year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-886383-09-8Jennifer DimarcoDragon Storm
1997978-1-886383-16-6Jennifer DiMarcoFall Through the Sky (Wind Trilogy, Book 2)
  ''978-1-886383-19-7Carol DimarcoThe Magical Child
1998978-1-886383-20-3Cris Newport · Edward Jr. BeardQueen's Champion: The Legend of Lancelot Retold
1997978-1-886383-27-2Leslea NewmanStill Life With Buddy: A Novel Told in Fifty Poems
  ''978-1-886383-29-6Frank J. LA MarBuying into Condomania: Delight or Delusion: A Guide to Decide
  ''978-1-886383-30-2Chris Anne WolfeShadows of Aggar (The Amazons of Aggar)
1998978-1-886383-37-1Susie Lester · Landis EmondCaruso the Mouse
  ''978-1-886383-39-5Alexander GekkoAlexander Gekko's WorldBuilders Competition
2001978-1-886383-42-5Chris Anne WolfeFires of Aggar (The Amazons of Aggar)
2000978-1-886383-45-6Leslea NewmanSigns of Love
2000978-1-886383-48-7scifiGATEThe Blair Witch Project Internet Guide
1998978-1-886383-49-4Tom FrenchHow Apollo Stole Pride
2001978-1-886383-57-9Carmen AlexanderZoo: 1000 Miles
2000978-1-886383-58-6Peter KastingJourney of a Thousand Miles
2001978-1-886383-59-3Jeane Heimberger CandidoShepherd's Song: A Novel of the Civil War (Jeane Heimberger Candido Civil War Series)
2000978-1-886383-64-7Chris Anne WolfeRoses & Thorns: Beauty and the Beast Retold (Classic Tales Retold)
2001978-1-886383-67-8Carmen AlexanderRosemarie's Roof Garden (Garden Series)
  ''978-1-886383-68-5Carmen Alexander · Stacy RoswellRosemarie Returns to Her Garden (Garden Series)
2000978-1-886383-70-8Lesley DavisKeeper of the Piece (Adepts of Calluna)
1999978-1-886383-88-3Steve FeldmanAnd Featuring Bailey Wellcom as the Biscuit
2001978-1-886383-98-2Ambika Mathur-KamatMiss Panda in China (Miss Panda Series)
  ''978-1-886383-99-9   ''Miss Panda in Egypt (Miss Panda Series)

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