Sequoia Pub

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-885071-00-2Thomas J. GloverPocket Reference
1995978-1-885071-02-6Thomas GloverPocket PC Ref 4 Ed.
1994978-1-885071-03-3Thomas J. GloverPocket Pcref-6 Copy Prepack
1995978-1-885071-04-0   ''Pocket Pcref
1997978-1-885071-06-4   ''Desk Ref (2nd Edition; Shirt Pocket Reference Series)
1996978-1-885071-07-1Thomas J. Glover · Millie M. YoungPocket PC Ref
  ''978-1-885071-09-5Thomas J. GloverPocket PC Directory
  ''978-1-885071-11-8Thomas J Glover · Thomas J. Glover · Millie M. YoungTechRef
1997978-1-885071-12-5Thomas J. GloverTechref
  ''978-1-885071-13-2   ''Pocket PC Reference
  ''978-1-885071-14-9   ''Pocket PC Directory
1998978-1-885071-15-6Thomas J. Glover · Millie M. YoungTechref
1998978-1-885071-16-3Thomas J. Glover · Millie M. YoungPocket PCRef
1997978-1-885071-18-7Thomas J. GloverDesk Ref (2nd Edition)
1999978-1-885071-19-4Thomas J. GloverPocket PCRef
  ''978-1-885071-20-0Thomas J. Glover · Millie M. YoungTechRef
  ''978-1-885071-21-7Charlie Winger · Diane WingerHighpoint Adventures, A Pocket Guide to the 50 State Highpoints
2000978-1-885071-22-4D. Roger MavesWinRef 98-95 In~Your~Pocket
  ''978-1-885071-26-2Mary E. Miller · Dennis H. Evers · Thomas J. GloverPocket Partner
  ''978-1-885071-27-9Thomas J. GloverPocket PC Reference
2000978-1-885071-28-6Thomas J. Glover · Millie M. YoungTech Ref
2001978-1-885071-29-3Richard Allen Young · Thomas J. GloverHandyman In-Your-Pocket
  ''978-1-885071-30-9Thomas J. Glover · Millie M. Young · GloverPocket PC Ref
  ''978-1-885071-32-3Thomas J. GloverTech Ref (6th Edition)
2002978-1-885071-33-0   ''Pocket Ref
2004978-1-885071-36-1   ''Pocket Ref
2002978-1-885071-38-5Thomas Glover · Millie M. YoungPocket PC Ref
2004978-1-885071-40-8Thomas J. Glover · Millie M. YoungPocket PC Ref
2002978-1-885071-43-9   ''Techref
2003978-1-885071-44-6Thomas J. GloverDeskref
  ''978-1-885071-45-3   ''Deskref
2004978-1-885071-46-0Thomas J. Glover · Millie M. YoungTech Ref
2003978-1-885071-47-7Thomas A. Glover Richard A. YoungPocket Do It Yourself Source
  ''978-1-885071-48-4Richard A. YoungAutoRef
2005978-1-885071-49-1Bruce W. WestbergBe a Cop!
2003978-1-885071-51-4Dennis Evers · Thomas J. Glover · Mary MillerPocket Partner
2005978-1-885071-55-2Dennis EversPocket Partner
2008978-1-885071-56-9Thomas J. GloverPocket Ref - Edicion en Espanol (Spanish Edition)
2009978-1-885071-57-6Dennis Evers · Thomas J. Glover · Trish M. Glover · Mary E. MillerPocket Partner
2010978-1-885071-58-3Thomas J Glover · Richard A Young · Mary F Glover · Millie M YoungPocket PC Ref
2010978-1-885071-60-6Thomas J Glover · Richard A YoungDesk Ref
2010978-1-885071-61-3Thomas J Glover · Richard A YoungDesk Ref, Hard Cover
  ''978-1-885071-62-0Thomas GloverPocket Ref 4th Edition
  ''978-1-885071-64-4Thomas J GloverPocket Ref 4th Edition - Hard Cover