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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-884820-00-7Nina AndersonS. A. F. E. at Home: Without Carbon Monoxide
  ''978-1-884820-01-4Nina AndersonS. A. F. E. at Home: Without Carbon Monoxide
  ''978-1-884820-02-1   ''S. A. F. E. at Home: Without Water Impurities
  ''978-1-884820-03-8   ''S. A. F. E. at Home: Without Water Impurities
2011978-1-884820-04-5Dolcie Suggs Ehlinger · Karen Guelfo EhlingerLetters From My Son
1994978-1-884820-05-2Nina AndersonS. A. F. E. at Home: Without Microwave Radiation
  ''978-1-884820-06-9   ''S.A.F.E. at Home: Without Radon Gas
1994978-1-884820-07-6Nina AndersonS. A. F. E. at Home: Without Radon Gas
  ''978-1-884820-08-3   ''S. A. F. E. at Home: With Lead Contamination
1994978-1-884820-09-0Nina AndersonS. A. F. E. at Home: With Lead Contamination
2011978-1-884820-10-6Ruth Ann CoxNo Scrip for my Journey
1994978-1-884820-11-3Nina AndersonS. A. F. E. at Home: Without Lead Contamination Water Set
1995978-1-884820-14-4Nina Anderson · Howard PeiperAre You Poisoning Your Pets: A Guidebook to Pet Health and Sanity
1996978-1-884820-15-1Howard PeiperOver 50 Looking 30: Secrets of Staying Young
  ''978-1-884820-16-8Howard Dr. Peiper · Alicia McWattersSuper Nutrition for Animals! (Birds Too!): Healthy Advice for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Birds
  ''978-1-884820-17-5Nina Anderson · Howard PeiperYour Guide to All Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care
  ''978-1-884820-18-2Richard Glen BrodyNatural Alternatives for Stress Relief
2007978-1-884820-19-9Nina Anderson · Howard PeiperA.D.D.: The Natural Approach
1997978-1-884820-20-5   ''The All Natural Anti-Aging Diet --1997 publication.
  ''978-1-884820-21-2Alicia McWattersA Guide to a Naturally Healthy Bird: Nutrition, Feeding, and Natural Healing Methods for Parrots
1997978-1-884820-22-9Kenneth YasnyPut Hemorrhoids and Constipation Behind You: New Treatment and Technology for 2 of Today's Most Common Yet Least Talked-About Problems
1996978-1-884820-23-6Laurel DeweyThe Humorous Herbalist
1997978-1-884820-24-3Kenneth YasneyColon Health Workbook
  ''978-1-884820-25-0Nina Anderson · Howard PeiperA.D.D. the Natural Approach
  ''978-1-884820-27-4The Humorous Herbalist
  ''978-1-884820-28-1Put the Hemorrhoids and Constipation Behind You
2004978-1-884820-29-8Howard Peiper · Rachel BellThe A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. Diet! A Comprehensive Look at Contributing Factors and Natural Treatments for Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity
1998978-1-884820-30-4James Jamieson · Valerie Marriott · L. E. Dorman · L.E., Dr. DormanGrowth Hormone: The Methusalah Factor
  ''978-1-884820-31-1Frances Meiser · Susan Lee · Nina AndersonThe Brain Train
1998978-1-884820-32-8Nina Anderson · Howard, Dr. PeiperCrystalloid Electrolytes: Your Body's Energy Source for the New Millennium
  ''978-1-884820-33-5Alan WallachPlain English Guide to Your PC
1999978-1-884820-34-2Howard Peiper · Nina AndersonCrystalloid Electrolytes: Our Body's Energy Source for the New Millennium
1998978-1-884820-35-9Nina AndersonThe Backseat Flyer
  ''978-1-884820-36-6Howard Peiper · Nina AndersonNatural Solutions For Sexual Dysfunction
1999978-1-884820-37-3Laurel DeweyPlant Power
  ''978-1-884820-38-0Frances MeiserThe Brain Train for Adults
  ''978-1-884820-39-7Gary M. Skole · Vivienne Matalon · Michael Gazsi · Bruce BerkowskySelf Care Anywhere
