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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-886778-02-3Anthony BoucherThe Compleat Boucher: The Complete Short Science Fiction and Fantasy of Anthony Boucher
1998978-1-886778-04-7Walter Jon WilliamsFrankensteins & Foreign Devils
1999978-1-886778-06-1Hal ClementThe Essential Hal Clement Volume 1: Trio for Slide Rule & Typewriter
2000978-1-886778-07-8Hal Clement · Mark L. Olson · Anthony R. LewisThe Essential Hal Clement Volume 2: Music of Many Spheres
  ''978-1-886778-08-5Hal ClementThe Essential Hal Clement Volume 3: Variations on a Theme by Sir Isaac Newton: The Mesklin stories
1998978-1-886778-09-2Charles L. Harness · Priscilla OlsonAn Ornament to His Profession
2001978-1-886778-10-8Eric Frank RussellMajor Ingredients
2003978-1-886778-15-3John W. CampbellA New Dawn: The Complete Don A. Stuart Stories (Nesfa's Choice Series, Volume 22)
1999978-1-886778-16-0Charles L. HarnessRings
2002978-1-886778-17-7Fredric BrownMartians and Madness: The Complete SF Novels of Fredric Brown (Nesfa's Choice Series)
2001978-1-886778-18-4Fredric BrownFrom These Ashes: The Complete Short SF (Science Fiction) of Fredric Brown
  ''978-1-886778-19-1William Tenn · James A. Mann · Mary C. TabaskoImmodest Proposals: The Complete Science Fiction of William Tenn, Volume 1
2000978-1-886778-20-7Lois McMaster BujoldShards of Honor
  ''978-1-886778-22-1Michael SwanwickMoon Dogs
  ''978-1-886778-25-2Anthony R. LewisConcordance to Cordwainer Smith
2001978-1-886778-26-9Gardner R. DozoisStrange Days: Fabulous Journeys With Gardner Dozois
2002978-1-886778-27-6Lois McMaster BujoldThe Warrior's Apprentice
2001978-1-886778-28-3William Tenn · Mary C. TabaskoHere Comes Civilization: The Complete Science Fiction of William Tenn, Volume 2
2002978-1-886778-29-0Sharon L. SbarskyDimensions of Sheckley: The Selected Novels of Robert Sheckley
2001978-1-886778-30-6Walter Jon WilliamsFrankensteins and Foreign Devils
2001978-1-886778-33-7Eric Frank RussellEntities: The Selected Novels of Eric Frank Russell
2003978-1-886778-34-4A. E. Van VogtTransfinite: The Essential A. E. Van Vogt
2001978-1-886778-35-1George R. R. MartinQuartet: Four Tales from the Crossroads
2002978-1-886778-37-5Neil Gaiman · Tony Lewis · Priscilla OlsonAdventures in the Dream Trade
  ''978-1-886778-38-2Neil Gaiman · Priscilla Olson · Anthony R. LewisAdventures in the Dream Trade (Boskone Books)
2003978-1-886778-39-9Lois McMaster BujoldEthan of Athos
2002978-1-886778-41-2Charles L. HarnessCybele, With Bluebonnets
  ''978-1-886778-42-9Neil GaimanAdventures in the Dream Trade (Boskone Books)
2003978-1-886778-43-6David BrinTomorrow Happens
  ''978-1-886778-45-0Chad OliverA Star Above It and Other Stories (Nesfa's Choice)
2004978-1-886778-46-7William TennDancing Naked: The Unexpurgated William Tenn
2005978-1-886778-47-4L. Sprague De CampYears In The Making: The Time-Travel Stories Of L. Sprague De Camp
2003978-1-886778-48-1Chad OliverFar from This Earth and Other Stories (Nesfa's Choice)
2004978-1-886778-49-8Stephen Baxter · Mark BaxterThe Hunters of Pangaea
  ''978-1-886778-51-1Tim PowersPowers of Two
2004978-1-886778-52-8John Myers Myers · David G. Grubbs · Pam FremonSilverlock: Including the Silverlock Companion (Nesfa's Choice, 26)
  ''978-1-886778-53-5Lois McMaster Bujold · Suford LewisFalling Free
  ''978-1-886778-55-9Peter WestonWith Stars In My Eyes: My Adventures In British Fandom
  ''978-1-886778-56-6jack SpeerFancestral Voices
  ''978-1-886778-57-3Terry PratchettOnce More with Footnotes
2004978-1-886778-58-0stephen C. LucchettiDoc First Galactic Roamer: A Complete Bibliography And Publishing Checklist Of Books And Articles
2007978-1-886778-59-7Lois McMaster BujoldBorders of Infinity
2005978-1-886778-60-3Robert SheckleyThe Masque Of Manana
  ''978-1-886778-61-0Jane YolenOnce upon A Time (She Said)
2006978-1-886778-62-7Ken MacLeodGiant Lizards from Another Star (Boskone Book)
2007978-1-886778-65-8L. Sprague de Camp;Fletcher PrattThe Mathematics of Magic (L. Sprague De Camp)
2008978-1-886778-66-5Chad OliverFrom Other Shores: An Omnibus
2009978-1-886778-67-2John BellairsMagic Mirrors (NESFA's Choice)
2007978-1-886778-68-9David GerroldThe Involuntary Human
2008978-1-886778-70-2James BlishWorks of Art
2009978-1-886778-71-9Roger ZelaznyThreshold - Volume 1: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny
2008978-1-886778-74-0Lois McMaster BujoldBrothers in Arms
2009978-1-886778-75-7Poul AndersonCall Me Joe (The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson)
  ''978-1-886778-76-4Lester del ReyWar and Space: Selected Short Stories of Lester Del Rey. Volume 1
  ''978-1-886778-77-1Roger ZelaznyPower & Light;The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny
  ''978-1-886778-78-8   ''This Mortal Mountain - Volume 3: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny
2009978-1-886778-79-5Roger ZelaznyLast Exit to Babylon - Volume 4: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny
  ''978-1-886778-80-1   ''Nine Black Doves - Volume 5: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny
  ''978-1-886778-81-8   ''The Road to Amber — Volume 6: The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny
  ''978-1-886778-82-5Jo WaltonLifelode
2010978-1-886778-85-6Lois McMaster BujoldThe Vor Game
2009978-1-886778-86-3James BlishFlights of Eagles (NESFA's Choice)
  ''978-1-886778-87-0Poul AndersonThe Queen of Air and Darkness: Volume 2 of the Short Fiction of Poul Anderson (The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson)
2010978-1-886778-88-7Lester Del ReyRobots & Magic: 2
2010978-1-886778-89-4Poul AndersonThe Saturn Game
  ''978-1-886778-90-0Alastair ReynoldsDeep Navigation
2011978-1-886778-94-8Poul AndersonAdmiralty (The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson)
  ''978-1-886778-95-5Charles StrossScratch Monkey
2013978-1-886778-97-9Anderson · PoulDoor to Anywhere: Volume 5 of the Collected Works of Poul Anderson (Nesfa's Choice)
2011978-1-886778-98-6Alastair ReynoldsDeep Navigation, Second Edition