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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-885767-12-7David Hagopian · Douglas WilsonBeyond Promises: A Biblical Challenge to Promise Keepers
  ''978-1-885767-13-4James B. NanceIntermediate Logic: Student (1st edition)
  ''978-1-885767-14-1Douglas WilsonRepairing the Ruins: The Classical and Christian Challenge to Modern Education
2001978-1-885767-16-5Peter J. LeithartAscent to Love: A Guide to Dante's Divine Comedy
1996978-1-885767-17-2Douglas Wilson · Steve WilkinsSouthern Slavery: As It Was
2000978-1-885767-20-2Douglas WilsonContours of Post-Maturity (InterVarsity Press Comes of Age)
1995978-1-885767-21-9Douglas M. Jones IIIHuguenot Garden
1996978-1-885767-23-3Peter J. LeithartBrightest Heaven of Invention: A Christian Guide to Six Shakespeare Plays
2000978-1-885767-24-0Douglas WilsonTo a Thousand Generations: Infant Baptism - Covenant Mercy for the People of God
1997978-1-885767-25-7   ''Standing on the Promises: A Handbook of Biblical Childrearing
  ''978-1-885767-26-4   ''Her Hand in Marriage: Biblical Courtship in the Modern World
  ''978-1-885767-27-1Jane Gumprecht · Jane GumprechtAbusing Memory: The Healing Theology of Agnes Sanford
1997978-1-885767-28-8Douglas JonesScottish Seas
  ''978-1-885767-29-5Douglas WilsonPersuasions: A Dream of Reason Meeting Unbelief
  ''978-1-885767-30-1   ''Easy Chairs, Hard Words: Conversations on the Liberty of God
  ''978-1-885767-34-9Nancy WilsonThe Fruit of Her Hands: Respect and the Christian Woman
  ''978-1-885767-36-3Douglas J. Wilson · James B. NanceIntroductory Logic: Student (3rd edition)
1997978-1-885767-37-0Douglas Wilson · Karen CraigLatin Grammar I: Student
  ''978-1-885767-38-7Douglas Wilson · Karen CraigLatin Grammar I: Answer Key
1999978-1-885767-39-4Edmund SpenserFierce Wars and Faithful Loves: Book I of Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene
1998978-1-885767-40-0Douglas Wilson · Douglas JonesAngels in the Architecture: A Protestant Vision for Middle Earth
2012978-1-885767-45-5Douglas WilsonReforming Marriage: Gospel Living for Couples
1999978-1-885767-50-9   ''Joy at the End of the Tether: The Inscrutable Wisdom of Ecclesiastes
1999978-1-885767-51-6Douglas WilsonFederal Husband
  ''978-1-885767-53-0C. Jonathin SeraiahThe End of All Things: A Defense of the Future
  ''978-1-885767-54-7Richard M. HannulaTrial and Triumph: Stories from Church History
  ''978-1-885767-55-4Peter J. LeithartHeroes of the City of Man: A Christian Guide to Select Ancient Literature
1997978-1-885767-56-1Douglas J. Wilson · James B. NanceIntroductory Logic: Answer Key (3rd edition)
1999978-1-885767-58-5Gary HothamBreath Marks: Haiku to Read in the Dark
  ''978-1-885767-59-2Douglas WilsonThe Paideia of God: And Other Essays on Education
1999978-1-885767-62-2James B. JordanCreation in Six Days: A Defense of the Traditional Reading of Genesis One
  ''978-1-885767-63-9David Bruce HegemanPlowing in Hope: Toward a Biblical Theology of Culture
  ''978-1-885767-64-6Douglas WilsonFidelity: How to be a One-Woman Man
2000978-1-885767-65-3Douglas JonesDutch Color
  ''978-1-885767-66-0Suzanne Underwood RhodesThe Roar on the Other Side: A Guide for Student Poets
  ''978-1-885767-69-1Peter J. LeithartA House for My Name: A Survey of the Old Testament
2000978-1-885767-70-7Nancy WilsonPraise Her in the Gates: The Calling of Christian Motherhood
2001978-1-885767-71-4Elizabeth McCallum · Jane ScottThe Book Tree: A Christian Reference for Children's Literature
  ''978-1-885767-72-1Douglas WilsonMother Kirk: Essays on Church Life
2000978-1-885767-73-8Peter J. LeithartBlessed Are the Hungry: Meditations on the Lord's Supper: Meditations on the Lord's Supper
2001978-1-885767-74-5Keith A. MathisonThe Shape of Sola Scriptura
  ''978-1-885767-83-7Douglas WilsonFuture Men
  ''978-1-885767-84-4   ''Bound Only Once: The Failure of Open Theism
  ''978-1-885767-86-8James B. JordanPrimeval Saints: Studies in the Patriarchs of Genesis
2001978-1-885767-87-5Nathan D. WilsonRight Behind: A Parody of Last Days Goofiness
  ''978-1-885767-88-2Douglas M. JonesThe Mantra of Jabez: Break on Though to the Other Side
2004978-1-885767-90-5Douglas WilsonMy Life for Yours: A Walk through the Christian Home
2003978-1-885767-99-8Peter J. LeithartA Son to Me: An Exposition of 1 & 2 Samuel