Journey Editions

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-885203-00-7Mary WoronovWake for the Angels
  ''978-1-885203-01-4Jim McMullanThis Face You Got Art of the Illustrator
  ''978-1-885203-02-1Jim McMullanActors as Artists
  ''978-1-885203-03-8Duncan RegehrDragon's Eye
  ''978-1-885203-04-5Hiro YamagataEarthly Paradise
1994978-1-885203-05-2Anthony JamesLanguage of the Heart
  ''978-1-885203-06-9Jim McMullanMusicians as Artists
  ''978-1-885203-07-6Charles BraggAsylum Earth
  ''978-1-885203-08-3Molly Barnes · Pat HiltonHow to Get Hung: A Practical Guide for Emerging Artists
1997978-1-885203-09-0Kristin TinkerLittle Life
1995978-1-885203-10-6Gary ConwayArt of the Vineyard
  ''978-1-885203-11-3Amy ZernerParadise Found
1995978-1-885203-12-0Leon Steinmetz · Peter GreenawayThe World of Peter Greenaway
1996978-1-885203-14-4Robert ShieldsCats, Fish & Fools
1995978-1-885203-17-5Dan PrincePassing in Outsider Lane: Art From the Heart of Twenty-One Self Taught Artists
  ''978-1-885203-19-9Martin MullMartin Mull: Paintings, Drawings, and Words
  ''978-1-885203-20-5David CarradineEndless Highway
  ''978-1-885203-21-2Mary WoronovSwimming Underground: My Years in the Warhol Factory
  ''978-1-885203-22-9Charles BraggWorks!
1995978-1-885203-24-3Dorothy RiceManhattan With Love: Paintings and Text
1996978-1-885203-25-0Mark KostabiConversations with Kostabi
1997978-1-885203-28-1Russell ConnorMasters in Pieces: The Art of Russell Connor
1996978-1-885203-29-8Richard W. LewisAbsolut Book.: The Absolut Vodka Advertising Story
  ''978-1-885203-31-1Heidi BanksIt Works for Me
  ''978-1-885203-32-8Richard W. LewisAbsolut Book.: The Absolut Vodka Advertising Story
  ''978-1-885203-33-5Jacyntha CrawleyThe Biorhythm Kit: Plan for the Ups and Downs in Your Life
  ''978-1-885203-34-2Greg Norman · Claude HarmonAdvanced Golf
1996978-1-885203-35-9Mike AdamsPlay Better Golf (H)
  ''978-1-885203-36-6Jennifer JacobsThe Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine: A Complete Family Guide to Complementary Therapies
  ''978-1-885203-37-3Kitty CampionHolistic Woman's Herbal: How to Achieve Health and Well-Being at Any Age
  ''978-1-885203-38-0Richard BrennanThe Alexander Technique Manual
1997978-1-885203-39-7Alix NeedhamThe Stress Management Kit
  ''978-1-885203-40-3Atzel-BethlenAerobic Yoga: The Cosmic Fountain of Youth Workout
1996978-1-885203-41-0Tomasi AdamsPlay Better Golf (P)
1997978-1-885203-42-7Journey EditionsThe Insomnia Pack: Includes Almond Oil and Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils (Cures for Modern Times)
1997978-1-885203-43-4Journey EditionsThe Hangover Pack: Includes Almond Oil and Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils (Cures for Modern Times)
  ''978-1-885203-44-1   ''The Headache Pack: Includes Almond, Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils (Cures for Modern Times)
  ''978-1-885203-45-8Not AvailableThe Stress Pack: Includes Almond, Lavender and Cedarwood Essential Oils (Cures for Modern Times)
  ''978-1-885203-46-5Joanna SheenNatural Beauty Kit
1998978-1-885203-47-2Celeste Yarnall Dr.Natural Dog Care
1997978-1-885203-48-9Charla Devereux · Frances StarteMeditation Kit
  ''978-1-885203-49-6Stephanie Harrison · Barbara KleinerCrystal Wisdom Kit
1997978-1-885203-50-2M. E. WarlickPhilosopher's Stones
1998978-1-885203-51-9Michael BromelySpirit Stones: Use the Positive Energies of Native American Sacred Animal Spirit Stones to Balance Your Life (Box Set with Book, 12 Spirit Stones & Sacred Spiral Cloth).
