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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-886513-14-3Nancy SiemersStories of the Heart: Reflections on the Heart Transplant Journey: Stories of Hope and Inspiration
1998978-1-886513-15-0Ralph R. Van LoonEncountering God: The Legacy of Lutheran Book of Worship for 21st Century Worship (Lbw Resources and References)
2001978-1-886513-17-4Merton P. StrommenThe Church & Homosexuality: Searching for a Middle Ground
1999978-1-886513-18-1Gadaa MelbaaOromia: An Introduction to the History of the Oromo People
  ''978-1-886513-19-8Eugene M. SkibbeA Quiet Reformer: An Introduction to Edmund Schlink's Life and Ecumenical Theology: From a Gospel Voice in Nazi Germany to a New Vision of Christian Unity
2001978-1-886513-27-3Paul K. PetersonJust a Minute: Devotions for the Rushed
  ''978-1-886513-28-0Terry MorehouseFellow Travelers: Reflections on the Seasons of the Church Year
2002978-1-886513-29-7Mark W. Thomsen · Vitor WesthelleEnvisioning a Lutheran Communion: Perspectives for the Twenty-First Century
2003978-1-886513-37-2Ralph W. QuereIn the Context of Unity: A History of the Development of the Lutheran Book of Worship
2004978-1-886513-39-6Verlene GrantBeyond Racism: A Deeper Understanding Of Cultural Diversity
2001978-1-886513-40-2Paul NordmarkInspirational Terracing: Terrace Design in Structural Landscaping
2003978-1-886513-46-4Jim Klobuchar · Susan Cornell WilkesThe Miracles of Barefoot Capitalism: A Compelling Case for Microcredit
  ''978-1-886513-47-1Ward BrehmWhite Man Walking: An American Businessman's Spiritual Adventure in Africa
  ''978-1-886513-48-8   ''Life Through a Different Lens: Reflections and Lessons from the Horn of Africa
2002978-1-886513-49-5Mekuria BulchaThe Making of the Oromo Diaspora: A Historical Sociology of Forced Migration
2003978-1-886513-55-6Bengt R. HoffmanTheology of the Heart: The Role of Mysticism in the Theology of Martin Luther
2003978-1-886513-65-5Ruth L. HaydenStart Where You Are: Retirement Planning in a Changing World
  ''978-1-886513-68-6Mike RadosevichWhat You Need to Succeed: Making Car Sales a Career Rather Than a Job
2002978-1-886513-69-3Judith Wong · Kathy BerlinThe Business of Small Business
2005978-1-886513-70-9John F. BachmanBeyond the Facts: Faith Sees the Deepest Truth--Reflections of a TV News Anchor
  ''978-1-886513-71-6Jim ThielmanCool Of The Evening: The 1965 Minnesota Twins
2003978-1-886513-77-8Kenneth J. DaleA Seeker's Journal: Questioning Tradition--Strengthening Faith
  ''978-1-886513-78-5Jim KlobucharSixty Minutes With God: A Puzzled Pilgrim Bares His Questions and His Neck in a Spirited Encounter with No. 1
2005978-1-886513-89-1Swami NijanandaA Commentary on Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence by Blessed Claude de la Columbiere, Volume II
2003978-1-886513-91-4   ''A Commentary on Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence by Father Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure, S.J., Vol. 1
2006978-1-886513-98-3Rodney A. Juell · Steven J. RodEncyclopedia of United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting