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1996978-1-885670-02-1Donald BamerPractical Iridology and Sclerology
  ''978-1-885670-04-5Louise Tenney MHToday's Herbal Health for Children: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Nutrition and Herbal Medicine for Children
  ''978-1-885670-07-6Barbara DoddFull Body Reflexology
  ''978-1-885670-08-3Donald LeporeThe Ultimate Healing System: The Illustrated Guide to Muscle Testing & Nutrition
1995978-1-885670-09-0Rita ElkinsPycnogenol Miracle Antioxidant (Woodland Health Series)
1996978-1-885670-12-0Rita ElkinsBee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis and Honey: An Extraordinary Energy and Health-Promoting Ensemble (Woodland Health Series)
1995978-1-885670-17-5Rita Elkins MHProstate Disorders & Natural Medicine (Woodland Health Series)
  ''978-1-885670-18-2   ''Blue-Green Algae (Woodland Health Series)
2010978-1-885670-19-9   ''Cat's Claw: Una de Gato
1995978-1-885670-28-1Jack Ritchason N.D.Little Herb Encyclopedia: The Handbook of Natures Remedies for a Healthier Life
1999978-1-885670-29-8Skye Weintraub NDNatural Healing with Cell Salts
1996978-1-885670-35-9Louise Tenney · Deborah LeeToday's Herbal Health for Women: The Modern Woman's Natural Health Guide
978-1-885670-38-0Shark Cartilage (Woodland Health)
1997978-1-885670-39-7Rita ElkinsGoldenseal (The Woodland Health Ser)
1996978-1-885670-44-1   ''Essential Fatty Acids (Woodland Health Ser)
1997978-1-885670-45-8Louise Tenney · Deanne TenneyThe Natural Book of Colon Health
1996978-1-885670-46-5Donald R. BamerIntroduction to Iridology: The Beginner's Guide to Iris Study
1996978-1-885670-47-2Rita Elkins MHHerbal Combinations (Woodland Health Ser)
1997978-1-885670-48-9Rita ElkinsGlucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate
  ''978-1-885670-49-6   ''Pregnenolone: The Ultimate Hormone Precursor (Woodland Health)
  ''978-1-885670-52-6Remi CooperAntioxidants (Woodland Health Series)
  ''978-1-885670-57-1Rita ElkinsEvening Primrose Oil (Woodland Health Ser)
  ''978-1-885670-58-8C.M. HawkenSt. John's Wort: Nature's Antidepressant (Woodland Health Series)
1998978-1-885670-59-5Kate Gilbert UdallSaw Palmetto: The Natural Choice for Prostate Health (Woodland Health)
1997978-1-885670-60-1Deanne TenneyAloe Vera (Woodland Health Series)
1997978-1-885670-61-8Skye Weintraub NDAllergies & Holistic Healing: A Comprehensive Reference for Everything on Allergies - from Nutritional Causes to Natural Treatments
  ''978-1-885670-67-0Rita ElkinsNoni, Morinda Citrifolia
  ''978-1-885670-68-7Karen BradstreetHerbs for Detoxification (Woodland Health)
  ''978-1-885670-69-4Karen BradstreetHerbs for Healthy Digestion (The Woodland Health Ser)
  ''978-1-885670-75-5Deanne TenneyGarcinia: A Natural Approach to Weight Loss (Woodland Health)
1997978-1-885670-79-3David ProkopThe Pyruvate Phenomenon: The Facts, the Benefits, the Unanswered Questions
  ''978-1-885670-87-8Louise Tenney MHNutritional Guide: A Comprehensive Reference for Better Health
2000978-1-885670-88-5Skye Weintraub NDThe Parasite Menace: A Complete Guide to the Prevention, Treatment and Elimination of Parasitic Infection
1997978-1-885670-89-2C. M. HawkenParasites (Woodland Health Series)
1998978-1-885670-95-3C. M. HawkenChelation Therapy: An Effective Method for Maintaining Cardiovascular Health (Woodland Health)
1997978-1-885670-98-4Remi CooperHomeopathy: An Introduction
  ''978-1-885670-99-1   ''Liver Health