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1997978-1-885923-02-8George R. Hughes · Richard JasnowThe Oriental Institute Hawara Papyri: Demotic and Greek Texts from an Egyptian Family Archive in the Fayum (Fourth to Third Century B.C. (Oriental Institute Publications)
  ''978-1-885923-04-2H. G. Guterbock · Harry A. HoffnerPerspectives on Hittite Civilization: Selected Writings of Hans Gustav Gueterbock (Assyriological Studies)
1998978-1-885923-07-3Markus HilgertCuneiform Texts from the Ur III Period in the Oriental Institute, Volume 1: Drehem Administrative Documents from the Reign of Shulgi (Oriental Institute Publications)
1999978-1-885923-09-7Emily Teeter · John A. LarsonGold of Praise: Studies on Ancient Egypt in Honor of Edward F. Wente (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization)
1998978-1-885923-10-3Dating the fall of Babylon: A reappraisal of second-millennium chronology (Mesopotamian history and environment)
  ''978-1-885923-11-0Epigraphic SurveyReliefs and Inscriptions at Luxor Temple, Volume 2: The Facade, Portals, Upper Register Scenes, Columns, Marginalia, and Statuary in the Colonnade Hall (Oriental Institute Publications)
2002978-1-885923-17-2John Coleman Darnell · Deborah DarnellTheban Desert Road Survey in the Egyptian Western Desert, Volume 1: Gebel Tjauti Rock Inscriptions 1-45 and Wadi el-Hôl Rock Inscriptions 1-45 (Oriental Institute Publications)
2003978-1-885923-24-0Clemens D. Reichel · Markus HilgertCuneiform Texts from the Ur III Period in the Oriental Institute, Volume 2: Drehem Administrative Documents from the Reign of Amar-Suena (Oriental Institute Publications)
  ''978-1-885923-25-7Emily TeeterAncient Egypt: Treasures from the Collection of the Oriental Institute (Oriental Institute Museum Publications)
2005978-1-885923-27-1George R. HughesCatalog of Demotic Texts in the Brooklyn Museum (Oriental Institute Communications)
  ''978-1-885923-31-8Timothy HarrisonMegiddo 3: Final Report on the Stratum VI Excavations (Oriental Institute Publications)
2006978-1-885923-33-2T. A. HollandArchaeology of the Bronze Age, Hellenistic, and Roman Remains at an Ancient Town on the Euphrates River: Excavations at Tell Es-Sweyhat, Syria Volume 2 (Oriental Institute Publications)
2006978-1-885923-35-6Martha T. RothThe Assyrian Dictionary: P, Vol. 12
  ''978-1-885923-37-0Hans G. Guterbrock · Harry A. Hoffner · T. P. J. van den HoutThe Hittite Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Volume S fascicle 2
  ''978-1-885923-39-4Seth SandersMargins of Writing, Origins of Cultures: New Approaches to Writing and Reading in the Ancient Near East. Papers from a Symposium held February 25-26, 2005 (Oriental Institute Seminars)
  ''978-1-885923-40-0James P. AllenThe Egyptian Coffin Texts, Volume 8: Middle Kingdom Copies of Pyramid Texts (Oriental Institute Publications)
2007978-1-885923-46-2Betsy M. Bryan · Peter F. DormanSacred Space and Sacred Function in Ancient Thebes: Occasional Proceedings of the Theban Workshop (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization)
2006978-1-885923-49-3Iman Saca · Maha SacaEmbroidering Identities: A Century of Palestinian Clothing (Oriental Institute Museum Publications)
2007978-1-885923-53-0Ian MannersEuropean Cartographers and the Ottoman World, 1500-1750: Maps from the Collection of O.J. Sopranos (ORIENTAL INSTITUTE MUSEUM PUBLICATIONS)
2008978-1-885923-55-4Nicole BrischReligion and Power: Divine Kingship in the Ancient World and Beyond (Oriental Institute Seminars)
  ''978-1-885923-56-1Katharyn HansonCatastrophe! The Looting and Destruction of Iraq's Past (Oriental Institute Museum Publications)
2009978-1-885923-61-5Jeffrey SzuchmanNomads, Tribes and the State in the Ancient Near East: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives (Oriental Institute Seminars)
2010978-1-885923-67-7Charles BreastedPioneer to the Past: The Story of James Henry Breasted, Archaeologist
2010978-1-885923-76-9Christopher WoodsVisible Language: Inventions of Writing in the Ancient Middle East and Beyond (Oriental Institute Museum Publications)
2018978-1-885923-79-0Oriental Institute of the University of ChicagoThe Hittite Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Volume S, Fasc 4
2011978-1-885923-82-0Emily TeeterBefore the Pyramids: The Origins of Egyptian Civilization (Oriental Institute Museum Publications)
2013978-1-885923-96-7Deena RagavanHeaven on Earth: Temples, Ritual, and Cosmic Symbolism in the Ancient World (Oriental Institute Seminars)
2014978-1-885923-97-4Abbas Alizadeh · Loghman Ahmadzadeh · Mehdi Omidfar · John R. Alden · Leah Minc · Jacques Connan · John Zumberge · Kendra ImbusAncient Settlement Systems and Cultures in the Ram Hormuz Plain, Southwestern Iran: Excavations at Tall-e Geser and Regional Survey in the Ram Hormuz Area (Oriental Institute Publications)