  ''978-1-885203-52-6Richard CrazeSextasy Ecstasy Book and Card Pack: Relationships and Sensuality
  ''978-1-885203-53-3Timothy FrekeWisdom of the Zen Masters (Wisdom of the Masters Series)
  ''978-1-885203-54-0Timothy FrekeWisdom of the Pagan Philosophers (Wisdom of the Masters Series)
  ''978-1-885203-55-7   ''Wisdom of the Christian Mystics (Wisdom of the Masters Series)
1998978-1-885203-56-4Timothy FrekeThe Wisdom of the Hindu Gurus (Wisdom of the Masters) (Wisdom of the Masters Series)
  ''978-1-885203-57-1   ''The Wisdom of the Sufi Sages (Wisdom of the Masters Series)
  ''978-1-885203-58-8   ''Wisdom of the Tibetan Lamas (Wisdom of the Masters Series)
  ''978-1-885203-59-5Shantha GodagamaThe Handbook of Ayurveda: India's Medical Wisdom Explained
1999978-1-885203-60-1Hope Karan GerechtHealing Design: Practical Feng Shui for Healthy and Gracious Living
1998978-1-885203-61-8Kathleen PhalenIntegrative Medicine Achieving
  ''978-1-885203-62-5Tara FellnerThe Family Wellness Guide: From Mother Earth With Love
1998978-1-885203-63-2Celeste Yarnall Dr.Natural Cat Care
  ''978-1-885203-64-9Aileen MarronThe Henna Body Art Kit: Everything You Need to Create Stunning Temporary Tattoos [With 96-Page Book and Catalyst Solution, Henna, Mehlabiya Oil, Sheet
  ''978-1-885203-65-6Donni HakansonOracle of the Dreamtime
  ''978-1-885203-66-3Paul Devereux · Charla DevereuxThe Lucid Dreaming Kit: How to Awake Within, Control and Use Your Dreams
  ''978-1-885203-67-0Chao-Hsiu ChenBamboo Oracle
1998978-1-885203-68-7Stephanie Harrison · Barbara KleinerCrystal Wisdom Wheel for Love (Crystal Wisdom Mini Kits)
1998978-1-885203-69-4Stephanie Harrison · Barbara KleinerCrystal Wisdom Wheel for Prosperity (Crystal Wisdom Mini Kits)
  ''978-1-885203-70-0Jane AlexanderThe Detox Plan for Body Mind & Spirit
1999978-1-885203-71-7Patrice BouchardonHealing Energies of Trees
  ''978-1-885203-72-4Charlie RyrieThe Healing Energies of Water
  ''978-1-885203-73-1Subagh Singh KhalsaAnatomy of Miracles: Practical Teachings for Developing Your Capacity to Heal
  ''978-1-885203-74-8Eileen Keavy SmithThe Quick & Easy Ayurvedic Cookbook
1999978-1-885203-75-5Norman PlaskettAncient Egyptian Oracle the Cards of Ra-
2000978-1-885203-76-2Rae HepburnTea Leaf Fortune Cards
1999978-1-885203-77-9Aileen MarronBeach Body Art
  ''978-1-885203-78-6   ''Celtic Body Art
  ''978-1-885203-79-3Faxiang Hou · Mark WileyQigong for Health & Well Being
  ''978-1-885203-80-9Greg Wolf · Andy BaggottFriendship Pack
2000978-1-885203-82-3Lisa Marie NelsonGetting There! Nine Ways to Help Your Kids Learn What Matters Most in Life
  ''978-1-885203-83-0Gail StraubRhythm of Compassion: Caring for Self, Connecting with Society
1999978-1-885203-84-7Stephanie Harrison · Barbara KleinerCrystal Wisdom for Health: Discover How to Bring Health and Well-Being into Your Life (Crystal Wisdom Mini Kits)
1999978-1-885203-85-4Stephanie Harrison · Barbara KleinerCrystal Wisdom Wheel for Personal Growth (Crystal Wisdom Mini Kits)
  ''978-1-885203-86-1David CroswellerReflections of Buddha for Every Day
  ''978-1-885203-88-5Deborah GrayThe Nice Girl's Book of Naughty Spells: Get Rich, Get Lucky, Get Even
  ''978-1-885203-89-2Amy Zerner · Monte FarberThe Pathfinder Psychic Talking Board Kit
2000978-1-885203-90-8Dorothy MayArchetypal Reiki: Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Healing: Book and Cards
  ''978-1-885203-93-9Lam Kam Chuen · Lam Kai SinFeng Shui Kitchen
2000978-1-885203-95-3Eryk HanutRumi: The Card and Book Pack - Meditation, Inspiration, Self-Discovery
1999978-1-885203-96-0Kathleen F. PhalenWellness East and West: Achieving Optimum Health Through Integrative Medicine
  ''978-1-885203-98-4Beth MargettsBindi Body Art
2000978-1-885203-99-1Lauren ArtressThe Sand Labyrinth Kit: Meditation at Your Fingertips