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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-885652-03-4John ChryssavgisLove, Sexuality and the Sacrament of Marriage
1997978-1-885652-04-1Fr. Peter A. ChamberasBishop Gerasimos: The Spiritual Elder of America
2007978-1-885652-05-8Philip SherrardChristianity: Lineaments of a Sacred Tradition
2004978-1-885652-06-5Gerasimos PapadopoulosAt the End of Time: The Eschatological Expectations of the Church
2007978-1-885652-12-6Robert C. HillSt. John Chrysostom: Commentary on the Psalms, Volume 1
2004978-1-885652-13-3Theodore G. StylianopoulosThe New Testament: An Orthodox Perspective, Vol. 1: Scripture, Tradition, Hermeneutics
1998978-1-885652-22-5Kyriaki Karidoyanes FitzgeraldWomen Deacons in the Orthodox Church: Called to Holiness and Ministry
2004978-1-885652-30-0Stanley S. HarakasWholeness of Faith and Life: Orthodox Christian Ethics: Orthodox Social Issues (Wholeness of Faith & Life Series: Orthodox Christian Ethics)
2005978-1-885652-34-8Joseph J. AllenInner Way Toward a Rebirth of Eastern Christian Spiritual Direction
2002978-1-885652-41-6Dumitru StaniloaeOrthodox Dogmatic Theology Vol 2
2001978-1-885652-43-0Joseph J. AllenVested in Grace: Marriage and Priesthood in the Christian East
2000978-1-885652-44-7Lawrence BarrigerGlory to Jesus Christ!: History of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church
  ''978-1-885652-45-4Kyriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald · Thomas FitzGeraldLiving the Beattitudes
2005978-1-885652-47-8John ChryssavgisSoul Mending
2004978-1-885652-49-2John T. ChirbanSickness or Sin?: CHIRBAN Spiritual Discernment and Differential Diagnosis
2007978-1-885652-51-5John D. ZizioulasEucharist, Bishop, Church: The Unity of the Church in the Divine Eucharist and the Bishop During the First Three Centuries
  ''978-1-885652-65-2Robert C. HillSt. John Chrysostom Old Testament Homilies Volume 1
  ''978-1-885652-66-9   ''St. John Chrysostom: Homilies on the Old Testament: Homilies on Isaiah and Jeremiah
  ''978-1-885652-67-6   ''St. John Chrysostom: Homilies on the Old Testament: Homilies on the Obscurity of the Old Testament; Homilies on the Psalms
2007978-1-885652-68-3Lewis J. PatsavosSpiritual Dimensions of the Holy Canons
2004978-1-885652-70-6Anton C. VrameThe Orthodox Parish in America: Faithfulness to the Past and Responsibility for the Future
  ''978-1-885652-72-0Robert Charles HillSt. John Chrysostom: Spiritual Gems from the Gospel of Matthew
  ''978-1-885652-73-7Robert C. HillSt. John Chrysostom: Eight Sermons on the Book of Genesis
2007978-1-885652-77-5   ''St. John Chrysostom: Commentary on the Sages: Commentary on Job
  ''978-1-885652-78-2   ''St. John Chrysostom: Commentary on the Sages: Commentary on Proverbs and Commentary on Ecclesiastes
2005978-1-885652-79-9Stephen MuseRaising Lazarus: Integral Healing in Orthodox Christianity
  ''978-1-885652-80-5Christos YannarasPostmodern Metaphysics
2007978-1-885652-81-2Christos YannarasOrthodoxy and the West: Hellenic Self-Identity in the Modern Age
2005978-1-885652-82-9Christos YannarasVariations on the Song of Songs
  ''978-1-885652-83-6George C. PapademetriouIntroduction to St. Gregory Palamas
2004978-1-885652-84-3Robert HillSt John Chrysostom: Spiritual Gems from the Book of Psalms
2008978-1-885652-88-1Chrestos Giannaras · Christos Yannaras · Trans. Norman RussellPerson and Eros
  ''978-1-885652-94-2Cyril of AlexandriaCommentary on Isaiah: Volume I: Chapters 1-14
2009978-1-885652-95-9Robert Charles HillCommentary on Isaiah: Vol. II: Chapters 15-39
  ''978-1-885652-96-6   ''Commentary on Isaiah: Vol. III: Chapters 40-50