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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-885223-00-5Christopher NewbertWithin a Rainbowed Sea
  ''978-1-885223-01-2Harvey ArdenNoble Red Man: Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew King
  ''978-1-885223-02-9Robert-Michael KaplanSeeing Without Glasses: Improving Your Vision Naturally
1995978-1-885223-04-3Gillian HealThe Halfpennys Find a Home
  ''978-1-885223-05-0Arnold M. PatentYou Can Have It All
  ''978-1-885223-06-7C Diane EalyThe Woman's Book of Creativity (The Business of Life)
1995978-1-885223-08-1Elsa Barker · Katherine HartLetters from the Light: An Afterlife Journal from the Self-Lighted World
1996978-1-885223-09-8Daryl BernsteinThe Venture Adventure: Strategies for Thriving in the Jungle of Entrepreneurship
  ''978-1-885223-11-1Daryl Bernstein · Joe HammondThe Venture Adventure: Your Career As an Entrepreneur
1995978-1-885223-12-8Paul Owen LewisStorm Boy
  ''978-1-885223-13-5Arnold M. PatentWinning With Love: Applying Principles of Mutual Support to Everyday Life
  ''978-1-885223-14-2Eileen R. HanneganWhen Money Is Not Enough: Fulfillment in Work (Bu Siness of Life)
1992978-1-885223-15-9Daryl BernsteinBetter Than a Lemonade Stand: Small Business Ideas for Kids
1995978-1-885223-17-3Carol W. GardnerBumper Sticker Wisdom: America's Pulpit Above the Tailpipe
  ''978-1-885223-18-0Lyla FoggiaReel Women: The World Of Women Who Fish
1996978-1-885223-19-7Pam Houston · Veronique VialMen Before Ten A.M.
1996978-1-885223-20-3Hans HolzerThe Secret of Healing: The Healing Powers of Ze'Ev Kolman
1995978-1-885223-23-4Peggy Joy JenkinsNurturing Spirituality in Children: Simple Hands-On Activities
1997978-1-885223-24-1Arnold M. PatentMoney and Beyond
1990978-1-885223-25-8Tom Leeson · Pat LeesonThe American Eagle
1995978-1-885223-26-5Ray · Kelly, Douglas NelsonConnie and Bonnie's Birthday Blastoff (Flying Rhinocerous Bks.)
1993978-1-885223-27-2Ray NelsonThe Seven Seas of Billy's Bathtub
1995978-1-885223-28-9Ray · Kelly, Douglas NelsonGreetings From America: Postcards From Donovan And Daisy
  ''978-1-885223-29-6Ray NelsonWooden Teeth & Jelly Beans: The Tupperman Files (Flying Rhinoceros. Presidents)
1996978-1-885223-30-2Kris WaldherrThe Book of Goddesses
1995978-1-885223-32-6Carol W. GardnerBumper Sticker Wisdom: America's Pulpit Above the Tailpipe
1996978-1-885223-33-3Jann Mitchell · Connie LightnerHome Sweeter Home: Creating a Haven of Simplicity and Spirit (Sweet Simplicity, Book 1)
  ''978-1-885223-34-0Eileen R. HanneganKnow Your Truth, Speak Your Truth, Live Your Truth
  ''978-1-885223-35-7Ray, Jr. · Kelly, Douglas · Adams, Ben NelsonDinosaur Ate My Homework - Flying Rhinoceros, Dinosaurs
  ''978-1-885223-37-1C. Diane EalyThe Woman's Book of Creativity
1996978-1-885223-38-8Dan WakefieldExpect a Miracle: The Miraculous Things That Happen to Ordinary People
  ''978-1-885223-39-5Don Elium · Jeanne EliumRaising a Son: Parents and the Making of a Healthy Man
1997978-1-885223-41-8Gillian HealGrandpa Bear's Fantastic Scarf
1996978-1-885223-43-2Patricia PereiraSongs of the Arcturians: The Arcturian Star Chronicles, Volume 1
  ''978-1-885223-44-9Tolly BurkanWinning the Jackpot: Creating Wealth and Abundance
  ''978-1-885223-45-6Paul Owen LewisGrasper: A Young Crab's Discovery
  ''978-1-885223-47-0Wally Amos · Stu GlaubermanWatermelon Magic: Seeds Of Wisdom, Slices Of Life
1997978-1-885223-48-7Ron Taylor · Valerie TaylorBlue Wilderness
