year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-885972-00-2Siegfried Adolf Kummer · Edred ThorssonRune=magic
2011978-1-885972-01-9Edred ThorssonRune-Song Book
  ''978-1-885972-02-6James Allen ChisholmTrue Hearth: A Practical Guide to Traditional Householding
1996978-1-885972-03-3Edred ThorssonGreen Runa, The Runemaster's Notebook: Shorter Works of Edred Thorsson Volume I (1978-1985)
2011978-1-885972-04-0Stephen Flowers · Crystal DawnCarnal Alchemy
  ''978-1-885972-07-1Don WebbThe Seven Faces of Darkness
1997978-1-885972-08-8Stephen E FlowersLords of the left-hand path: A history of spiritual dissent
2011978-1-885972-10-1Don WebbUncle Setnakt's Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path
  ''978-1-885972-12-5Edred ThorssonWitchdom of the True, Vol. 1: A Study of the Vana-Troth and the Practice of Seidr
  ''978-1-885972-16-3   ''Blue Rȗna
2002978-1-885972-19-4Stephen E. FlowersThe Rune Poems, Vol I: Introduction, Texts, Translations and Glossary
2011978-1-885972-20-0Edred ThorssonA Book of Troth
2001978-1-885972-21-7Karl Maria WiligutThe Secret King: Karl Maria Wiligut, Himmler's Lord of the Runes
2011978-1-885972-23-1Edred ThorssonThe Nine Doors of Midgard
2003978-1-885972-24-8Alice KarlsdottirMagic of the Norse Goddesses: Mythology, Ritual, Tranceworking
2011978-1-885972-27-9Don WebbMysteries of the Temple of Set (Inner Teachings of the Left Hand Path)
2011978-1-885972-28-6Don WebbAleister Crowley: The Fire and the Force
2019978-1-885972-30-9Stephen E. FlowersStudia Germanica
2011978-1-885972-31-6Edred ThorssonThe Mysteries of the Goths
  ''978-1-885972-38-5Michael KellyAegishjalmur: The Book of Dragon Runes
  ''978-1-885972-43-9Stephen E FlowersThe Galdrabók

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