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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-884543-04-3Matthew HenryMatthew Henry's Commentary: On the Whole Bible
1998978-1-884543-08-1Norman LewisGod's word: Unique, magnetic, eternal
1993978-1-884543-09-8Steve MillerThe Contemporary Christian Music Debate
1999978-1-884543-10-4Deborah MeroffThe Touch of The Master: Extraordinary Stories of How God is Using Ordinary Men, Women, and Operation Mobilization
2003978-1-884543-12-8Günter KrallmannMentoring for Mission: A Handbook on Leadership Principles Exemplified by Jesus Christ
  ''978-1-884543-17-3Bob Sjogren · Gerald RobisonCat and Dog Theology: Rethinking Our Relationship with Our Master
1998978-1-884543-18-0Ben AlexDietrich Bonhoeffer / h.f.c.: The Pastor Who Followed Christ to the Cross (Heroes of Faith and Courage)
978-1-884543-19-7St. Augustine Bishop of Hippo\Father of the Church (1998 publication)
2005978-1-884543-22-7Paul BorthwickHow To Be a World Class Christian: You Can Be a Part of God's Global Action
2001978-1-884543-23-4Robertson McQuilkinThe Great Omission: A Biblical Basis for World Evangelism
2003978-1-884543-59-3Patrick Johnstone · Jason MandrykOperation World: Prayer Calendar (6th Edition 2001 Update)
2001978-1-884543-61-6AuthenticOperation World Wall Map, Folded
2000978-1-884543-63-0Not AvailableB KJV Pocket Bible: Black Hardback
2003978-1-884543-67-8Phil Parshall · Julie ParshallLifting the Veil: The World of Muslim Women
2002978-1-884543-68-5Phil ParshallThe Cross and the Crescent: Understanding the Muslim Heart and Mind
2004978-1-884543-69-2Dan and Dave Davidson · George VerwerGod's Great Ambition: A Mega-Motivating Crash Course on God's Heart
2006978-1-884543-73-9H. Leon GreeneA Guide to Short-Term Missions: A Comprehensive Manual for Planning an Effective Mission Trip
2003978-1-884543-74-6D. Edmond HiebertAn Introduction to the New Testament: Three Volume Collection
2005978-1-884543-75-3George MileyLoving the Church . . . Blessing the Nations: Pursuing the Role of Local Churches in Global Mission
2002978-1-884543-77-7Kathy HicksScaling The Wall: Overcoming Obstacles to Mission Involvement
2003978-1-884543-79-1Phil ParshallMuslim Evangelism: Contemporary Approaches to Contextualization
  ''978-1-884543-85-2Steve ShadrachThe Fuel and The Flame: 10 Keys to Ignite Your College Campus for Jesus Christ (Campus Ministry)
2006978-1-884543-88-3Paul BorthwickYouth and Missions: Expanding Your Students World View
2003978-1-884543-89-0Paul HattawayBack to Jerusalem: Three Chinese House Church Leaders Share Their Vision to Complete the Great Commission
  ''978-1-884543-90-6Robert Bernard DannFather of Faith Missions: The Life and Times of Anthony Norris Groves
2005978-1-884543-91-3Samy TanaghoGlad News!: God Loves You My Muslim Friend
2004978-1-884543-97-5Ronald E. DiproseIsrael and the Church: The Origins and Effects of Replacement Theology
2005978-1-884543-98-2David FarringtonMore Bricks Less Straw: Doing More with Less - Ancient Keys to Unlocking Potential and Increasing Productivity Within Your Organization
2000978-1-884543-99-9American Bible SocietyB The Global Bible for Children