1997978-1-885223-49-4Kris WaldherrEmbracing the Goddess Within: A Creative Guide for Women
  ''978-1-885223-50-0Kristine Van Raden · Molly DavisLetters to Our Daughters: Mothers' Words of Love
  ''978-1-885223-53-1Fiona CorbridgeThank You, God: The Prayers of Children
  ''978-1-885223-54-8Roni JaySacred Flowers: Creating a Heavenly Garden
  ''978-1-885223-55-5Penney PeirceThe Intuitive Way: A Guide to Living from Inner Wisdom
1997978-1-885223-56-2Rose WilliamsThe Book of Fairies: Nature Spirits from Around the World
  ''978-1-885223-57-9Paul Owen LewisFrog Girl
  ''978-1-885223-59-3Patricia PereiraEagles of the New Dawn (The Arcturian Star Chronicles Voume 2)
  ''978-1-885223-60-9David W. McMillanCreate Your Own Love Story: The Art of Lasting Relationships
1998978-1-885223-61-6J. Gordon MeltonFinding Enlightenment: Ramtha's School of Ancient Wisdom
1997978-1-885223-63-0Michelle RoehmGirls Know Best: Advice for Girls from Girls on Just About Everything (v. 1)
  ''978-1-885223-66-1David W. McMillanCreate Your Own Love Story: The Art of Lasting Relationships
1998978-1-885223-68-5Amelie WeldenGirls Who Rocked the World: Heroines from Sacagawea to Sheryl Swoopes
1999978-1-885223-69-2Patricia PereiraArcturian Songs of the Masters of Light: Arcturian Star Chronicles Volume Four
1998978-1-885223-70-8   ''Songs Of Malantor: The Arcturian Star Chronicles Volume Three
1998978-1-885223-71-5Marie-Louise FitzpatrickThe Long March: The Choctaw's Gift to Irish Famine Relief
  ''978-1-885223-72-2Bart VivianImagine
  ''978-1-885223-73-9Jann Mitchell · Connie LightnerLove Sweeter Love: Creating Relationships Of Simplicity And Spirit (Sweet Simplicity, V. 2)
  ''978-1-885223-74-6Vincent StaniforthQuestions For My Father: Finding The Man Behind Your Dad
2007978-1-885223-75-3Frank Mungeam · John GrayA Guy's Guide to Pregnancy: Preparing for Parenthood Together
1998978-1-885223-76-0Kathleen Wall · Gary FergusonRites of Passage: Celebrating Life's Changes
  ''978-1-885223-77-7Phyllis L. PottsThe Complete Guide to Wheat-Free Cooking
1998978-1-885223-79-1John SuttonPsychic Pet: Supernatural True Stories of Paranormal Animals
  ''978-1-885223-80-7Gerald E. PicarbHandology: How to Unlock the Hidden Secrets of Your Life
1999978-1-885223-81-4Carolyn Grace GarciaMoon Boy
2007978-1-885223-82-1Terri CaseyPride And Joy: The Lives And Passions Of Women Without Children
1998978-1-885223-83-8Jackie MorrisThe Time of the Lion
  ''978-1-885223-84-5Marianne Monson-BurtonGirls Know Best 2: Tips on Life and Fun Stuff to Do (Girl Power Series) (v. 2)
  ''978-1-885223-85-2Susan StraussWhen Woman Became the Sea: A Costa Rican Creation Myth
  ''978-1-885223-87-6Michelle Roehm · Marianne Monson-BurtonBoys Know It All: Wise Thoughts and Wacky Ideas from Guys Just Like You
1998978-1-885223-88-3Michael Tobias · Kate Solisti-MattelonKinship With the Animals
  ''978-1-885223-89-0Frederick WoodruffSecrets of a Telephone Psychic
  ''978-1-885223-91-3Jerry HawleyA Life Worth Living: Recording Your Values, Memories, Goals, and Dreams
2000978-1-885223-94-4Virginia Kroll · John RoweShe Is Born
1999978-1-885223-95-1Margaret WolfsonTurtle Songs: A Tale for Mothers and Daughters
  ''978-1-885223-96-8Lou TartagliaThe Great Wing: A Parable About The Master Mind Principle
2004978-1-885223-97-5HawleyDel-Life Worth Living
1998978-1-885223-98-2Kristine Van RadenLetters to Our Daughters: Mothers' Words of Love
1999978-1-885223-99-9Stephen AndersonSo, You Wanna Be a Rock Star?: How to Create Music, Get Gigs, and Maybe Even Make It Big!