1998978-1-884820-40-3Alan WallachThe Year 2000 Hoax
1998978-1-884820-41-0Dr. H.A. DavisFeeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH
  ''978-1-884820-42-7Nina Anderson · Howard PeiperNatural Solutions for Sexual Enhancement
1999978-1-884820-43-4   ''The Secrets of Staying Young
  ''978-1-884820-44-1Nina AndersonEliminating Pilot Error!: A Final Step in Flight Training
  ''978-1-884820-45-8Zakir Ramazanov · Maria del Mar Bernal SuarezNew Secrets of Effective Natural
  ''978-1-884820-46-5Nina Anderson · Howard PeiperThe All-Natural High-Performance Diet
2000978-1-884820-47-2Your Child and ADD/ADHD - A Parent's Guide [VHS]
1997978-1-884820-48-9William Lowe MundyCuring Allergies with Visual Imagery
1999978-1-884820-49-6Nina Anderson · Howard PeiperA.D.D. El Metodo Natural (Spanish Edition)
2002978-1-884820-50-2Viana MullerMaca, Anti-Aging Hormone Regulator
2000978-1-884820-52-6Harrison SearlesHuman Factors & Pilot Error
1999978-1-884820-53-3Nina Anderson · Howard Peiper · Cherie TrippNutritional Leverage for Great Golf
1999978-1-884820-54-0Patty Sayih · Professional · Medical NarratorsYour Child and ADD/ADHD - A Parent's Guide [VHS]
  ''978-1-884820-55-7A. W. Martin Ph.D.Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the Modern Woman
  ''978-1-884820-56-4   ''The New thin You
  ''978-1-884820-57-1   ''Pycnogenol, The Bark with the Bite
2000978-1-884820-58-8Dr. H.A. DavisFeeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH (Expanded Edition)
  ''978-1-884820-59-5Nina Anderson · Howard PeiperSuper-Nutrition for Dogs n' Cats
2000978-1-884820-61-8Roger MasonThe Natural Prostate Cure
2001978-1-884820-62-5B. Blake LevittCell Towers-Wireless Convenience? Or Enviromental Hazard?
2002978-1-884820-63-2Zakir RamzanovPhytomedicines
2001978-1-884820-64-9Roger MasonLower Your Cholesterol Without Drugs: Curing High Cholesterol Naturally
2002978-1-884820-65-6Roger MasonNo More Horse Estrogen: Natural Cures for Women's Health Issues
2001978-1-884820-66-3   ''What is Beta Glucan?
2004978-1-884820-67-0Riquette HofsteinRiquette's International Beauty Secrets "The Amazing World of Kitchen Cosmetics"
2002978-1-884820-68-7George RedmonNatural Born Fatburners: Lose Weight, Burn Fat, and Keep It Off--Naturally and Safely
  ''978-1-884820-69-4Nina AndersonAnalyzing Sports Drinks
  ''978-1-884820-70-0roger-masonZen Macrobiotics for Americans A Practical and Delicious Approach to Eating Right for Better Health, Natural Balance and Less Stress
  ''978-1-884820-71-7Frederic J. Vagnini · Geoffrey F. ProudDr. Vagnini's Healthy Heart Plan: A Surgeon's Approach to Natural and Allopathic Treatment for Cardiovascular Wellness
2003978-1-884820-72-4O.D. E. Michael GeigerEye Care Naturally: A Guide to Prevention and Natural Treatment for Common Eye Conditions
  ''978-1-884820-73-1Nina AndersonCancer Disarmed Expanded
2004978-1-884820-74-8Roger MasonTestosterone Is Your Friend: Understanding & Controlling One of Nature's Most Potent Hormones
2004978-1-884820-75-5Roger MasonThe Minerals You Need
2005978-1-884820-76-2Nina Anderson · Howard PeiperLow Carb and Beyond
2004978-1-884820-77-9Lauren RobinsThe Palette of Breath
2006978-1-884820-80-9Roger MasonThe Natural Diabetes Cure: Curing Blood Sugar Disorders Without Drugs
2009978-1-884820-82-3   ''Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs: Curing Your Hypertension Naturally
2008978-1-884820-88-5Howard PeiperNew Hope for Serious Diseases