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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-886940-00-0Dolores CannonConversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, Vol. 1 (Revised Edition & Addendum 2001)
1998978-1-886940-03-1Sture LonnerstrandI Have Lived Before: The True Story of the Reincarnation of Shanti Devi
  ''978-1-886940-04-8Dolores CannonThe Custodians: Beyond Abduction
1999978-1-886940-06-2Max H FlindtMankind Child of the Stars
2000978-1-886940-08-6Dolores CannonJesus and the Essenes
2011978-1-886940-09-3   ''They Walked with Jesus: Past Life Experiences with Christ
  ''978-1-886940-15-4   ''Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth
  ''978-1-886940-18-5Sherri CortlandRaising Our Vibrations for the New Age
  ''978-1-886940-20-8Stuart Wilson · Joanna PrentisAtlantis and the New Consciousness
2011978-1-886940-21-5Dolores CannonThe Convoluted Universe: Book Four (The Convoluted Universe series)
  ''978-1-886940-22-2Nikki PattilloA Spiritual Evolution
2012978-1-886940-24-6Natalie SudmanApplication of Impossible Things: A Near Death Experience in Iraq
2011978-1-886940-25-3Jarrad Hewett · Dee WallaceThe Big E: Everything is Energy
2012978-1-886940-29-1Stuart Wilson · Joanna PrentisThe Magdalene Version: Secret Wisdom from a Gnostic Mystery School
2013978-1-886940-35-2Julia CannonSoul Speak: The Language of Your Body
2008978-1-886940-53-6Nikki PattilloChildren of the Stars: Advice for Parents and Star Children
  ''978-1-886940-59-8Joanna Prentis · Stuart WilsonPower of the Magdalene
2009978-1-886940-60-4Karen PeeblesThe Other Side of Suicide
  ''978-1-886940-61-1Sherri CortlandWindows of Opprotunity
  ''978-1-886940-64-2Dolores CannonFive Lives Remembered
2009978-1-886940-65-9Irene LucasThirty Miracles in Thirty Days
2001978-1-886940-66-6Stuart Wilson · Joanna PrentisBeyond Limitations - The Power of Conscious Co-Creation
2008978-1-886940-77-2Arun Gandhi · Sunanda GandhiThe Forgotten Woman: The Untold Story of Kastur Gandhi
  ''978-1-886940-79-6Dolores CannonThe Convoluted Universe, Book 3, Cover may vary
2001978-1-886940-82-6   ''The Convoluted Universe: Book One (The Convoluted Universe series)
2002978-1-886940-83-3Dorothy LeonIs Jehovah an E.T.?
  ''978-1-886940-85-7Aaron AbrahamsenHoliday in Heaven
2004978-1-886940-86-4Briceida RyanThe Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language
2005978-1-886940-87-1Stuart WilsonThe Essenes: Children of the Light
  ''978-1-886940-88-8O T BonnettReincarnation: The View from Eternity
  ''978-1-886940-90-1Dolores CannonThe Convoluted Universe, Book Two
2006978-1-886940-92-5O T Bonnett MdWhat I Learned After Medical School
2006978-1-886940-93-2O T BonnettWhy Healing Happens
2007978-1-886940-98-7Dolores CannonThe Convoluted Universe, Book 2