9Jackson Mac LowJackson Mac Low: Doings: Performance Works 1955-2002
2005978-1-887123-71-6Betty BrightNo Longer Innocent: Book Art In America 1960-1980
2006978-1-887123-72-3Alice NotleyAlma, or The Dead Women