Key of David Publishing

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-886987-04-3Angus WoottenRestoring Israel's Kingdom
2002978-1-886987-06-7   ''Take Two Tablets Daily
2001978-1-886987-07-4Batya WoottenWho Is Israel? A Study Guide
  ''978-1-886987-08-1Batya Ruth Wootten¿Quién es Israel? (Spanish Edition)
2002978-1-886987-11-1Batya WoottenEphraim and Judah: Israel Revealed
2003978-1-886987-15-9Batya Ruth WoottenPassover in All Its Fullness
2006978-1-886987-19-7Frank MorganRuth & Esther: Shadows of Our Future
2004978-1-886987-20-3Batya Ruth WoottenMamas Torah: The Role of Woman
2006978-1-886987-21-0   ''Redeemed Israel - Reunited and Restored
2009978-1-886987-27-2   ''The Voice - Hearing the Almighty
2008978-1-886987-29-6   ''Israel's Feasts and Their Fullness