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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-885803-16-0Dick B.The Good Book and the Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible (Bridge Builders Edition)
2008978-1-885803-17-7Dick B.The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous
  ''978-1-885803-19-1   ''The Oxford Group & Alcoholics Anonymous: A Design for Living that Works
1996978-1-885803-22-1   ''Good Morning!: Quiet Time, Morning Watch, Meditation, and Early A.A.
1998978-1-885803-24-5   ''Anne Smith's Journal 1933-1939: A.A.'s Principles of Success
  ''978-1-885803-25-2   ''Dr. Bob and His Library: A Major A.A. Spiritual Source
1998978-1-885803-26-9Dick B.The Books Early AAs Read for Spiritual Growth (Seventh Edition)
1994978-1-885803-27-6   ''New Light on Alcoholism: God, Sam Shoemaker, and A.A. (2d ed.)
2008978-1-885803-28-3   ''Utilizing Early A.A.'s Spiritual Roots for Recovery Today (Why It Worked: A.A. History Series, Vol. 1)
2001978-1-885803-31-3   ''Why Early A.A. Succeeded: The Good Book in Alcoholics Anonymous Yesterday and Today (A Bible Study Primer for AAs and Other 12-Steppers)
2008978-1-885803-85-6Dick B. · Ken B.Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous: His Excellent Training in the Good Book As a Youngster in Vermont
  ''978-1-885803-86-3Dick B.Introduction to the Sources and Founding of Alcoholics Anonymous
  ''978-1-885803-89-4   ''A New Way Out: New Path - Familiar Road Signs - Our Creator's Guidance
2006978-1-885803-90-0Dick B.The Conversion of Bill W.: More on the Creator's Role in Early A.A.
2008978-1-885803-91-7   ''The Good Book-Big Book Guidebook
  ''978-1-885803-93-1   ''Henrietta B. Seiberling: Ohio's Lady with a Cause, Third Edition
  ''978-1-885803-99-3   ''The James Club and the Original A.A. Program's Absolute Essentials